SACRAMENTO (AP) — Teachers converging this week outside the state Capitol to press for more education funding are showing that the profession has never seemed less appealing.

And enrollment has plunged at teacher colleges in California at a time when the state says it needs more highly qualified educators and a wave of baby boomer teachers is getting ready to retire.

The state Department of Education says 30,000 teachers and 10,000 teacher aides, clerks and other support staff have been laid off over the past three years. Education spending has declined nine percent during that period, while school enrollment has fallen by just one percent.

The 300,000 teachers who remain are coping with more students in each classroom, more responsibilities, less preparation time, and often, lower pay because of furlough days.

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  1. Duh! says:

    Maybe the teachers union should have endorsed Arnold’s first three propositions that would have headed off this problem years ago instead of campaigning against them.

    This is their reward for being short-sighted.

    1. Ashley says:

      Are you a teacher? I’m guess not. In the past 4 years being a teacher, Ive taken furlough days every year but one, which pretty much counters any raise I received. My medical co-payments have doubled. And my repayment? A pink slip. Supposedly if we take 12 furlough days next year and let the district borrow 150 million from out health care surplus, they will rescind the lay off notices. It’s not the union, its the district that doesnt know how to manage its money.

      1. F. Groves says:

        Here, here!!! The cuts should be coming from the top. Why should our superintendent get a $330,000 salary, plus lord only knows, other perks. What about his administrators….100’s of thousands of dollars. Just with 1/2 of his salary, two teachers could be funded. I can’t imagine why anyone could think that a superintendent is worth well over a quarter of a million dollars salary? Just how many furlough days without pay will he be receiving, as well as his staff? Once again…College students, education is not the right career path for you or anyone to take at this time. You will have wasted your education on the unemployment line with no hope in sight. Due to budget cuts… the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.

  2. Mitch says:

    Public employee unions are like “Pigs at the trough”. Prison guards, Lifeguards making 6 figure salaries with “unmatched benefits in the private sector” . They killed the goose and now they want the bones. NO MORE TAXES! Get the unions under control and balance the budget. The unions took down GM I guess California is small potatoes to them.

  3. J Boy says:

    Teachers, you need to rise up against your administrators as they are the ones crushing your funding…Also, you guys better get real vocal when it comes to illegal immigration…You see it every day yet we never hear you complain about the troves of illegal aliens in your schools.

    But what ever you do…STOP hounding us for MORE money!!! Clean up your house first, then we’ll see where you’re at.

  4. infinitePocket says:

    Instead of the alleged 30,000 teaches and 10,000 support staff, how about cutting the administrative staff who have zero direct educational impact? It’s not the teachers that the taxpayers have an issue with, it’s the bloated top end structure that needs to shoulder the cuts.

    But this time, whatever you want to parade around in protest…sorry, LET THE TAX EXTENSIONS EXPIRE! It’s a different world out there, status quo needs to evolve accordingly.

  5. Ray says:

    The state Employee Unions are trying to do to California why the UAW did to GM they could care less about our kids they just use them as a tool to get more money in their pockets. They use scare people it is time to get them all under control raise the retirement age and cut their pensions even the ones that are already retired there is no reason that I as a taxpayer have to work until I’m 65 to retire and only get about 1/5 of of what they get at the rip old age of 55. More cuts NO MORE TAXES.

  6. F. Groves says:

    I’ve been an 8th grade teacher now for 10 years, before that I was a teacher at a community college, adjunct faculty, and before that a nurse for 25 years. I left nursing because I love teaching and kids, but not anymore. Teaching is the worse profession anyone, at this time, should consider. Any college student should steer clear of this profession. Anyone could do much better in the business sector.

    Teachers today are simply, highly educated babysitters. There is no control, the students control the school. There is no support. Everything and I mean every single, thing is the teachers fault. We are the lowest link of the chain, expendable and have it thrown in our faces every single day. Do yourself a really big favor, stay away from teaching as a career.

  7. chris says:

    THE DOLLAR IS BEING DEVALUED ON PURPOSE,any teacher that gets laid off is being done a favor. The government is already making moves to confiscate public pension funds to pay down the horrific debt. It is funny,the same teachers who protest,vote for the same people who are knowingly destroying this country,letting illegals flood in by the millions…You could give every person cadillac pensions and health care ,and another 100,000 a year in the bank with all that is spent on illegal aliens and giving money away by the bucket load to foreign countries.

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