Pistol Packin’ Granny Strikes Again! And Again!

FONTANA (CBS) — Fontana’s so-called “Granny Bandit” has apparently struck for a second and third time.

Her latest stickup reportedly came Tuesday, as police confirmed she tried to rob someone at a Walmart.

On Monday night, it was reported that the suspect, described a woman in her 80s wearing a flowered scarf, brandished a gun and held up a Target shopper in the store’s parking lot.

That incident was nearly identical to her first reported robbery on Mother’s Day this past Sunday, when the gun-toting granny robbed a woman who is 9-months pregnant in a Kohl’s parking lot.

Police said she tried to rob another woman Tuesday at a Fontana Walmart, but she was unsuccessful in this latest robbery.

Her latest hold-up attempt may have been caught on surveillance video.

  • Cindy

    May or “probably not” caught on surveillance right? isn’t that what you mean? I say, good for Granny if she is that fit at 80 years old. I say there is no video and the granny is really a younger person in disguise, probably a man.and wouldn’t doubt it if the last one is a copy cat. or a fake

  • Sherrie

    Why isn’t she being picked up..isn’t there security cameras that can identify her..she needs help..she needs to get off the streets..she could seriously hurt someone..she could be delusional..time to get her off the streets..NOW!!

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