Jackson Leaves Lakers For Adventures Outside NBA

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) — Phil Jackson imagines himself exploring the southern tropics next winter, or maybe circumnavigating the globe on a motorcycle.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ retiring coach doesn’t imagine returning to an NBA bench. At least not right now.

Jackson wrapped up his tenure with the Lakers on Wednesday, three days after the two-time champions were swept out of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks. The awful ending did nothing to change the 11-time NBA champion coach’s mind about his future.

The 65-year-old Jackson says he probably won’t coach again, but acknowledges he doesn’t know how he’ll feel in six months.

Jackson says he wants to go on adventures that his health wouldn’t allow during his previous retirement seven years ago.

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  • Fernando Pineda

    On behalf of all of LA, enjoy a long, fulfilling and well deserved retirement, Phil!

  • ozzy

    thank you P Jackson for giving the Laker fans 5 Championships and making
    the LA a cool place to hang out!!! Good luck

  • rob

    Thank you Phil!!! you are the man here in LA, you gave us plenty of great years to cheer for and rioting in the streets. you will be missed until pre season next year when you will come back to the lakers and coach them to a sweep of the mavs in 201-12

    • be nar

      he is a ne gar.

  • be nar

    this guys a ne gar.

  • lawawala sherait

    Hi shealth comes first and he has a life to live. Travelling is very healthy and I am sure Jackson’s way of travelling is more to interact with other cultures than taking photographs of buidings which exist anywhere, anyway. He’s done his job, the players did not follow.

  • Rankin 1

    Bottom line, phil gets his 10mil, kobe 15-20 mil, reast of the lakers 7-10mil, while the rest of the population struggles.

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