Hugh Grant Weighed As Charlie Sheen Replacement

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hugh Grant has been weighing a big move: replacing Charlie Sheen on CBS’ “Two and a Half Men.”

A person familiar with the situation said Wednesday the British film actor was in negotiations to join the sitcom as its new leading man. The person, speaking on condition of anonymity because producer Warner Bros. and CBS hadn’t authorized public comment, said the talks had stalled without resolution.

But it was unclear whether Grant’s hiring was a closed issue, the person said. Reports that Grant had been offered $1 million an episode were inaccurate, the person said, adding any Sheen replacement would be paid less than that.

Sheen was among TV’s highest-paid actors at a reported $1.8 million an episode.

Grant’s publicist did not immediately return a call for comment. The actor, who became a star in romantic comedies including “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill,” hasn’t appeared in a box-office hit for several years.

The Grant-“Two and a Half Men” negotiations were first reported by the Deadline Hollywood website.

Warner, CBS and executive producer Chuck Lorre are attempting to find a new star and revamped format that would keep TV’s top-rated and highly lucrative sitcom afloat without Sheen. With CBS set to unveil its fall schedule for advertisers in New York next Wednesday, the pressure is on to decide the show’s future.

Speculation has swirled about who might join Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones in the cast. Some actors seen as potential candidates, including John Stamos and Rob Lowe, have indicated their interests are elsewhere.

CBS had no comment.

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  • Ron

    Bring anyone on. With the great writing and other cast members, it will remain a success.

  • rjsmitty

    That isnt going to work.

  • bob

    Grant is a huge sissy—–he’s a wanker, fraud.
    What a disgrace of a man.

  • CAN

    Hugh Grant won’t work. Neither will John Stamos. Can Rob Lowe be that funny?

    • TT

      Hey…. Rob Lowe definately has posibilities – he used to hang with Charlie – knows his demeanor etc… that could work :)

  • bob

    Hey grant—I’m in LA if you wan to try me,..boy.

  • uFools


  • TT

    This is gonna be interesting ….

  • om

    the show will go down hill faster than CS lost his job,,,grant is not the right charactor for this, AND MOST DIFF DOES NOT DESERVE 1 MILLION AN EPISODE, GET REAL.

  • PJ

    I think this could totally work. The rest of the cast can’t be beat. Will
    still miss ”

  • Carlos Estevez

    I will make you drink my tiger blood Hugh you troll!

    • Rick

      Good call Carlos

  • NoBrainer

    Hugh Grant is too bland an actor.

    Eric McCormack (Will Grace) would be PERFECT for the role. His good looks would draw viewers, he has great comedic timing, and he is so good at everything he does. It also sounds like he is available for work. Eric could play a womanizing cad and still be sexy and easy on the eye, which is a “winning” combo for viewers, ratings and CBS.

    • CAN

      I could see that being a possibility

  • L

    What! why Hugh Grant, he is not funny at all, this show will never be the same without Charlie. I love 2 1/2 men, but with this new character i will not be watching it anymore.

  • Wynne

    Hugh Grant is terrific in anything he does. And who are any of us to be saying he “won’t work” in this sitcom? Do any of you know what the character is going to be? No. Or his relationship with the cast? No. And for you dummies who say he isn’t funny, you obviously haven’t seen any of his films. My only question is whether he really wants to commit to the long hours of a weekly sitcom. It’s nothing like making a movie. But, hey, if the offer is right, more power to him!

    • ekg

      Wynne, you have issues, Calm down already, we’re talking about a comedy after all.

  • Brian

    Grant and Charlie have more in common than one would think…just ask Divine Brown…

  • Curtis

    Eric McCormack will probably work. I would watch that. Hugh Grant. No. He has an accent. And were will he said he got that from. And he’s old – much older than the Halland Taylor who would play his mother. No.

  • John Doe

    Charlie is Two and Half Men. Without Charlie there is no show. I for one will not watch it any more.

  • Marco

    Hugh Grant….No. They have a better chance and a longer run with no replacement by just running with the characters they have now with bigger roles. Give Alan the house !!!

    Will from Will and Grace excellent choice !! Or bring Karen in, from Will and Grace, as Rose’s mom and run with that kinda script. You still have your drunk and would love to see her and Charlie’s mom go toe 2 toe and toss in Berta.

    “Where’s my grandson?”



  • Matt Woods

    He could be good, you can never replace Charlie but someone else could be even better just different. Charlie should just stand in front of his best audience (the mirror) and say winning (not).

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  • mark silvers

    This is old news, he turned this gig down. Got cold feet. Couldn’t handle a weekly television show.

    • Miinoq

      Brendan Fraser could totally do it.

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