SAN BERNARDINO (AP) — A former Los Angeles police officer has been arrested on charges of bilking at least $2 million from several people, including fellow officers, who invested in a real estate scheme.

San Bernardino County prosecutors said Thursday that 39-year-old Darcey Greenfield persuaded an unspecified number of people in San Bernardino County to put their life savings in investment securities. Greenfield allegedly told the victims that the money would be used to help homeowners in foreclosure and promised they would get a high rate of return. Prosecutors said the victims received nothing.

Greenfield is also suspected of collecting more than $3 million from victims in Los Angeles County, including 13 LAPD employees.

Greenfield turned herself in on Wednesday. She’s being held on $1 million bail.

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Comments (5)
  1. Ron says:

    She’s a DIRTY cop. They need to investigate what kind of dirt they can did up about her, while she was w/LAPD. And take away any RETIREMENT she has coming. You DON’T reward DIRTY COPS !!!

    You don’t all of a sudden go from protecting and serving, to cheating people out of their LIFE SAVINGS.

    1. upyours says:

      “You DON’T reward DIRTY COPS !!!”, if this was applied there wouldn’t be any pension problem regarding these whiny overpaid incompetent thugs as there wouldn’t be any pensions.

    2. steve says:

      remember Ron its 3 sides to every story and the media will print whats more appealing to read. i just read where the investors received double digits returns , now here i read they didnt get anything. Before you make a lame ass comment know ALL the facts and not just what you read online… there goes a fair trial…

  2. Alan Hart says:

    The very people the police department looks for are inherently crooked and willing to lie, cheat and steal. The only difference between street gangs and the police is the uniforms.

  3. Joe says:

    The cops tried to profit from people that are losing there homes. It’s called greed
    I hope they loose there money.Cops ripping off cops. So much for helping the public.

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