Local Billboard Company Joins The Hunt For Men Who Attacked Giants Fan

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Billboards advertise all sorts of things…drinks, vacations, popular TV shows…you name it.

But rarely have we seen them used, on a large scale anyway, to help track down criminals.

Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles, beginning Thursday, is unveiling billboards all over the Southland. They will have one aim: to find the men responsible for beating Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodgers Stadium on opening day.

You won’t be able to miss the signs…there will be 300 in all.

Lamar’s vice president and general manager, Ray Baker, will go one better. He will donate a billboard to any city that can provide leads on the perps.

The company issued a statement explaining why they wanted to help: “We, at Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles, are honored to assist the Stow family and the LAPD, as well as the Dodger and Giant organizations, in the capture and arrest of the suspects in the Attempted Murder of Brian Stow on Opening Day. It is our hope that our contribution will help put an end to this tragedy and start the healing process.”

  • Ron

    Thank you VERY much, Lamar Advertising of L.A., for this very large contribution, that you are making for the Stow family, LAPD, Dodgers and Giants organizations.

    • Saber 1

      Put it in Spanish also, put some up in Mexico. They would live like kings if they turned these guys in. You only know they ran to Mexico like the cowards they are.

    • beach_dude_24


  • rjsmitty

    Do they go to HP high School — Go Spartens!

    • suzie

      Little girl driving them away!!! TURN YOURSELF IN.

  • John Pelligrini

    God Bless Lamar Advertising,,

  • dream act


    • Ron

      Maybe Lamar Advertising can put up a permanent billboard(double-sided)at the San Ysidro border crossing and leave it up until these 2 are caught.

      • Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy Cindy

        Yeah! maybe. I think it wont happen

      • TT

        Might not happen – but not a bad idea….

    • SandiA

      Amen dream act! I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • Noel DesRosiers


  • Noel DesRosiers

    Why is it when I post a comment which I did twice critical of the motive behind the posting by the billboard company,nether were posted but when I just wrote you it was posted. Now that looks like censorship to me!

    • beach_dude_24

      because you’re an idiot. their motive is community service. big, bad evil capitalists, right? time to change the foil on your head. they employ people and pay taxes. why don’t you get a job?

  • HollywoodSaint

    like thats gonna work…the sketches look like all the latinos in California…

    • Dufus

      What??? They all look alike? How do their mother’s tell them apart?

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/05/local-billboard-company-joins-the-hunt-for-men-who-attacked-giants-fan/ Local Billboard Company Joins The Hunt For Men Who Attacked Giants Fan | Los Angeles for Me

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  • Cindy

    now thats what I’m talking about, find those suckers. too bad they couldn’t do the same for the little girl in Riverside that was dumped a few miles away. guess you gotta have money. sounds more like a publicity stunt to me

    • beach_dude_24

      …to impress whom? you? google ‘america’s most wanted billboards,’ genius, and you will see it is not uncommon for a sign operator to give back to the community. bigger question is where did this contempt for business come from? seriously, to all the haters out there, does it improve your lot in life to resent business? if it were me, instead of heading to the mailbox 2x/month for my free cheese, i’d want to become one of the rich guys. dems have done a number on this country and the way it thinks for sure. not why my generation gave so much. sad. pathetic really.

  • Cindy

    I bet the Giants and Dodgers are paying for it

    • suzie


    • beach_dude_24

      …i’d bet you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Cindy

    to avoid a law suit or something of that nature

    • Ron


      Evidently, YOU just like to see your name in print !!! Why do you question a company that goes way out of their way to do something very commendable?

      Unlike YOU, they don’t have some hidden agenda.

      • *Cindy* *Cindy* *Cindy* *Cindy*

        Ron, your name looks kinda cool in print as well. Have you noticed?

      • Ron


        Thanks, but I am not trying to discourage such POSITIVE deeds or actions.

    • beach_dude_24

      right, because that would stop a trial lawyer from filing a lawsuit. can i follow you around with a camera? what color is your helmet?

  • Cindy

    Noel DesRosiers – try again, mine worked

  • GC1008

    The advertising company should be commended. Obviously someone there is just old fashion enough to want to go above and beyond to help and do the right thing.

    • beach_dude_24


    • TT

      Absolutely – Some one “stepping up to the plate ” to try to help this family in any way possible – is commendable. Thank You Lamar Adv…. :)

  • CVV

    The way that the article is phrased I believe that this is a DONATION from the sign company, which would mean that they are NOT getting paid by anyone . Someone always has to be negative (NOEL D) gee, maybe you have an agenda of your own? Anyways enough negative light, thanks Lamar, those of us that really want these vile, disgusting perps caught and brought to justice thank you!!!!!

  • PJ

    Does it really matter if it was paid for or not…The fact of the matter is this
    was a vicious beating and these bangers need to be caught. But, like the previous person said, they leave for Mexico until things cool down. To bad the
    pic’s are 90% of the population…………………..

    • beach_dude_24

      yep. we’ll get ’em. somebody knows and eventually, they will talk. god bless the family of Mr. Stow.

  • Calgal

    I just read that his family is getting ready to head back home with him to a medical facility in San Francisco, so he can receive care closer to home. I wish he and his family all the best and I will keep them in my prayers.

    Thank you Lamar for your help in the effort to find the creeps that did this to him. Hopefully they will be brought to justice soon.

  • Sistagirl Young

    When I first read about this tragic story there was allegedly a woman with a young girl accompanying these “sick” individuals. I don’t imagine anyone who would keep company with such despicable folk would want that bandied about that they were acquaintances. Yet I distinctly recall there was a report of a young woman and a girl of about ten. Where did they go? Forgive me. I guess they went where the assailants went–back uunder their rock.

    • TT

      @ Sista – And you know – the girl that was driving – has girlfriends – Girls talk, its built into our make up….Im sure she didnt keep something like that all bottled up inside….. sooner or later – somebody will want that reward money and rat them all out ….And i hope its sooner rather than later…..My Prayers are with the Stow Family…..

  • Dufus

    The only reason why people are bashing Lamar is because now their plans of committing crimes is being hampered by the fact that not just the police are going to be out to get them. Only criminals would be against the bill boards.

    • CVV

      well stated! These billboards can do a great service with situations like these just as AMBER alerts on freeway digital signs warn the public.

  • Jenn

    Who ever is monitoring these site needs to take down the highly racist comments. As a Latina I am offened!

  • puro pedo

    I’m going to go search for them this weekend. I need the $$$$

  • Heather

    I live here in santa cruz i believe we & San jose would happily take up that offer for the billboards. Unfortunatly the capture of these men wont make bryan any better but it sure would be nice to see justice brought. I hope these guys realize what they have done. They obviously arent braggin about it or they would be in shackles by now. God speed

    • Ron


      Animals like these two, have no concern for others, before or after their actions.

      • heather

        god i hope not but you are probobly right. yah unfortunately this is something we on this planet have to deal with every moment of every day. its very sad & daunting

  • Pessomido

    YUb8bervur nurnvuirenbv niu

  • ME

    I work for Lamar and will be one of six guys putting them up .So i know that Lamar is advertising not getting paid for this.

  • http://www.totalprosports.com/2011/05/11/300-billboards-to-erect-in-l-a-in-an-effort-to-catch-suspects-in-beating-of-giants-fan-pic-video/ 300 Billboards To Erect In L.A. In An Effort To Catch Suspects In Beating Of Giants Fan (Pic + Video) | Total Pro Sports

    […] for the other team does not justify physical abuse and murder in civilized society.Hat Tip – [CBS Los Angeles] Highly Clickable Stories From Our Friends Shhh Don’t Tell MOM! (HOT Gallery) Sexy […]

  • PJ

    I have lived in L.A. all my life and feel so bad for these family who was here in
    our town to enjoy our Dodgers and for this unforgivable act of violence, I’am
    disgraced. !!! I don’t blame this family for any hatred they have in their heart.

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