Sheriff Baca Questions Civil Rights Of Illegal Immigrants

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has questioned the civil rights of illegal immigrants in radio remarks that have riled immigrant advocates.

Baca said in an interview on KCRW radio Thursday that illegal immigrants basically are not subject to the kinds of civil rights protections Americans are in his defense of a federal program that checks the immigration status of arrestees.

He says federal policy should decide whether someone should be deported if they haven’t been convicted of a crime.

Baca’s comments come as some lawmakers and law enforcement officials say the Immigration and Customs Enforcement program called Secure Communities threatens to erode immigrants’ trust in police.

Baca says his office has not received such complaints.

Local immigrant advocates have criticized the remarks and defended illegal immigrants’ civil rights.

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    […] Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has questioned the civil rights of illegal immigrants in radio remarks that have riled immigrant advocates. More from:… […]

  • Tax Payer

    He is right they have broken the law , they have no civil rights, sick of paying for theier food and schools and health.

    • icecream

      Ans sick of paying for their welfare, section-8 housing, their education in our schools, their overcrowding our jails and prisons, etc ………

      • mike

        Can we decide where our tax dollars go? If not get rid of the immigrants. Why should I have pay for them. These politicians are out of control. They keep on cutting services from me but i still have pay all of my taxes with talks of of raising them. What if the middle class Americans stop paying????

    • Saber 1

      He is tired of going to funerals of officers and deputies murdered in the line of duty. Since all of these bottom feeding ILLEGAL ALIENS have invaded the USA like roaches, crime , diseases, hourly pay going down, this Country has seen it going in to the toilet. ILLEGAL ALIENS are hell bent on making our streets and government to look like theirs. Let’s take back our Country before these bottom feeding disease ridding third world toilet people ruin the rest of it.

      • Saber 1


  • rob


  • Joe American

    You DO NOT have the right to be here illegally.
    You have no rights at all.
    You go Baca !!!

    • mike

      Thank god. he is on to something. Yeah i agree Beck is weak. Get rid of him and let Baca run the LAPD. The brown trash has got to go.

  • c-gas

    Right on, Lee Baca. I wish Chief Charlie Beck had some balls. These immigrant rights groups are a joke. If people don’t like the laws of the land they come to, go back to the country you came from. Unfortunately, society has allowed “protesting” whenever someone doesn’t get what they want.


    FINALLY SOMEONE WITH COMMON SENSE . GO BACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • icecream

    Finally someone with the guts to take a stand for the citizens and LAWFUL residents herre.
    Go for it, Sheriff Baca…You’re the man !!!!!!!

  • robots

    Thank you Sheriff Baca. Once they have stepped foot on American soil, they have broken the law. Obviously, it is a good practice for America to allow immigration into the United States. However, not at the immigrants free will. It should be allowed at the discretion of American written policies voted on by the American people. The penalty for entering this country illegally should be immediate deportation. The violator and any offspring they may have produced while living here illegally should be sent back and billed for the labor to take them to the border. A heavy fine for the felony they committed against our country should also be imposed. I would be willing to vote on a minimum fine of $12,000 for every year they were here per adult, and $6,000 per child. They should be photographed, finger printed and a DNA sample taken if caught being here illegally. The Federal government of the United States is so soft on illegal immigration. Why? Why don’t they stop it themselves or allow the states to handle the massive problem their own way? We need answers and people like the great Jan Brewer and the sheriff in Arizona, and now it looks like Sheriff Baca. Please stay tough on this illegal activity that is costing everyone in your family and neighborhoods a lot. And not just money!

    • Ron

      GO SHERIFF BACA. They have NO Civil Rights. Keep up the good work.

  • haha

    Get used to it, we will always have illegal immigrants……it’s what our country was founded on.

    • Jeff

      Dear idiot aka “haha”,
      Read a history book before you speak. Something tells me you’re an anchor baby, and your parents are lazy, good for nothing mooches. Go f u k yourself.

    • mike

      We know they will always be around. we just want them to have to pay into the system instead of rapping it and expecting more, which should be a crime in it’s self

    • Borsia Novak

      The country was not founded on illegal immigration it is a country of immigrants,,, legal immigrants.
      Now in the present it is overpopulated and underemployed the time for immigration has passed.

  • mister s

    Mayor Baca……. has a nice ring to it.

    • marty

      I’ll vote for that.

      • Saber 1

        So will I.

    • Bill Bevington

      How about President Baca? I would vote for that.

  • MsKarenL

    Illegal immigrants should be allowed the basic integrity of human rights – but, they are not uniformly entitled to civil rights afforded under the constitution to all United States citizens..

  • Astonished

    I totally agree! Go Sheriff Baca! It’s about time someone said it! Do you think that any American caught in Mexico illegally would be given any form of civil rights? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME!!

    Go ahead and deport her! She needs to go back to her country. She can support civil rights there!

    • Borsia Novak

      Only after you serve time and pay huge fines. That is if you are American; enter Mexico from the south and you will be beaten robbed and raped then deported.

  • Astonished

    “. .some lawmakers and law enforcement officials say the Immigration and Customs Enforcement program called Secure Communities threatens to erode immigrants’ trust in police.”

    GOD FORBID! I’d rather have secure boarders than illegals who “trust” our police. And if you really do believe that they trust any police officer, being as they are here ILLEGALLY, I have a bridge I’ll sell you cheap. Even comes with numbered parts.

  • soldierspy

    Well now i know why they made all the fema camps with the creamatoriums and stacks of millions of black plastic coffin liners.Whew!Was a little worried it was for when martial law was put into effect.Well then,lets fire up the furnace and start rounding them up.

  • isabel

    You people are incredible. No one, not even illegal immigrants, should be denied their basic civil rights. “Tired of paying for their welfare….no wonder this state is in the condition it is in.” Settle down. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and do some research rather than jumping on a bandwagon of hate. Scapegoating…alive and well in the USA.

    • Robots

      You are incredible. I am too disgusted with you to even comment back to you with any dignified statements.

      • Karen

        I agree with you Robots. Senorita Isabel is all talk – full of hot air and she makes zero sense.

    • Ron

      isabel, illegal immigrants come across the border and have a baby. The baby becomes legal. Now who pays for the baby’s care, schooling, food, etc. Not the illegal parents, it is WE TAXPAYERS. Now multiply that by thousands or more. How is that just? NO more free rides.

      The only Kool-Aid drinker is YOU, so do some research and LOGICAL thinking yourself.

  • Barry

    Wow. The hatred. Its amazing, really. How many of you have done a thorough background check on your families to ensure that your relatives who immigrated to the U.S. immigrated legally? Hmmm, I’m going to guess few to none of you. Before you start spewing hatred, do your research. You’ll be surprised.
    I’d also like to add that I knew two girls in high school that were illegal – one was an illegal from the UK, the other an illegal from Greece. Go figure.

    • Robots

      Barry, the comment below was intended for you, please read it, then move to a different country, maybe a socialist country would be more to your liking…

    • Borsia Novak

      I know several illegal Australians, so what? He isn’t giving them any more rights than illegals from other countries.
      Learn to read; he says that illegals have no rights he doesn’t specify which illegals.

    • is

      yeah…i know a bunch of people from Europe who are here illegally…no one questions them because, well….no one knows! Plus, they’re from Europe and super cool! Crazy. :)

      • Marty

        Did these people you know from europe run to the welfair office as soon as they got here? Problly not.

      • Robots

        Are you taking into account what the problem of illegal immigration costs the people, cities, counties and states in your liberal views and nonsensical statements? Deport the illegal immigrants and all their offspring today! Both sets of my grandparents immigrated into this country legally, f you very much.

    • Ron

      Barry, WE are paying the TAXES. They are not.

  • Borsia Novak

    Go Baca round up and deport ALL illegals regardless of nationality!
    If you are here illegally you have NO rights you ARE a criminal!
    Its time to go after the employers as well. No jobs, no money, no security, no free education, no free ride = no illegals.
    If they come back put them on labor gangs for a year then throw them out again.

  • barry

    You’re right, Borsia, he didn’t. But if you read the comments on this board, you’d see that most of the comments on here are anti-Latino. Maybe you’re the one who needs to learn to read.

  • Ping Kee Ang

    “Civil Rights”, what is it actually ? The dictionary defines it as: ” RIGHTS GUARANTEED TO AN INDIVIDUAL BY VIRTUE OF CITIZENSHIP.” Folks,
    there it goes. Translate that to any other language that you speak and
    you will get the same meaning., plani and simple. The misunderstanding
    and/or misinterpretation of the termt lies on whose agenda one is pursuing
    to promote. For the illegal alliens coming to a foreign country, that is not what
    it is supposed to be. For the politicians aspiring to perpetuate in power, it varies
    on where the political wind blows. For the statesmen and the constitutionalists,
    it means what it truly mean .For the immigration advocates whose purpose is
    to enhance their personal image as defenders of humanity, it does not matter
    whatsoever what it truly means.
    It is ironic that there are so many so-called intliigent people out there who would
    like to interpret the meaning of the term in a way that best suit their agenda, and not in accordance with the true and correct tenets embodied in its true meaning.
    I am not an admiring fan of Sheriff Lee Baca, but in the context of his statement, I bow to his boldness 100% percent. Keep It Up Sheriff !!!!

  • Karen

    We should elect Baca to be MAYOR. Move out Villaraigosa and Raza.

    Welcome Sheriff Baca. Give your buddy Sheriff Joe Arpaio a call.

    You two should compare notes.

    • Trisha

      I agree completely!

  • rjsmitty

    We have failed in protecting the American citizen in regards to illegal immigration. Back in 1986 Ragan let 3 million illegal aliens get amnesty through what was called IRCA 1986. With the promise to secure the boarder and control illegal immigration. Well , we know what happened after that nothing. The flow of illegal immigration only got worse . Then NAFTA was one of President Clinton’s inventions. It went into effect January 1, 1994. It stands for North American Free Trade Agreement. The idea was to improve trade and income in Mexico. NAFTA was also sold with the idea that this would help with illegal immigration by sending or creating more jobs in Mexico. Well, we know what happen here besides sending millions and millions of jobs over seas since the creation of NAFTA it did nothing to reduce the flow of illegal immigration. In 1996 Clinton let 7 million illegal aliens have amnesty under the IIRIRA 1996 , with the promise to secure the border and get illegal immigration under control . Once again we know what happen here also . The Clinton administration only encouraged the people from other countries to come here illegally by giving the signal that if you get here you to will be a citizen after a few years .. That is why we can not have any more amnesty for illegal’s aliens or there children and would argue that if illegal’s bring there children over the border this should be another criminal offense under child endangerment charges.

  • blind justice

    does KNX realize that they are allowing a platform and voice to a convict, how come my neighbors cuz don’t get a platform he only tried to walk away with some vodka at the local liquor store , not like he lied and cheated, excuse me who’s sherrif baca ? not sure the sherrif dept has heard of anyone by that name


    Action speaks louder than words. Talk is cheap…DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT MR> BACA. How about publishing the names and addresses on the internet for the people you are deporting ?? Then we can monitor just what you are cleaning up.

  • joe

    There are simply not enough resources to deport all these illegals, they number into the millions. Baca is fighting a losing battle here. I do not know what the answer is but if we really wanted to secure the borders as the strongest nation in the world I am sure we could have stopped a bunch of unarmed illegals with our resources but the US and the legal citizens here have employed them and used them for cheap labor so we have the problem we do now.

    • robots

      Vote me into office, I will fix the illegal problem… And the public sector union problem. And a few more injustices being perpetrated against the American public by the very government they employ….

    • Ron

      More voters for Democrats and UNION dues payers, just NOT taxpayers. That is also why they are ALLOWED to cross the border. And the ACLU and immigrant advocates prevent us from checking their legal status. So it is very difficult to deport them.

  • shame on you

    There once lived a wise man who blamed a race for all of his countries shortcomings. He convinced his fellow man that all who shared the color of his skin were superior to those who did not. Before you knew it, his whole country was by his side. After obtaining great power, this man ordered one of the worst genocides our planet has ever faced. His name was Hitler. To all of those here who share his ideas I say SHAME ON YOU. God will judge you all someday.

    • Robots

      How are our illegal immigration problems parallel with Hitler? Shame on you for warping the issue to think our problem is race related. The core of the problem is economic and quality of life for those of us who pay the taxes and trying to raise our families. Keep your perspective clear and your mind open. Not to mention that millions of people from all over the world have been immigrating legally since our inception. So get off of your liberal high horse and dig deeper and stop being such a drone! I do appreciate your participation though, thank you. You are heading in the right direction if you felt it necessary to comment somewhere on current events concerning your community. D

    • Ron

      We do not have to blame a specific race(although the bulk of our illegal immigrants come from south of our border). We blame the ILLEGALITY of the specific person’s presence in our country.

      THAT is VERY DIFFERENT than HITLER. There is NO similarity. There is NO genocide.

      Many churches conceal the illegals. So perhaps they are NOT law abiding organizations and they practice criminal acts, that they justify by humanity. So don’t have, a holier then thou attitude.

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