STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Kali Hawk, one of the stars of the hit movie “Bridesmaids,” visited the KCAL 9 studios Tuesday.

Her new movie debuted at number two at the box office opening weekend.

Hawk’s other credits include “Couples Retreat” and “Get Him To The Greek.”

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  1. Noah says:

    Her claims of starting out as an ‘extra’ are so patently false and disgustingly misleading. She studied theatre at SUNY Purchase in New York where she was able to secure an agent, do commercials and some modeling before coming to LA (with a SAG card in hand no doubt) where she continued to do more commercials and modeling. Hardly the story of an ‘extra’ with a 4 year plan going from the ‘basement’ to the penthouse. I’m disgusted by her obvious omissions of facts and very misleading to young girls who think that her journey was that “epic”.

  2. True story says:

    She did go to SUNY purchase and she did work as a model, but to get into film she started at the bottom and worked her way up.

  3. Noah says:

    The bottom is when you are an extra, no agent, no SAG card, no theatre school…… she left all that out….. most “extras” I encounter don’t have SAG cards, nor agents, nor a few commercials under their belts. Had she just said she had gone to theatre school I could respect that instead of clearly giving the impression she was just an “extra” starting out. Many young girls of colour need to know that the value of education certainly helped her in her journey as many would think “just being an extra” will get you places. A SAG card and an agent are just another leg up on that already acquired education……. that’s not the bottom.

  4. true says:

    her story is true…i know her…you don’t. shut up Noah.

    1. Truer than you... says:

      Well if you know her then maybe her bio on IMDB is a fantastical, highly embellished story. So “true” what is the case? Is her IMDB bio embellished or is her “other” story TRUE? You don’t seem to have a cohesive answer for that…… so until then … Noah will not be shutting up.. Just curious as you can’t have it both ways. REALLY NOW?

  5. JBL says:

    her bio doesn’t say anything about a sag card so i don’t know why “noah” is hung up on that…so what she went to theater school?! that doesn’t guarantee a person can actually get in movies. she probaly still had to start out as an extra… most big stars these days don’t have any training and can barely act, so you really only need to be lucky and take a chance….but even that doesn’t guarantee success. i’m sure there are many details that couldn’t be crammed into this little interview, but she said her plan took 4 years, so it’s not like she’s promoting “overnight success” or making it sound easy. she said she worked her way up and i’m sure she did… even with theater training, a “sag card”, an agent, or whatever, you still have to work hard to have a career. otherwise every drama school grad would be a movie star LOL

    1. True again says:

      True again…..

      from her bio… verbatim…..”she was introduced to a friend’s agent and began doing commercials and plays in Manhattan’s Lower East Side theatre district. A move to Los Angeles would come years later, with Kali finding work as a model.”
      The fact that she was doing commercials(plural) in NYC before a move to LA suggests highly she would have had a SAG card unless they were all non-union let alone having an agent before hitting LA which is a big leg up. I get the sense that “Noah” is saying why isn’t the truncated version of her story, which sounds compelling nonetheless, included in her bio with its 4 year plan et al.. Her wiki page is fairly sparse so why doesn’t someone add that “4 year plan” story to her wiki page. And yes a lot of big stars can’t act and don’t have any training. Education can NEVER be discounted however….. and yes everyone works their way up unless they were “born” into it. Had she said she had an education and a 4 year plan then it probably would sound more palpable with respect to the fact that so many people of colour don’t get an education nor are valued in Hollywood…

      see this link from the LA Times and tell me why are they all white boys…… some connected……. some who can’t act all that well. In a city and a world that is multi-ethnic this picture is seriously wrong and sends a bad message.

      Kali had an opportunity to say not only was she educated but had a plan…….. a massive opportunity to send a positive message to girls and boys who are not white. I would hazard a guess that a larger proportion of drama school grads are working actors (see Steppenwolf Theatre) as opposed to just ‘extras’ with a 4 year plan.

      Kali is not even on the poster for Bridesmaids…… what message does that send? But she is a working actor and I’m sure her education has put her far out in front of the pack of “extras” with no drama school education.

  6. Asus says:

    She actually says in the interview that she studied “improv training at The Groundlings where a lot of Saturday Night Live people came from” so she does mention some type of school, since that seems to be important to the above poster lol

  7. wow says:


    Such a dearth of critical thinking skills here. Really Asus really? The Groundlings versus a 4 year degree from a a State University in NY. LMFAO!

  8. goeastmyson says:

    Clearly this “Noah” character is a jealous “actor” dissatisfied with his own lack of success and self-medicating his obvious case of self-loathing by disparaging this woman and her accomplishments. Buddy, you need to switch careers, because in acting, there will ALWAYS be someone who gets better jobs, has better luck, or has more desirable credentials than you. Get used to it.

  9. gotoschoolmyson says:


    Nope wrong……

    “Noah” happens to be an educator in the roughest parts of LA and when he sees people of colour who can send a positive message to other young people of colour in the US in terms of pursuing education it upsets him when they miss the boat on that. Noah has a 3 degrees and a Harvard education so is very well aware of desirable credentials. Should one depend upon ‘better luck” or should one just go get an education and own up to it and create their own luck…. but then their are those idiots out there who would say why would one go to Harvard and ‘just be an educator” as opposed to parlaying it into a ton of money…. but “Noah” is left with a ton of options armed with said education should he so desire. What “Noah” puts in his head can never be taken away. Money and material objects can always be taken away… reference the Holocaust on that one and understand why education is so important to the Jewish community… who happen to ‘run’ this town, as it were…

    No disparagement of this woman’s ‘accomplishments’ just a strong proponent of education and a wish to send a positive message to the community from whence she came. With only 38% of LA students graduating high school one is left with the impression that being an ‘extra’ with a 4 year plan is perhaps not the best foot forward. A simple “i went to Suny Purchase, worked as an ‘extra’ and had a 4 year plan” would have been sufficient because if the 4 year plan did not work out at least the education could have been utilized in a number of other areas. “Extra” is not a degree that serves one well should the plan not work out.

  10. Large "E" education.... says:


    and NOAH is aware of the “typo” in the above comment ‘there” instead of “their” should he hear the lachrymose ululations of the majestically hebetudinous ankle biting thumbsuckers who would most likely lack the crtiical thinking skills to realize that a ‘typo’ is sometimes just a typo.

  11. Go Girl says:

    Such a great interview! I can’t believe it’s the same girl who was in Couples Retreat. So nice seeing her on kcal too. Really great energy.

  12. Jim says:

    Those legs are UNSTOPPABLE damn

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