Alleged 80-Year-Old Granny Bandit Turns Out To Be Only 51!

FONTANA (CBS) — Since Mother’s day, police have been on the lookout in the Fontana area for an 80-something granny who held up, or tried to, at least four women at gunpoint.

Today, police arrested Dodi Wasbotten, a woman they believe was the pistol packing granny.

But granny is actually 30-something years younger. A granny, yes, but nowhere near 80.

Officials said a stroke of luck led them to the suspect.

Nicole Gonzales, reporting for KCAL9 News,  said a crime analyst who made a flyer about the case, spotted the suspect during her lunch break.

KCAL9’s Greg Mills also spoke to one of Granny’s alleged victims, namely Maria Chavez.

Police said Wasbotten had one pending criminal charge for a DUI last month. Wasbotten reportedly said she committed the crimes simply because she “needed the money.” The DUI also occurred on tax day.

She plead not guilty and is set for trial on July 11.

Greg Mills also reports three of the alleged Granny Bandit’s four victims turned over their purses upon demand. He also says police have reunited all of the purses with their rightful owners.


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