LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police investigators say a young man scrawling graffiti at a South Los Angeles park was shot twice in what is believed to be a gang-related attack.

Police Officer Lyle Knight says the 18-year-old was shot in the hip and leg at about 7:25 a.m. Monday in a park near Jefferson High School. He was hospitalized and is expected to survive.

The victim is a student at the high school, enrolled in the teacher preparation program.  His name wasn’t released.

School district spokeswoman Susie Solano says classes weren’t disrupted and there is no lockdown.

Police say the gunman got into a car after the shooting and drove away.

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Comments (18)
  1. Mike says:

    ZZZzzzzz. Oh well.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      We need sniper/scout teams that move to a new location each night in LA. Scan the area for taggers, acquire target and eliminate another tagger. The only cost to tax payers is ammo.

  2. ILLEGALS says:

    Ahhh, no Gang Funeral, he’s expected to survive. Way to go is to catch gang members at their own funerals, they are all there..

  3. Jack says:

    I wonder who is gonna pay for all his medical bills??

  4. Jack Meyhoffer says:

    A shame that he didn’t die. Let’s hope they all kill each other. It will allow more room in prison for all the other thugs out there.

  5. Shannon says:

    Oh good another bill for the people of California to pay. Let’s see how much is this going to cost us? Ambulance, police, fire department at the scene, investigation for the so called “crime”, emergency room visit, test, e-rays, surgery, medication, wheelchair or walker, future treatment and therapy and so on and so on. And the people of California wonder why they pay higher taxes, just look at the riff raff that come into this state.

  6. MR A says:

    HUMAN TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mrviking says:

    That will teach the kid to graffiti all over La…Karma

  8. ozzy says:

    should have shot both his hands……..

  9. Jez says:

    shot for spraying a wall and you all say good? hope karma comes and pays you all a visit will a 9mm. Idiots.

    1. Jez the Idiot says:

      STFU YOU MORON. it is Gang-related, he was tagging his gang territory. Yes he is 18 yo, but Gang members are Heartless piece of Sh!t.

      How many crimes did the boy commit? How many will he commit in his Lifetime?

      If you have sympathy for the tagger, then you’re probably one of ’em.

      1. Jez the Optimist. says:

        “The victim is a student at the high school, enrolled in the teacher preparation program. His name wasn’t released.”

        You must get a lot of exercise jumping to conclusions. It is probably your only form of exercise to be honest. That and moving your hand from your plate to your fat face.

        I have sympathy if he was a graffiti artist. Fair enough if he was painting gang letters, but no where does it state that. It states “gang related”. Could be a case of mistaken identity.

        But hey, don’t let me stop you getting your exercise.. you probably need it.

      2. Jez that you Dumb Sh!t says:

        “Police investigators say a young man scrawling graffiti at a South Los Angeles park was shot twice in what is believed to be a gang-related attack.”.

      3. Jez the learned says:

        Yes. I can read. Can you read between the lines?

        If you were walking through a park, and a gang member robbed you, that would also be a gang related attack would it not?

        All it says is that the kid was going to school. I would think most 18 year old gang members wouldn’t be training to be teachers.

        He could have been tagging (not gang affiliated) and a gang member shot him, thus making it a gang related attack.

        Open your mind.

  10. pK says:

    At jez.. Idiot if it says gang-related attack is probaly cuz the kid may have been involved in gang activity in the past which is why there saying may have been gang-related idiot.

  11. SOLO says:

    homeboy ain’t no dog to be treated this way . we all make mastakes in life .so who are u to be judging,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Scary Jerry says:

    taggers get attacked by gang members so he could be a street artist who got shot for creating art in a gang’s turf

  13. munoz says:

    i agree with the guy above who are you to be judgeing someone cuz yur nobody important in this life and yu prolly never will be

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