FONTANA (CBS) — A man was killed in an officer involved shooting after failing to pullover during a traffic stop in Fontana Saturday.

Fontana police said officers attempted to stop a reported stolen vehicle around 3 p.m. in the area of Palmetto and Marygold avenues. The driver refused to yield and rammed his vehicle into the officer’s police car, officials said.

Police said one officer was fearful that the driver was trying to kill them so he opened fire in an attempt to stop the suspect. According to authorities, multiple rounds were fired and the suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. He was the only occupant in the vehicle.

The suspect’s identity has not been released pending notification of his family.

No officers were injured.

Comments (34)
  1. Bryan Doose says:

    I live 2 block from there and heard all the shots

    1. Ben says:

      That’s one less dirt bag out there

  2. jaccky says:

    omgg y not injur the victm y kill him

  3. SylentDreamz says:

    Every time I read a officer involved shooting 8 out of 10 times the officer is shooting without any real threat. Just because he failed to yield and get out of the car does not mean you need to use deadly force on him. California is gun crazy. Politics here is ridiculous and out of whack. They wonder why they are the only state with the issues they have. I can’t wait to move back to the east coast, with some sensibility and police who can talk their suspects out of car, not shoot them out.

    1. Joe says:

      You must be a car thief too. Idiot!

    2. Country Rocker says:

      Dead dummy used his vehicle as a deadly weapon. Cut and dry. He deserved what he got. Good shooting.

    3. Timothy McGarry says:

      We can’t wait for you to move back, either.

    4. TiredOfThugs says:

      Why talk them out? they’re criminals, they broke the law, if they want to surrender then fine. However, they will end up going to prison on the tax payers dime, only to get out and commit another crime. As a tax payer, I for one am tired of paying for the decay of western society to live in our prison system only to get out and start the cycle again.

      Feel free to move back to the east coast and support the local thug life with your hard earned money, life, or the lives of your loved ones.

    5. AJ Morgan says:

      Sylent; then why don’t you move back here where we all no nothing like this ever happens.


      AJ (Upper Manhattan)

    6. Todd says:

      Kill em all and let God sort them out. This ones going to the devil though cause he is a hardened criminal and deserved what he got! Try to run down or ram the police, your gonna pay the price!! You Liberals are pathetic!!!

    7. wakeup says:

      Yeah! I mean he was only trying to run an officer over with 2500lb piece of metal equipped with a 200hp engine, that officer had no reason to be REALLY threatened. It’s not like the guy was trying to run him over with a Earthmover. The officer should let the suspect run him over and beg him to stop trying to kill him. After the man decided to stop trying kill the police with someone else’s stolen vehicle, the officers should have bought him dinner and asked him if he would be interested in returning the demolished vehicle to its rightful owner. Sylent Dreams, you truly are an idiot.

    8. Country Rocker says:

      He reacted to the threat. They were well placed shots by the officer. Besides NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THE OFFICER. If the dead jerk would have lived, ADW charges would have been brought against him and he would have gone to prison.

      So there, U idiot.

  4. Martin says:

    People these days are so naive. Those of you who want to move back to the East Coast should do so as soon as possible because God knows nothing like this happens over there. First and foremost, the office was doing his job by stopping a suspect driving a stolen car. In Ca. that is a FELONY. Then trying to run the officer over for doing his job? I would love to see the people posting negative comments about this officer try to do their job for an hour. My guess is that they couldn’t! I live by the thought that I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Lets go over what other people think. Great idea to shoot the suspect to just wound him with a firearm aka deadly weapon, so he can continue trying to kill the officer who is out there protecting the good people of Fontana. Thats the best idea i have heard yet. It’s called a “Deadly Weapon” for a reason. I do feel bad not only for the officer and his family, because it does do a lot to your mind, but also for the suspects family. I do not know who they are, but no matter what, it is hard to lose a family member even though he was in the commission of a felony. None of us were there and none of us were inside the mind of the officer. Who are we to judge him or her actions?

  5. NOT FOR CROOKS says:

    I for one am glad they killed the THIEF that way they do not have to WASTE tax money to put the IDIOT in jail because he would get out of jail in a couple of months and do the same thing again.

  6. NOT FOR CROOKS says:

    The people that say we should not do this or that to punish CRIMINALS should be in jail along side the criminals. That is whats wrong with this country is that we have a bunch of PANSIES that say just give a TIME OUT but NO REAL PUNISHMENT that is why you have CRIMINALS with MILE LONG RAPSHEETS. We need to go back to actual punishment like the old days.

  7. Ian says:

    normally I’m pretty distrustful of cops and police brutality, but if events played out as reported, I’d gun down a guy trying to ram me with a car too.

  8. Country Rocker says:

    Sounds like a good shooting to me. Well placed shots on the officer’s part. The now dead suspect used his vehicle as a deadly weapon and he was met with force which is justified.

    No long jury trials here.. Cut and dry. Idiot got what he deserved.

    Now watch, the dead dummy’s family and friends will find a way to dis credit Fontana PD and take legal action. Which is a crock of sh–t.

  9. Just a Thought says:

    Another Officer Involved Shooting. Sheeesh, this is getting out of control.

  10. Red Meador says:

    Another example of trigger happy cops. I just dont see for the life of me how England operates without cops having guns. i guess nobody steals a car there. The cops a re nothing but government sanctioned street thugs.

    1. Dutch Joens says:

      Yup, Having been a Cop for 7 years and seeing what I did before I chose to take sides I must say sadly you are correct.

      1. Country Rocker says:

        You were never a cop u idiot. You were probably one of those wannabe security guards with an arsenal of guns.

        It was a good shooting. Dead A-Hole used a 4000 lb car as a weapon.

  11. Dutch Joens says:

    So next time I am driving and another driver runs into me with a car I have to assume it is DEADLY FORCE and I have the choice to shoot and kill the driver and anyone else in the car? Yeah that makes total sense.

  12. DAN says:


  13. Deadly Force Indeed says:

    Dutch, if an old lady happens to bump my car at the thrift store, yes I’ll assume it was not deadly force. But when a violent and dangerous felon, fleeing authorities with no regard for anyone’s safety and ignoring many opportunities to surrender, then decides to ram police officers, that is absolutely deadly force. You are too stupid, Dutch, to see the difference, and I’m very relieved that you no longer protect and serve my family, my, or even your incompetent self.

  14. anger loco says:

    Whoever think the police is telling the 100% truth. Is dumb as hell. Have you thought that the police officer is a racist or just hate suspects?
    Of course the Police Officer we say he was in fear of his life to avoid criminal charges!
    MOST Police, are cowards and they all LIE in court. I have seen them in action.
    God Bless the soul of the guy who was killed.
    “Some of you need to complain about the number of Officer Involved Shootings” in southern California.”
    This is Insane.

    1. Ever notice the stunning number of people who obey laws, pull over when ordered, show their hands, show respect, do what they’re told — and NEVER seem to get shot?

      Ever notice how people of some cultures just never seem to make headlines by acting like chimps on chocolate, embarrassing the family name by making Crime headlines?

      It act rocket science.

      Some cultures have class and know how to behave . . . and some don’t.

  15. wobbles says:

    Good.Crooks should only have two options. Surrender or die. Crooks tend to not be smart people so why give them more than two choices and confuse them?

  16. Bgbirdie says:

    Fontana cops need more truing on how to use thir weapons and how to drive… Especially critical thinking … I hope this killing haunts you to your death,. A police officer is suppose to protect the people, not kill them, That’s why they put you through so much training. You could of injured the guy . I feel for the guys family who has to suffer cuz your loved one made a bad decision. This officer needs more truing he’s a murderer,

    1. rrreky says:

      Yes, Bgbirdie, you should get out there and show us how it’s done! I am sure you would have wrangled that poor car thief and showed him he was wrong for stealing someone else’s car and trying to kill a police officer. Perhaps you could have let the suspect sleep at your house with your famliy and eat dinner together. You are a moron.

  17. mike says:

    most if not all cops are with the lowest iqs with less school high sc
    hool grades than any idiot ,thats what the city wants from theme low life idiots to shoot but to use what left from thier trailior park trash of a brain . Drop out kids full of v8 and ham sandwich in thier lunch box.get a life idiots plz

  18. Lillith says:

    Mike…based on the confusing post you wrote full of horrible spelling and grammar I really think you are the wrong person to be judging anyone’s IQ

  19. Rose says:

    It is this type of thinking that is going to send us all to hell. Who are we to say that this man got what he diserved? Would you really think the same way if this person was your father, brother, or son? there are two sides to every story and non of us really know what happened. When I saw the news the eyewittness said cops shot the suspect from the back of the car. This person may have been desperate for money to feed his family, or maybe we was a worthless son of a _____, but we don’t know except what we’re told. This happened a block from my house. I pass by there and there were some flowers on the grass. They could have been left there by his mother, wife, or children. This is just my opinion and I don’t mean to offend anyone.

  20. martin says:

    From what I have been reading here, I can tell there are very few smart people out there. Most, do not know how to spell and are full of hate towards the people that protect them. Think how much you hate them when you are dialing 911 for them to come save your sorry being. If that felon would have been related to me I would be ashamed of myself and would have disowned him long ago. If you think there is nothing wrong with driving a stolen car and then trying to kill a peace officer, you should be checking yourself into a mental ward somewhere.

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