LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police have arrested three people for a gang-related shooting at a Hollywood party that killed a man and wounded another.

Police announced Wednesday that two men and a woman, all from Compton, have been arrested on suspicion of involvement in the April 17 death of Lorenzo Smith. Two other men are being sought.

A police statement says gang members argued with Smith and several drew guns and fired, killing the 22-year-old. Another man was seriously wounded in the 3 a.m. attack.

The arrests were made after authorities served nearly a dozen search warrants last week in Compton and Long Beach.

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Comments (17)
  1. BD McGee says:

    Compton needs a cage built around it- contain those animals.

    1. henry says:

      Then call it fort compton

      1. Joe Blow says:

        Then fill fort compton with gas and burn it down

    2. rob says:

      Compton is a waste of space, I agree with the cage, animals man! Ghetto fabulous.

  2. James says:

    BD, henry and joe blow, I believe the WORLD feels the same way aboUt theUnited States as you all do about Compton. And the World’s opinion is NOT based on RACISM, as yours do.

    1. bletch says:

      oh geez, here we go! Just because Compton is a hell hole, and these guys think we would be better off without it, here comes James with the race card. what a surprise.

  3. Earnhardt 3 forever says:

    You don’t have to go to the L.A. Zoo to look at the monkeys and gorillas. Just drive through Compton and Long Beach and see them in the wild for free

    1. DMAN says:

      The albano gorillas in the trailer parks around Bellflower are quite testy as well…I think it’s due to inbreeding.

  4. EricLB says:

    And how did race come up? All BD McGee said is that a cage needs to be built around Compton. That would include animals of all colors – not one color in particular. He went after the city itself – I suppose you still have a problem?

    1. ebonygregory says:

      i’M glad someone made some kind of sence

  5. Lou says:

    They were probably on their way moving to Moreno Valley, AKA east compton.

  6. bill burns says:

    How about those coloreds burning down the city?

  7. Jay says:

    Thank God they have suspects in custody. Lorenzo was a good friend of my husband’s. His family and friends have really been going through a tough time dealing with this. Hopefully this will bring some type of closure to everyone. I hope the killers get sentenced to life. So sad.

  8. Earnhardt 3 forever says:

    Give colored persons an inch and they will take a mile. 200 years of the oppressed black man. Look at that ape known as Andrew Bynum. His true colors sure came out on Sunday.

  9. marty says:

    First of Earnheardt what is colored people….white, black, red, brown, hum…would that term colored people include you too…cause last time I checked we are all associated with a color. Now racisim is an isim and ignorance.. You are ignorant to think that all the people in Compton are colored… to call Andrew an ape is really disrespectful. He is no more an ape than you are ..the way you make comments I believe you believee man evolved from Ape with that said..you ass is an ape too…or maybe you are a baboon…hahah but for real you are ignorant and a fool…I thought I saw you get on the short yellow bus

  10. RT says:

    Yeah they are coming into my neighborhood now and I got to move out now.

  11. Ottavia says:

    Its not about race here Lorenzo is my son and it saddends me to see all the negativity surrounded by this issue. My 22 year old son was an loving human being. Lorenzo loved his family and all his friends. We are having a very difficult time dealing this sensless incident that tragically took my son’s life. How do you explain to his siblings ages 24,17,14 and 5 what has happend and based on three words. “WHERE YOU FROM” How do I explain to my 3 yr old granddaughter that uncle Ren is not coming Baby girl. You just have to keep him in your heart and talk to his photos because he can hear. With tears running down my cheeks because this pain has been unbearable.

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