SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown has released a revised state budget that calls for a 5 percent increase in spending over the plan he released in January but says a renewal of expiring tax increases is still needed to close California’s remaining budget deficit.

The governor announced his updated spending plan on Monday for the fiscal year that begins July 1, saying the deficit has been cut to $9.6 billion, about one-third of its original size. He acknowledged that revenue from income, sales and corporate taxes is rising, but says it’s not enough.

He says closing the shortfall through cuts alone will hit public education especially hard.

The governor is proposing spending $88.8 billion from the general fund, the state’s main checkbook. Lawmakers have until June 15 to approve a budget.

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Comments (8)
  1. Steve says:

    Earth to Jerry, earth to Jerry, tax increases don’t work!

    We were told in 2009 when the current tax hikes were jammed down our throats that they were needed to balance the budget and help education. Two years and billions of dollars later we still have a 15 billion budget deficit and here you are again telling us that we need to keep paying the higher tax hikes for an additional 5 years to balance the budget and help education.

    Guess what? You have proven that raising taxes does not fix the problem. We have done our part and paid our fair share. Now, it is time for you clowns in Sacramento to get serious and stop your OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING.

  2. J Boy says:

    Vote like a chump…get treated like chump….By a chump.

  3. TT says:

    ok – wait a minute – we have a severe deficit, but wanting to spend 5% more…..And wanting to increase taxes….Sorry… too many taxes already….start finding out where the money that you already have is going first….We have already seen locally that at least some of the careless spending has been found thru agressive auditing by Wendy Gruel (thank you again Wendy) – maybe thats what needs to happen in Sacramento…..Before anymore tax propositions are introduced….

  4. Henry F. Archambault says:

    Gov. Jerry Brown & alll his cronies in Sacramento need to learn to live within their means like the rest of us have to do..I didn’t appreciate having to pay double for my car license this year over last year. I’m retired & on fixed income & all these taxes are killing me, my money doesn’t grow on trees..

  5. MB Man says:

    We have learned that state employees were given personal loans that they did not have to payback, retiring state employees have been given huge cash payouts for unused vacation days that exceed the maximum limit of 80 days (which in itself is an obscene amount of days, the basis for pension beneft calculations is last year salary not an avg of the last 3 years which invites abuse of ot and unused vacation payouts, recent studies reported in la times and on this site show public sector workers are paid more than their private sector counterparts (so much for justifying generous pensions because of low wages) and generous pension plans that were approved for first reponders were without vote or debate extended to all public sector employees.

    Let’s not forget the billions illegals are costing the state

    All this and the gov wants to raise taxes?

  6. gort says:

    Wow – Brown wanting to keep taxing – what a surprise! Gee, never would have seen that coming! No sir!

    You hired a moron, you got a moron. Brown is a moron. Ditch him asap… and clean out the state Congress while you’re at it.

  7. Cruiser says:

    He’s true to his word. He told us during his election his love for illegals and wanting to raise taxes.

  8. Theresa Carrasco says:

    Tax yourself Jerry Brown and your staff.
    We the people cannot afford more taxes on anything.
    We can’t go anywhere because of gas prices, can’t over spend on extra’s due to no jobs or no raises. Food for our tables have become less and forget about
    consumer spending…that is such old news. This problem is politics not the people. Go figure.

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