GLENDORA (AP) — Authorities say an armed robbery suspect is hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot by police in a shootout at a Los Angeles County supermarket.

The Sheriff’s Department said Sunday that a Glendora police officer was trying to detain the suspect in the parking lot of a Ralphs market late Saturday when the man pulled out a handgun and darted into the store.

As the officer chased him inside the suspect shot at the officer, who returned fire.

The suspect was struck once in his upper body.

The officer was not injured and no bystanders were hurt. Neither the suspect nor the officer was immediately identified.

Glendora police say the man was wanted for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery of a Kohl’s department earlier Saturday.

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Comments (21)
  1. AJ Morgan says:

    If it was a Kohl’s Department store, why are you showing a Ralph’s Supermarket?

    1. Mykal T. says:

      because of the second paragraph states “The suspect reportedly went inside a Ralphs grocery store”

      1. AJ Morgan says:

        That wasn’t mentioned on the original – it only mentioned the Kohl’s robbery.

  2. Ian says:

    The guy robbed a Kohls, and the shootout was at a Ralphs.

  3. Borsia Novak says:

    Hopefully he will die from his wounds and save us the cost of trial and prison.

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    Great shot! Shot just once & right on Target. Let’s hope he dies from his wound so Taxpayers don’t have to pay for his long prison sentence.

    It costs an average of about $47000 per year to incarcerate an inmate in prison in California

    1. Confused says:

      OK so Now I am confused. Was he shot at a Target, Kohls or Ralph’s? LOL

  5. Country Rocker says:

    Nice shhoting well placed shots. Ofiicer did good.

    Now the beauty of this. If the shot up robber lives, he is gonna face serious criminal charges. Absoutely nothing is gonna happen to the cop. He will more than likely receive some sort of reward. Way to go police!

    Now if some un trained in firearms citizen took the place of the cop, he or she would probably face criminal charges, even though they saved lives.

    Thats the nature of the beast.

  6. zagwee says:

    Sounds to me like the suspect should have spent a little more time on the range practicing 🙂

  7. Glendora Resident says:

    Wow…Excellent job by the Glendora Police Department!!! It takes great courage to pursue an armed robber, get shot at, and continue to engage that person until the situation is taken care of.

    To whom ever the officer is, my family is truly appreciative of your actions, and dedication to keeping the residents of Glendora safe. A thank you to all the officer’s involved, GREAT JOB!

  8. Jeff says:

    He’ll live and we’ll waste millions to house him in county jail and state prison. Not to mention all the medical and dental coverage he will now receive. It’s almost a reward to go to prison now with this economy.

    1. Big John says:

      with my own two eyes i watched as a white man had a heart attack at Soladad state prison. when he fell the gunners came out & put us under the guns then they looked at this guy & i mean just looked. they locked the bars so it separated us by about 5 feet from this guy then they called for help. help came about 45 min later needless to say he died .so if you call that a REWARD then i gladly offer it to you. it is not hard to find your way in there , & you can claim all the benefits of prison life. your new throne will be made of stainless steel & so cold that it hurts to sit on it. when someone is going to get hit every one knows except the person who is going to get a guy got hit for touching the wrong soap in the shower. go get your reward!!!

  9. mugs up says:

    taxpayers are spending more than 47000 on illegal immigrants and they keep comeing so this person could be an illegal mex. then this is his way of staying in the u.s. free of charge.

  10. david sanders says:

    well done that officer.

  11. Gabe is a Crimiinal says:

    Gabe you are a dirt Bag!!!

  12. have a heart says:

    to all of you with your comments that really know NOTHING other then what the MEDIA wants to tell you. STOP once and think what this economy has come to and the desperation that man must have been in to do what he did. Dispite his criminal acts he is a HUMAN. We have heard about so much of this, if you want to think prison is a reward and they are treated so well with “medical and dental” I suggest you all educate yourselves to not sound so ignorant. Because he is of hispanic desent does not make him an illegal immigrant! and before you all continue with your stupid shurde heartless comments think of the mans family and who he left behind. Would you all want to hear or see these heartless comments about your Husband, son, brother uncle father whom ever he may have been. Think about the children he left behind and how badly you will damage them with your words. Think back to when you were all children and if you have nothing nice to say dont say it. Forgive him for his desperation and his thoughtless actions and thank your God that no one else was hurt. I can only pray that you all stop and think for one minute and no one is so cold hearted as to make this comment a dispute and you all keep your words to yourself.

  13. The Robber DIED says:

    I understand the man did die. This info has not been disclosed on the internet or news.

    1. what gives you the right says:

      Then what gives you the right to disclose information? are you the media or just another jerk here on the internet attempting to sound smart and informed?

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