Inglewood Club Owner Shot To Death In His Rolls Royce

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police are investigating the murder of a popular supper club owner, who was shot to death as he sat in his $300,000 Rolls Royce in front of his home in Baldwin Hills.

alonzo ester Inglewood Club Owner Shot To Death In His Rolls Royce

Alonzo Ester with an unidentified woman. (credit: CBS)

CBS2/KCAL9’s Dave Lopez identified the victim as 67-year-old Alonzo Ester, the owner of Dynasty Restaurant and Lounge in Inglewood, a popular supper club.

Ester was believed to have been shot about 2:30 a.m. in his driveway on Hillcrest Drive, Los Angeles police Officer Lyle Knight said. Ester was declared dead at a hospital.

A preliminary investigation found that Ester was sitting in his white 2010 Rolls Royce Phantom when another man walked up to the passenger side and shot him twice, Knight said. The gunman fled in a dark-colored sedan.

Witnesses at the scene said that Ester’s money clip had been emptied and was found on the ground. Ester was known to carry a lot of cash.

Ester employed a bodyguard, who goes by “OO,” but he had accompanied another club employee home. “OO” said he only followed Ester home some nights.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports that the LAPD says Ester had a security camera in his driveway.

Anyone with information which might help the investigation is asked to call police.

  • Shawn

    The night the body gaurd does not roll he get’s killed? Huuum I smell a Rat…

  • JD

    It is really SAD that people find the time to make jokes about sensitive situations. Life is real.





  • R.I.P.

    Your point would be well taken if you stuck to the need for security without labeling. Do you know the area? This has happened in Beverly Hills. To say Baldwin Hills is adjacent to Inglewood is a stretch. ALso, to simply refer to Inglewood as “hood” is to insult the har dworking people of Inglewood. Have you ever visited North Inglewood, the portion of Inglewood closest to Baldwin Hills. You would be surprised what the average income is.

    Rest in Peace Mr. Ester.

    The Baldwin Hills population is 78.5% African American within ZIP code 90008.[12] Baldwin Hills is among the wealthiest majority-black communities in the United States. Prior to 1965 and restrictive covenants being eliminated, it was known as “Pill Hill” because a large number of doctors seemed to live there. After African Americans began moving into the area, Baldwin Hills was given nicknames such as the “Golden Ghetto” and the “Black Beverly Hills.”

    Baldwin Hills has been home to such celebrities as Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Nancy Wilson, Cal Worthington, Oscar-nominated film director John Singleton, comedian Jimmy Pardo, renowned architect Paul Williams, and the late Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley. Baldwin Hills, like nearby Ladera Heights and View Park -Windsor Hills, has seen a recent influx of white, Asian, and Latino families also drawn to its convenient location, large homes, and historic architecture.

    • Justice

      Good looking out “RIP”. Educate that fool “security.” Much love to the people of Inglewood, LaDera, View Park and Baldwin Hills… we will get through this as well.
      God bless the Ester family and friends.

    • TopDog

      Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Nancy Wilson, = WINDSOR HILS

      • Alex

        Sorry, your confused with View Park which is in Los Angeles County. I used to play in Mr. Charles house as a child and Tina Tuner lived not far away. I lived on Olympiad.

  • KG

    Stop using “the hood” as an excuse. These are the last days and I party with “Weathy Areas” as well as attended The Dynasty. Night Club owners get killed all the time- read the newspaper- Google and you’ll see how many Non-African American night club owners were killed or robbed. A person who murders doesn’t live on in one zip code. Expand your mind and stop calling where we live the Hood and the Ghetto. Last time I check poor people are in every corner of the earth. I had some of the best times of my life at the Dynasty- Good, hard working people.. The criminals are everywhere. Read a book.

    • T~HEART

      I HEARD THAT!!!

    • Lilbrick

      I’m shocked…night club owners get killed all the time? Oh really? So why then do “these” people continue to venture into businesses where they get killed “all the time”?

  • Toni Parhm

    If you feel for the family, why the hell would you make that comment? Whats the point ,you obviously have no regard for our loss and I wonder how you will feel when you pass away and they say know wonder it didnt happen sooner because you run your damn mouth! ignorance is bliss!

    • Robert Haua

      Sister Toni, Security thinks he’s a genius. His comment on why it didn’t happen sooner, reflect his IQ.

  • Toni Parhm

    *@ Security?

    • R.I.P.

      yeah, my message was @security

  • Marco

    Didn’t this happen also to the restaurant owner some years back?

    Was that case ever solved?

    • Shaen

      Yes gut that guy that owned M & M’S Killed at his house also and crime was not solved. These are professionals dointg this..

  • Al-Qaeda


  • Don't Trip

    Man that was like my grandpa……who ever shot him….you are a low…..what are you getting out of this!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Who cares what kind of car he was in.

  • Gregory


  • Robert Haua

    Ms. Erin, Who’s the idiot who made the gas comment?

  • Sharon F Hodnett

    R.I.P, It is sad that a man’s life was taken. last time I saw him was Apr.30th. you will b missed by me. I am speaking 4 myself. I’ve had good memories thanks to Mr Ester (Mr Don Jameson,Miss Betty & Club Dynasty staff) My thoughts and prayers to the family.

  • Sharon F Hodnett

    I’ve met real good people at Dynasty, remembering a place of themed-filled events. and also their own tributes to people that have passed,

  • taya

    i agree with you security…sorry for his family

  • aladyskut

    My prayers are with the family….SMH…it sad that black folks are ignorant all the time. Some of the comments posted are an clear example of why we are called ignorant…people wake up learn what’s appropriate. .we are our biggest enemies

    • Bo

      @aladyskut.. Black people are not ignorant all the time. Ni%&a’s are ignorant all the time…

  • Terry Robinson

    Man! That’s very sad for anyone to take another person’s life for any reason! GOD bless Mr. Ester’s family,friends and loved ones! It’s just a shame to hear when these type of incidents happen soo close to you!I’ve never been to the club,but I’ve always heard nothing but good and positive things going on in there! Man! I hope who ever is responsible for this crime,will be brought to justice to the full extent of the law! It’s very sad,shocking and just down right wrong to do this to anyone for whatever reason! May Mr Ester R.I.P.,I never knew him but he was really well liked by many people who I know,that knew him! I know he will be truly missed by many who loved him!

  • real talk

    Just to be real with yall that’s crying about inglewatts not being the hood… you are in denial. and Baldwin hills… if you can throw a rock and hit the jungles… you’re in the hood. if YOU know the area then you know its a 90% chance it was some young inglewatts slobs that plotted on him and rolled him to the house to rob him for his pocket change. aka gas money. keep it real with yourself. just because a black doctor or a few white or Asian people move somewhere does not make it Beverly hills. I feel for his family and I hope his killers are caught and get what they deserve. A slow painful death.

  • anger loco

    Hey to everyone. No matter what the reason. This is a life that was taking away. This man was murdered and apparently robbed by someone.
    Rather he was rich or drove a fancy car is not relevant to the fact that he was killed.
    This was a human being and someone family member.
    Stop saying hateful and ignorant things about this man. Keep silly and disrespectful comments to yourself.
    God bless his soul and his family & friends.

    R.i.P. (Alonzo Ester)

  • Ray

    Maybe it’s time to give up on humans. It’s gone on too long. The benefit of the doubt is that humans should know better by now.

  • TopDog

    I live in Baldwin Hills and have for 40 plus years Poppadoc and this place has gone to the Dogs!!!!! Gang related murder last summer on Don Tapia – 8 Home envasion Robberies in last 3 years – Dope House’s – Meth Ring busted on Don Luis and even Prostittution. Dont speak for this side of the Hill! They let all kinds of Riff Raff move up here. There was a time that everybody up here knew each other now neighbors rarely communicate up here or even say hi to each other

  • TopDog

    Ive lived up here in Baldwin Hills for 40 plus years attended St. Bernadette’s Catholic School and Church. This place has gone to the Dogs! Why is there a Baldwin Hills Home owners Association and why do we pay them? They dont enforce any of there policies so what are they good for? Theres all kinds of people living up here now its gotten ridiculous. This place is no longer an exclusive place to live1111

  • Rita Long

    Sorry some people are plain idiots I have a 21 year old daughter that is LaKeisha Page and Olivia Page is younger sister. When you see Keisha tell to call me my name is Rita 323 952 1875. My Condolance goes to you and your family.

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