LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hundreds of billboards are expected to go up across the Southland Thursday to help find the men who brutally attacked Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium.

The San Francisco Giants fan has been in a medically induced coma since the assault in stadium parking lot on March 31.

An outdoor advertising company is donating the billboards, which will include sketches and information about the men who allegedly attacked Giants fan Bryan Stow, as well information about a $100,000 reward.

Erin Collins, Stow’s sister, told KNX 1070 she expects results from the campaign.

“We were told that it’s never been done before, so it just shows how much people believe that these guys need to get caught,” Collins said.

Collins said Stow’s condition is “progressing” as he continues to recover from the brutal attack. He was apparently targeted for wearing Giants attire after the Opening Day game.

The billboards from Lamar Advertising Company include a phone number to call for anyone who has information about the suspects.

“I asked myself what I could do, and I figured we got some billboards, let’s put it out there for everybody to see again,” said Lamar advertising VP Ray Baker.

Baker says there will be 200 billboards posted Thursday, with an additional 100 going up Monday.

In the end, Collins said she just wants justice to be served.

“The longer it’s been, the angrier we start to get,” Collins said. “They deserve to be punished for what they did to him.”

Comments (12)
  1. NONChuntara says:

    to you that did this…….you won’t be able to sleep now..and if you ever thought you had a friend nah nah nah they are just gonna get $100,000 richer…they’ll bend you over and never feel it…….

  2. Dufus says:

    $100,000 !!!!!
    That is a LOT of money. Can buy me a whole bunch of enchiladas with that.

    I hope I can find them and turn them in before someone else does.

  3. momof2 says:

    The point isn’t their race. The point is they are cruel,vicious animals that need to be euthanized.

    1. Dufus says:

      Euthanizing is too good for them. I think they should be flogged. 100 lashes should do as a starting point.

  4. cupal says:

    Isnt it hate that causeed this, no matter who or what they ae, it was very wrong to do this to anyone, these guys friends are no longer, they will have to hide out becuse now they will be very well known, Greed will win, their friend will turn them in, just a matter of time Baby!!
    Props to the Co that is doing this

  5. Ray McCauley says:

    would if the person who did the attack turns himself in does he get the 100k.

  6. Thomas Forcade says:

    This is what they mean by money talks.Because you know people this low will have one of their own turn them in.It’s bound to happen.That’s just too big of a number to ignore.And let’s face it,since you have 3 kids already and a pregnant gf with another on the way,You will do what your friend would expect you to do.He would do it to you.So just by sheer logic alone,something im sure even a cocharoach like you know,you are now a walking number waiting to be called.You like that shaved head toughguy look.Good.Cause when you get there,they will test that.And then comes the fun of waking up in an american prison.Wich,thanks to your kind,are waaay passed overpopulated.At least you will have more cocharoaches like yourself.And time.Lot’s and lot’s of time.And you will have everyday to think why you are there.Because someone else liked the other team…wow when i just wrote that,it just hit me how stupid it all is.Just about as stupid as a person could be.Like i said before,at least you will be with yor own kind.Welcome to America.Tell your kids why daddy is in prison.Then they can live with the shame of knowing their father was “that guy.”Or you could just do yourself in.More honor that way.Lol,look at me talking to a cocharoach about honor.Might as well be algebra…

  7. Thomas Bleming says:

    That’s the Aztec, Toltec blood that makes some of them go crazy and get violent.

  8. M says:

    I am currently an employee at Dodgers Stadium. We all take a risk working at Dodgers Stadium. Security, Consession Stand workers & the Parking Lot Attendees especially. I see it all the time people disagreeing & arguing back in fourth about which team they support & I’ve seen a lot of fights. I always think to myself why are they disagreeing & arguing with these people not to stereo type but, DODGERS/RAIDERS has a GANG FAN BASE! IT’S NO SECRET!! JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE SERVED!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOR RED. WE ALL ARE AT RISK WHEN WE HAVE PEOPLE LIKE THEM STILL OUT THERE FEELING UNTOUCHABLE. I bet money they are in mexico with their family hiding. COWARDS YOU DO THE CRIME YOU SHOULD DO THE TIME!!! My heart and prayers goes out to Mr. Stow & his family & friends. Sorry so long but had to get out. Employee @ Dodgers for 5 years!

  9. geeM says:

    Turn these guys in! Thanks a bunch to Lamar Advertising for the help in this issue.

  10. Thomas Forcade says:

    I agree Thomas Bleming.But we live with these types and we “put up with” who they are,and what they are about.They are by nature,like you said.Im just wondering how much longer will the average keyboard warrior will just keep looking the other way.It has to end sometime.We look like a bunch of fools who have no pride in America,so we let them over run the place,totally ruin it for us all,and yet…nothing.To all the cocharoaches,you have won.Congrats on making what was America now look like a bad part of Mexico.Enjoy the win.It will be short lived.

  11. garmin nuvi 1300 says:

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