Drain At The Pump? Thieves Make Off With 528 Gallons Of Gas From Pasadena Station

PASADENA (CBS) — Four suspects were able to make off with more than 500 gallons of gas at a Mobil station in Pasadena Monday morning.

All told, police said the four men were able to get 528 gallons with a current street value of about $2,246.

The same men are believed to have gotten away with a similar theft, in Studio City two weeks ago, where more than 1,700 gallons was taken.

Police said the men used some type of card or other mechanism to trigger the pumps to release the gas.

The station is located on the 400 block of Allen Avenue.

Officials said the suspects hauled the gas away using flatbed trucks.

The crime took place sometime between 2 and 4 a.m.  Monday morning.

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/05/drain-at-the-pump-thieves-make-off-with-528-gallons-of-gas-from-pasadena-station/ Drain At The Pump? Thieves Make Off With 528 Gallons Of Gas From Pasadena Station | Los Angeles for Me

    […] Four suspects were able to make off with more than 500 gallons of gas at a Mobil station in Pasadena Monday morning. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Big John

    good for them

    • The Man

      Bah! Another rascal has made off with my oil. Hm, but this Big John fellow, I’ve been following for years. Time to come up with a new bank fee or something to put him back in his place. Maybe I’ll steal his mail and delay his paycheck. Oh wait I took his job away last year. Mwuahaha!

    • Duh!

      And now the gas prices will go up to cover the losses.

      You feel good about that too Big John?

    • chad

      Its a sad situation in this country but your conclusions are correct and it is exactly what the ruling class want to happen. They are not the least bit interested in finding the thiefs. And don’t kid yourself, the suburbanites are busy with their own brand of fraud and thievery.

    • jonathan

      Don, you’re talking to the Marxist generation now, buddy. John Wayne has been dead for nigh on 40 years now. I’m sorry about it too.

    • trumpsdon

      You’re obviously sexist because you left out husband, boy friend or little boy.

    • Ralleo

      Seriously, Do people not understand world economics?? Gas is a world wide commodity. That means it has a set value world wide just like gold and silver. This can be effected slightly by increasing or decreasing production, but the problem is the US Dollar isn’t worth what it was a year ago. The foriegn oil is still recieving the same value for the oil barrels, but because the Dollar is worth less, it requires more dollars to buy a barrel of oil.

      This also applies across the spectrum to all oil products including plastics, food products, medical products, construction, and of course gasoline. You want to lower gas prices? then we need to stop printing money, reduce inflation, and reduce the taxes on oil. That would have an immediate effect on lowering gas prices. Long term we need to get back on the gold standard so there is a much more stable value of the dollar to base oil prices off of.

      • nsh

        The reason gas is shooting up and you’re seeing revolts all over the middle east is due to the fact that the world oil supply is diminishing, causing food prices to rise. Just look at Saudi Arabia, they are giving away billions to the people to keep them from revolting b/c they are out of oil and they have 1/4 of the known remaining supply. If they are out then it is axiomatic that the rest of the world is out of oil. The whole collective bargaining debacle in the US is an attempt to mask the collapse (divide and conquer) The people that have been running the world for the last hundred or so years are losing their grip. Hence the distractions like Bin Laden, going into Libya and Iraq.. Gas will drop for a few weeks but it is going to skyrocket by the end of the summer. Nobody will be able to afford it and then food prices will shoot up and we will be rioting here.

    • heehaw

      Don’t worry POTUS says free gas for everyone.

      • steve

        si senor free gas for everyone

      • Craigster

        Yeah he got the idea from his socialist buddy Hugo Chavez.

  • Big John

    at least they were not taking it from parked cars & if gas keeps going up & the gas co are making these huge $$$$$$$$$$ then i say good for them because if they get caught they will be the ones doing the time, not you not me, so if they can stick it to the man & get away with it. right on!!! as it stands i can not go fishing, no gas & i am broke thanks to the high price of gas.

    • Duh!

      Big John, you do know that the gas prices will go up to cover the loss.

      So now that you are already broke because of gas prices, you won’t be able to buy for a much longer time to come because the gas prices will not come down but remain high to cover the cost of the stolen gas.

      Didn’t you take economics in college?

    • I_WorkForALiving

      Question: Who pays for the stolen merchandise?

      Answer: Everyone else. Do you really think that any company (oil company or not) will simply shrug and absorb the cost? No; they pass on the cost to you.

      Stop being a leech and start contributing. I’m tired of paying more for things my family needs because parasites think that “the man” somehow has an endless, self-regenerating supply of money. It’s the same people who leave a gallon of milk to spoil in the dry goods section of the grocery store. We all pay for it.

      • Cato

        All of a corporation’s costs are not borne by the corporation, nor the shareholder, nor the CEO. They are borne by the consumer in the forms of still-higher prices. Liberalism, inherantly, does not understand this. That is why they constantly try for higher corporate taxes and regulatory expenses, then wonder why the cost of living has skyrocketed to the point where minimum wage workers face the dismal reality of trying to afford a 600$ a month apartment on a roughly 1000$ a month post-tax income. If they’re lucky enough to be full time, and who hasn’t had their hours cut these days?

    • Brian

      Go back to school and slap your mom for me. All you idiots that think the gas station owners have anything to do with oil company profits are of ill breed. Think before you speak. These guys are no different than most welfare recipients that feel they deserve something for nothing. Get out of my country!!

      • Cato

        It is good to see some sanity here. I work for a gas station with a major corporate label, but the store itself is a franchise operation. No matter what the price of gas, from 0.03 to 100.00 a gallon, the store only makes 2 cents per gallon due to the consignment contracts it is sold under, and is legally obligated to change the price within hours whenever the corporate office calls in a price change. Your local service station has nothing at all to do with the price of fuel, unless it’s in direct competittion with other gas stations in close proximity, which usually results in the corporate office being more aggressive in cutting prices.

        Gas stations make their money from people that come inside to buy things, not from the gas itself. Gas profits barely even pay for the electricity required to operate the machiens that pump it from the underground tanks, let alone any of the rest of the store’s maintenance.

        On another note, please be kinder to your local gas station clerks. Just because we work in a store, espescially in this economy, does not make us a lower class of human being worthy only of scorn, derision, and being forced to jump through flaming hoops for your sadistic amusement.

    • commonsense

      stick it to the man? what if you were the ‘man’ getting stuck to?

    • Huskerbob

      Stick it to the man? Just who is this “man” you speak of. Would that be the stock holder who relies on dividends for his retirment. Would that be the employees who earn their living working for an evil oil company. Please enlighten those of us who wonder. What if you are the “man” and someone sticks it to you? Oh my, wouldn’t that be fun for you.

      • sam

        really? that naive? the government. if you think its on your side well then keep dreaming because i hope too that day will come. not saying the “man” is all bad but lets just say you and i are NOT at the top of their list or agenda. society does play a big role

    • dewey.james

      When our society starts breaking down you idots saying stuff , like stick it to the man will become a target.

    • Ken Dignan III

      Big John, you are a poor excuse for a man. It’s obvious you were not raised right. People like you as far as I’m concerned should be packed up a deported as you being in society adds no value. You are a user and users are abusers of any system that gives you something for nothing. The real question is what would people like you do without those of us that do value personal responsibility and personal success. Without us you would shrivel up and die.

      – John Galt

    • tonyL

      Hey Big John, You must be a resident of a trailer park and a 10th grade dropout. Anything stolen and if the small business owner has to pay in loses or higher premiums to the insurance companies then finally the consumer pays. Which is you and the other customers.

    • Political Atheist

      Hey braniac, they’re sticking it to YOU. The margins are literally PENNIES for the station owner who has to make up the cost in other items like food, drink, etc. So when your food prices and everything else goes up, be sure to give a big hillbilly rebel yell for thieves sticking it TO YOU! Team Amerika, F**K YEAH!

    • Rock

      You silly child – “The Man” makes 1 to 2 cents per gallon – the big bucks come from volume. Sadly the station operators make very little. Do some simple research on station owners in your area – they are not in the “upper 400!” Most have modest incomes as other small business men. The station owner has already paid “The Man” for the gas so “The Man” has lost nothing. Of course, you probably ride a bicycle and cannot afford a car or a tank of gasoline and that is why you harbor such jealousy of “The Man.”

      When you grow up and get a job working for “The Man” you might be more cautious about begrudging his the income that pays salaries for all of the employees.

      You are a moron.

    • phlyphisher

      Very mature statement there John, “stick it to the man” . The “man” won’t be getting stuck at all, those that get stuck are the folks that don’t steal and pay for the gas through higher prices at the pump. Gasoline (and diesel) are commodities, the price you see at the pump is due to many things like demand, availability of the supply, transportation (delivery) cost, taxes, value of the dollar, and etc. So consider if the buying power of the dollar falls the cost of fuel goes up, if the demand is exceeding the available supply the cost goes up (there are refineries in the “Delta” that could likely get sut down due to the flooding which could reduce the amout of fuel available), Before you buy into the claims made by hack politicians and the media with regards to “big oil” do a little research, you might find somebody is pulling your chain.

    • Steve

      Hey Big Richard, when you steal from a store, the customer always pays.

      Here’s the man that really steals from you: governments, at all levels, add 30 to 60 cents to the price of each gallon of gas. What risk did the gov incur to bring that product to market? Did the gov explore for the oil at billions of dollars of risk? Did the gov build the pipeline or the refinery and labor to produce a usable fuel from the crude? Of course not. Yet a gov’t agent is standing beside every pump (figuratively speaking thee of little intellect) tallying up your purchase and adding more to the bill, then demanding you pay up.

      By all accounts, the “Big Oil” is making only 9 cents profit per gallon. To find, drill and produce a single gallon takes Billions of dollars. They take ALL the risks, make the LEAST profit from THEIR labors, and endure the slings and arrows of uninformed idiots and the intentionally divisive government that rewards their risk taking with “investigations” of price gouging.

      I wanna puke sometimes at the injustice of it all.

    • alfredHuseeinNeuman

      Give me give me give me! I deserve I deserve I deserve! I made poor life decisions and I want stuff from other people! Moochers for Obama! Stick it to the productive class! The unproductive will rule!

  • Francisco Barron

    More power to these guys, a little payback is fair. The oil companies have been stealing from the public for many years, let me know how to do it……..!

    • DigitalBob

      Cool. Give me your address so I can come over to your place and see if there is anything I want to steal.

      • Huskerbob

        hang on and I’ll come with you. He won’t mind.

    • Nut

      your an idiot to praise thieves.

    • Paul Edinger

      Let’s see. Profit from the oil company, responsible for discovery, distillation, transportation and delivering gas – about 1 cent per gallon. Profit by various federal, state, and local government for absolutely no part in providing the product – over 50 cents per gallon! Yet there are twits writing about the gas/oil companies ripping off the consumer! It’s clear were the outrage over gas prices should be and just as clear that the gas thieves need to be incarcerated along with every politician that has prevented oil from being safely extracted.

      • Weave

        ” Profit by various federal, state, and local government for absolutely no part in providing the product – over 50 cents per gallon”

        Fuel taxes go to maintaining the roads that vehicles run on. Roads are required for your vehicle as much as gasoline is. That’s not profit. That’s another expense.

      • troy

        weave if you truly believe the taxes from oil is going to repair roads then you are nothing more than the sheep being led to slaughter. That 50 cents the government takes goes into a general fund now a days. He!! even the vehicle registration taxes do not pay for the roads only anymore.

    • Cato

      As a gas station worker who has repeatedly faced the threat of firing for antics like yours, I believe a little payback is fair. Please input credit card number, I will determine the amount of payback that I’m due on my own time.

    • alfredHuseeinNeuman

      Why don’t you go after Tiger Woods, Ophra and Bill Gates – they got plenty of money. Throw in Michael Jordan too.

  • Mr. No-No

    Modern Day Robin Hood… I Hope !!! Where do I fill up???

    • Joenz

      Robin Hood was not about stealing from a gas station for personal gain. It was about taking back from a corrupt government that was over taxing its citizens. Stupid people like you just remember “steal from the rich and give to the poor” but it was really not about that at all. The “rich” in Robin Hood did not earn the money, but instead had tax collecters force people to pay unjustly. Try reading a book.

      • Sheriff of Nottingham

        Ah, but this time Robin Hood got caught on our CCTV. Finally that petro terrorist gets what’s coming to him, and the Royal Gas Barn will be re opened.

  • Cindy

    anyone know where I can find some cheap gas? hope to read another repeat of this one ha ha

    • jonathan

      Sure. Saudi Arabia.

  • Cindy

    now we no not to go to 400 allen ave. in pasadena for gas they have some making up to do

  • JJ

    Good job guys! I hope they don’t get caught! If prices keep going up, more people like these guys will keep popping up! Let the revolution begin!

    • troy

      Hey JJ where do you live? You might have a few things that I want but don’t have.

    • DigitalBob

      And then what? The gas companies are goingto keep giving everyone free gas they have to pay fo and refine or do you thinhk they’ll just stop producing it?

      • GvillaThrilla

        Who is John Galt. (really meant to be a statement and not a question)

    • Cato

      If you want to begin a revolution, start with Washington, not your local gas station.

  • jjj

    By the way, if I happen to see these guys getting free gas, I am NOT calling the police. I will pretend I have no idea what was going on

    • Huskerbob

      well, judging from your comment, that would evidently be true .

      • The Man

        Good show, huskerbob!

  • Mel Gibson

    Well How do we buy some of that? . I’m sure they must already have buyers.
    I wonder how they do it. Anybody Know?

    • Cindy

      nope but, I’d like to find out and when I do I will share the wealth and “report my comment” right here. I hope everyone feels the same. I wouldn’t report it to the police either if I saw it.

  • Ronaldo

    And folks, remember that this current round of gas-price hikes isn’t the fault of the station-owner.
    Also, these thieves are probably illegals so your comments congratulating them should be translated to Spanish.

    • Cindy

      well maybe but, I don’t think they would of been smart enough to pull this one off. after all, how many gallons of gas can you carry on your back while swimming?

      • Derrick

        I’am sick and tired of the damn’ prices too. Between spectators on Wall Street working for the oil companies, some but not all dishonest gas station owners and the oil companies themselves this is why gas prices are high. I’m not an expert on business but I have to wonder truly what they are buying barrels of oil for, being how they are making such huge profits other than bleeding America dry of their hard earned money. But as far as these guys stealing this gas I’m not surprised, I’m sure there will be a lot more of this, I don’t blame them Mexican or American the oil companies need the shaft for a change instead of us.

  • charlie

    Oil company profits of 8 percent are about half what vehicles, perfume,
    soda, etc are. How about NFL and NBA players? Outrageous.

    • NatureBoy

      Ahhhh, the hypocrisy!!! On the one hand, the actions of these petty thieves are condoned while the same crowd calls out the Oil Giants for ripping us off at the pump.

      Do yourselves a favor and STFU! Btw, taxes on a gallon of petrol are most of the cost, however, people are okay with that.

  • Marty

    There is no ‘good theft’.

  • Mike

    You folks are the perfect example for the decline of our country…just a bunch of thieves!

    • What the F..K

      Thanks! Were just like the us government…..

  • Ron

    I find it appalling that people here justify stealing. The gas station is the one out the cash. Many stations barely make it. Their profit is only pennies over what they have to pay for it.

  • jimballs

    You’re all idiots

    • Barack Obama

      Settle down with your hate speech, sir.

  • notaminion

    If this is a “typical” gas station/convenience store, this gas had been purchased by the station owner, it was not stolen from the “evil” oil companies. I bet you all are Obama fans….

    • Cato

      Probably. The common thread among Obama fans is a complete inability to grasp the big picture in any meaningful ways, nor to analyze examine an emotional appeal in light of feasibility and past results of similar appeals.

  • Joe Doakes

    If citizens condone theft, if politicians condone theft, there will one day be no gas to steal.

  • someone with half a brain

    Shame on you idiots who cheer on a thief. We are a nation of laws, and if that breaks down, everyone will suffer. Do you morons really think the oil companies will foot the bill for the stolen gas? It is the indepentant small buisnessman who suffers, and that cost will get passed on to you. So keep cheering on the thieves and see how much you and your families are laughing when anarchy spreads. …mental giants.

    • Judge Dredd

      I am the law

  • john

    I’m surprised at the comments here. If you steal gas from a station you are not stealing from the oil companies. This is the same as stealing around 130 cases of beer, 1123 2-liters of soda, or $2246 out of the till. Saying you would not report it shows your true colors. If you want to fight “Big oil” ride a bike.

    • Cato

      Or develop a practical mass-production alternate fuel car that runs on something with an equivalent energy release, similar or lesser volatility, and lower price. Don’t even bother with electric, the problem with that is that the dead dino is still being burned somewhere (just somewhere else).

  • Philip

    Fuel is the most government controlled commodity there is. The price is artificially driven up by the government, supply is artificially reduced by the government driving up prices and the taxes are much higher than the profit taken by the companies that produce it. Eight percent is minuscule compared to every other profit margin. As for thieves, theft is theft, whether by these cretins or the government. If you people cheer this sort of thing, it certainly explains why California is in the deplorable condition it is in.

  • not a "crimmigrant"

    Shame on you idiots who cheer on a thief. We are a nation of laws, and if that breaks down, everyone will suffer. Do you morons really think the oil companies will foot the bill for the stolen gas? It is the indepentant small buisnessman who suffers, and that cost will get passed on to you. So keep cheering on the thieves and see how much you and your families are laughing when anarchy spreads. …Imbecils.

  • Jason

    I can almost guarantee that that truck is stolen, the gas is stealing and the station owners are out of pocket unless insurance covers it. This is stealing, no matter the pitiful way you justify it. Sounds like a lot of folks here like ‘free stuff’ taken from others. When they kill someone to take the next truck, then that’s a good thing too, this is theft, Americans are victims.

  • JP

    The reason the price of gas is so high is because the dollar keep falling. Wake up folks. The money is your pocket is loosing value each and every day. Gas just is traded globally so the value increase while the dollar sinks.

  • Jonathan

    And here we have the crimewave of the future….

    Also look for this headline:

    “Woman robbed of groceries in parking lot of store”

    • Mad Max

      it’s already happening friend, out in the Wastelands, Bubba Zanetti is going down

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