LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Federal health officials may have only recently called autism a “national health emergency”, but a new study released Wednesday showed the U.S. has been quietly compensating families with autism for nearly two decades.

The report from SafeMinds.org — a group that believes scientific evidence has linked autism to vaccinations – alleges that a fund set up by the U.S. government to compensate those injured by vaccines has paid out claims to dozens of families of autistic kids.

The study conducted by the Pace Environmental Law Review revealed that since the late 1980s, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) has paid money for 83 cases involving autism out of approximately 1,300 cases of vaccine injury that resulted in childhood brain injury.

In that same time period, federal officials have maintained that autism — which now affects an estimated one in 110 individuals — is still “rare” and has publicly conceded to only one vaccine-induced autism case involving nine-year-old Hannah Poling.

But Dr. Elizabeth Evans, a pediatrician and specialist with Northridge Hospital Medical Center, told KFWB 980’s Maggie McKay she disputes the study’s findings.

“The important thing for the American public to know is that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is very unique,” said Evans. “It is in no way related to a court case or something in a court of law.”

“There is no proof that an injury has been caused by a vaccine,” she added.

The study’s authors stand behind the findings and warn they are only “the tip of the iceberg.”

Currently, there are over 5,000 vaccine court cases pending that claim autism as a result of vaccine injury.

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Comments (7)
  1. Sarah Wittman says:

    My 10-year-old grandson was just fine and developing perfectly until about the age of 18 months. I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the result of vaccinations – not one in particular, but because of these children being given an overload of vaccines at each doctor visit.

  2. Ross Coe says:

    More double talk from vaccine pundits.

  3. debra says:

    Any parent that vaccinates their child with ANYTHING is complicit in their child’s injuries. There’s just too much information/research out there now to prove that the ingredients in vaccines are POISONOUS. Start with “Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” a fascinating non-fiction book about how scientists deliberately put Simian Virus 40 (SV40) in the polio vaccine which caused some to DIE immediately and millions more to come down with soft-tissue cancers 20-30-40 years later. BTW, all parents can sign a waiver at their school that will allow their child to come to school without having been vaccinated. Just ask for the waiver!

    1. ahb says:

      You most certainly cannot just “ask for a waiver” In many states it DOES NOT work that way. Also, where is the research proving vaccines are poisonous? I agree that many ingredients are most likely poisonous and that there is a lot of misinformation out there, but I have been collecting scientific papers and have come across VERY VERY LITTLE. I want CITATIONS please!!

      1. melissa says:

        You don’t “ask” for a waiver, it is a parents right. Whats gives you that idea?

  4. nezih batgun says:

    Kids been injured of vaccine caused autism?No absolutely not true.Autism has nothing to do with vaccine.Thats the sickness of soul not the body.Cure of autism
    doesnt need any medicine.My son now 16 years old and he was only 3 years old when diagnosted with autism.One year nights he didnt sleep and we heard that families giving sleeping tablets to the autistic kids to avoid insomnia so they dont get disturbance and sleep at night.But i have never given my son so strong tabletts and this main problem i solved certainly that never happened again.How i made it here i decline to explain but if anyone interested can ask me via email:nezihbatgun@yahoo.com

  5. Marlene S Jones says:

    I’m quite sure there is a special place in hell rserved for people like Elizabeth Evans Rx drug dealer.

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