LOS ANGELES (CBS) — KISS Frontman Gene Simmons visited the KCAL 9 Studios Thursday to talk to Dave Gonzales and Sandra Mitchell about a new social media language endeavour.

Simmons has partnered with Ortsbo.com, a real-time social medial language translation platform. Simmons will host the world’s first real-time, interactive global fan chat in 53 languages on May 20, where fans can ask him anything in 58 different languages.

Ortsbo.com is free and be used with other social media websites like Facebook, Google Talk and Twitter.

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  1. Millie says:

    Oh really? Too bad you were not there for us in the 50’s and 60’s when we came from The Netherlands and many of us did not speak or read English, as immigrants. But we were proud and did not need our telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill, etc. etc. iin our native language. We wanted to learn English because we left our country to be in the United States of America where they speak English. That is what immigration is about. What I write about is politically incorrect? No, no whining, it is just the truth.
    Nice about the 58 languages you can answer questions in. Good luck. I speak English, Dutch and a little German, French and Indonesian. The U.S.A. is my country and they speak English here.

    1. Cal says:

      You are one of many to be proud of the way you became a citizen LEGALY

  2. Dean T says:

    Aside from all that, here is a suggestion for you all, buy shares of INT (intertainment media, toronto stock exchange) that is the creator of Ortsbo

  3. Boatlife says:

    Interesting comment by Millie, and I can respect that. But let’s not lose site of the big picture here with this technology. The business applications, global medical fields, the massive social aspect, education (schools), travel, government/political use, one to one in person via two hand held devices, the Microsoft Outlook email plug in soon to hit the market, global online gaming, etc., etc., etc., just to name a few. The uses for this are endless, and is only just the beginnig. Language barriers have plagued us for centuries, and for the firt time we can communicate in REAL TIME to one another across the globe.

    Please don’t be selfish, or over patriotic, as to let that cloud your vision of ground breaking technology that will soon change the world as we know it…on a language basis. I can see this being a household name in the near future, and remember how funny or strange we thought the word “Google” was when it hit the markets???!

    The above blog is all in my honest opinion, and good luck to all who own V.INT on the Toronto Stock Exchange, or ITMTF on the U.S OTCBB.

    Cheers, and Peace to all.

  4. JOSE says:

    I AM A FILTHY RICH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris says:

    Ortsbo doesn’t work very well…it gets the translation all wrong. My money’s on a big company like Google or Microsoft (skype? winning?) being able to figure out the whole translation thing.

    I heard this company is a mess anyways. whatever. Gene’s show is cool but his best business ideas have a KISS logo on them

    1. Mark says:

      Google has been lagging in the translation technology, and Microsoft is backing Intertainment’s Ortsbo….I’ve been using it to communicate with family and friends in Italy, China, and Germany….So far works great with very few errors.

    2. B-man says:

      Chris I have used Ort. a number of times and it works great. This along with the other comments on this board make me think that Ort. is not your problem.

  6. Dennis says:

    Ortsbo loads a little slow now, but next week, it will be on the Microsoft Azure Cloud system which will significantly speed up load times. Just try it, and you will find its translation is very accurate. I’ve used it many times, mainly English to Korean and have found no better translator out there, plus it’s in real time, instantaineously. Intertainment Media, Inc will be releasing the Ortsbo for Outlook,040, soon, which is areal time e-mail translator. It will rock the business world for sure. Do some research on the company and try their products, then you decide. I think you will be amazed!

    You can go to Ortsbo.com to try it, and to Intertainment mediai web site to do some research on the company. It trades under INT.V and ITMTF in the U.S.

  7. redblackorgreen says:

    I have been using Ortsbo for a few months now and it works great. I am able to communicate with relatives and friends in Europe very easily. Ortsbo has helped me realize just how funny some of my relatives are — as they were not able to fully express themselves to me before. I also use Ortsbo in the real estate business. It helps me communicate with clients who do not have English as their first language. This product helps speed up the whole process and makes sure that I’m not missing any key pieces of information. I am looking forward to the May 20th event and hear that it’s a prototype with Live Nation as they plan on having more of these global chats with other artists in the future. Thanks Intertainment Media for bringing the world a little closer together.

  8. Claw says:

    Do any of these comments pertain to the KISS / ORTSBO event????

    Ortsbo presents, KISS Live & Global. “Most Nationalities In An Online Chat Room”, featuring a live, interactive studio audience will be broadcast around the world via live streaming to computers, iPhones and Android devices. People from all over the world, pre-register at Ortsbo.com

    Most Nationalities in an Online Chat Room … How can you say anything negative about this?

  9. steve says:

    Wow…the ability for Real time translation will open up many nation state and technological boundaries. This is going to be huge. I cant’ believe I am just hearing out it now. Grass roots tech company??

    Will check this out….

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