VENTURA (CBS) — One bicyclist was killed and three others seriously wounded Wednesday evening in a hit-and-run crash in Ventura, said authorities.

Derek Bell,  reporting in Sky9 overhead at Telegraph and Pettit, said the accident occurred about  6:51 p.m.

The driver of the Hummer allegedly  struck 4 bicyclists, in two separate locations. He fatally struck one, the other three have serious injuries.

CHP is investigating and interviewing witnesses.

Ventura County’s public information officer said the driver also hit a vehicle with two people inside. They were not injured.

A cyclist followed the green Hummer to the alleged driver’s residence, about a quarter mile away from the site of the fatality, and called police.

Officials have impounded the Hummer.

Officers said the driver failed to comply and he tried to remain holed up inside his residence.

Authorities have not said if the driver was under the influence, had a possible medical issue, or distracted by cell or texting, pending the completion of their investigation.

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  1. Selfish Mo Fo says:

    Here’s my take, driver involve in a hit-and-run on the maroon Ram truck, then lose control when he sped away striking the cyclists, and striking another group of cyclist as he tried turning sharply at an angle into his nice house.

  2. The Big Logic says:

    My experience with people that drive Hummers tells me that a minority of them talk, and text while driving. Driving these monstrosities is an ego inflating mechanism for those with low self esteem, and enables a false mindset within the individuals, that they are impervious to making a mistake while operating one

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    He was probably trying to run away from a hit-and-run accident but the accident caused steering issues and he swerved striking both groups of cyclists.

    Drugs or Alcohol maybe a factor but people who are familiar with hit-and-run incidents will do anything to get away.

  4. RMG says:

    Wealth and status really count most of the time. If the vehicle involved was a ‘lowly’ asian car and the errant driver lives in an apartment and or not-so-classy environs, he would have been taken in immediately and hauled up to the station. The gravity of the crime diminishes with the status of the offender as what happened in this case. I can’t imagine the authorities only ‘securing’ the hummer – leaving the driver holed up in his nice home when the possibility is great that he may yet get into another vehicle and endanger many more individuals.

    1. diosdado1001 says:

      I am with you. If it had happened in a Los Angeles neighborhood, they would had the house torn down the get the guy out after storming it with tear gas.
      What a difference money make!!!

      1. LAofAnaheim says:

        Anywhere in the USA where cops have done that to a suspected murderer? Please tell.

  5. Mel Gibson says:

    Do you think the cops are letting him sleep it off in his home?

  6. Timothy McGarry says:

    Bye, Honey- me and the guys are going bike riding an hour before sunset in heavy traffic…

    1. Michael says:

      That’s a bit harsh!

  7. Gimothy TcGarry says:

    Hi Honey, I’m texting you from the Hummer. The cocaine I just snorted is GREAT!!!! See you soon. First I gotta get another six pack cuz I finished the one on the passenger seat. But the flask is around here somewhere.

  8. Hank says:

    I had the experience of seeing a guy in a Hummer hit a speed bump at a 100 MPH. My guess he was trying to hard to be something-Anyways it was very funny, maybe next time he should try going off a cliff!

  9. O'Dawg says:

    Who was driving? Halle, Brandy, or one of the Shriveneggers?

  10. The Voice of Reason says:

    I dont think it was an accident. I think this guy has some psycological issues. I think he purposely went on a rampage like the guy who stole the tank in San Diego years ago. Sad thing is he ruined alot of innocent lives and he probably wount do much time in jail. There is no justice.

  11. H1 Fan says:

    I own an H1, I bought it off ebay used, i’m not rich. it’s just my hobby that gets driven once in a while. I hope this guy rots in jail for a long time at the least (then again i’m pro-death penalty). But why does the media have to point out that it was a hummer. If it was an old Ford pickup (which gets much worse MPG and polutes more than a H1) it would not be titled “Ford involved in a deadly…..”
    Standard Media cr^pping on Hummer owners.

  12. Michael says:

    Who were the victims?

  13. H2 Owner says:

    I agree w/H1 fan….why is it that the whole focus is on the vehicle and not the victims? And why the generalization that we “Hummer owners” are this/that? Come on…grow up & let’s not loose focus on the real issue…this man was driving under the influence.

  14. Denny says:

    Sad fact is the guy supposedly worked at or family owned the liquor store in Santa Paula, Not hard to get drunk when you have a store full of it. I hope they end up losing the store and nobody in SP patronizes the place. Make the idiot struggle for his stupidity. sorry to all that have been hurt or killed in this tragedy. Peace to all of you !!

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