Police Searching For Suspect Who Tried To Kill Officer In North Hollywood

NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A Los Angeles police officer fired at, but did not wound, a man he tried to stop from driving away from a North Hollywood bar Saturday.

The driver of a white Nissan Maxima reportedly dragged the officer as he hung onto the car as it pulled away from the Hacienda Coronona night club at Lankershim and Victory boulevards just after 3:10 a.m., according to police.

The Nissan also struck someone as the driver fled, authorities said.

Prior to the shooting, patrol officers had seen a fight with several people involved. The suspects got into a car, which eventually struck a patrol car.

At that point, the officer fired at least one shot, said officials. The suspects were able to flee the scene in that vehicle.

A watch commander at the North Hollywood Station who refused to identify himself said the officer suffered minor injuries, and the suspect apparently was not hit by gunfire.

No information was made available about the man reportedly struck by the car.

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  • Saber 1

    When they catch this person, public execution. This will lower the car chases, running from the police and several other types of crime.

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/05/police-searching-for-suspect-after-north-hollywood-officer-involved-shooting/ Police Searching For Suspect After North Hollywood Officer Involved Shooting | Los Angeles for Me

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  • Familiar

    I live near that place, and it’s always a problem. The club consists of drunk Mexicans, period. The North Hollywood dept. knows about this place. They only go to it when a fight or something breaks out. Outside of that, they don’t even try to enforce DUI driving which is obvious from the 100 drunk patrons staggering out of the bar. How about this idea? Start clamping down on the place BEFORE the trouble happens.

    • john

      I lived near it too. What would happen to their business if an Immigration offer parked in front next to a huge bus with barred windows? If you hurt a cop, you go Bye Bye and so do all your friends. Period. I’ve had my life saved by cops twice and anyone who dislikes cops should try living without them for a few days.

  • Bruce Leeroy

    That $hit hole needs to be leveled period I can think of a few more that could use a treatment as well. Too bad the cop missed.

  • shutup

    Homie should’ve backed up.

  • Cindy

    i bet when they do find they guy the cop wont miss.

  • sick of illegals

    The “wettie” was driving a white Nissan Maxima? Gonna be hard to find…….every wettie in North Hollywood drives one of those…….Thats why you can’t find parts for them at Pick a part…………….

  • Latino4life

    Dam must of been towing the trailer, dam trailer trash or a white pedaphile!!!!!!!!!

  • MegaCynic


  • hd

    NO he’s hyper duper chimp from SpiicsVille.

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