EAST LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A man, enraged in a fight with his girlfriend, shot her and their five-year-old twins in the family SUV, but spared the lives of three teenagers, detectives said Sunday.

Sheriff’s detectives say Salvador Acevedo, 45, was driving an SUV carrying his girlfriend, 33-year-old Iris Oseguera, the couple’s fraternal twins and three teenagers, when he began fighting with Oseguera Saturday night. Officials say that during the dispute, Acevedo pulled out a handgun and shot Oseguera and the twins. The victims were all shot in the upper torso area.

The three teens who witnessed the shooting were not harmed, according to officials. After the murders, Acevedo dropped the teens off with a relative, who called authorities. Deputies located Acevedo’s vehicle stopped in the 1100 block of South Hicks Avenue, just south of Olympic Boulevard. Officials say that Acevedo was suffering from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. A handgun was recovered in the vehicle.

Acevedo and Oseguera were declared dead at the scene. The boy and girl were declared dead at County-USC Medical Center, according to sheriff’s officials.

Sheriff’s detectives have not released the relationship between Acevedo and the three teenagers.

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Comments (34)
  1. BD McGee says:

    Hey dorkus,
    How’s the weather up there on your high horse?

  2. davd says:

    he was a good guy the lady all ways pickt on him

    1. surfbum says:

      So he showed what a good guy he is by killing 5 year old babies? Yeah, what a good guy. He can’t handle his woman nagging him, so he murders his own children before killing her then himself. Sounds like a worthless turd who’s best contribution to this world will be as fertilizer.

    2. ever says:

      & u dnt know wat ur saying bcuz u didnt know HER oor him n u know anger is powerful & im srry dat he let it take over him…david if u knew him dnt let it get to u wat this ppl r saying &im srry for wat hapnd itz shocking to alot of ppl…jst keep in mind the good memories of all of them….may he and hiz fam RIP

  3. near by resident says:

    I live a block away from the spot where this man took the life of his family and himself. This is very tragic!!!!….I heard a report from the news that he was convicted of domestic violence a short time ago. How was he able to be even close to his girlfriend? I am sure the court put a restraining order preventing him from getting close to this woman and the children. Just another abuser and victim of domestic abuse gone. Its sad but this kind of stuff happens quite often when it comes to abuse. This man needed counseling and so did this woman…now they are dead and so are the innocent children. I know it still doesn’t take the fact away that a sick minded individual took the life of his family. No argument is worth taking someone’s life especially your children’s and family. I hope he suffered and I pray that the victims died instantly. I am going to lay flowers for the babies sad that someone placed this mans photo there!!!

    1. davd says:

      he was a good man

      1. AJ Morgan says:

        Apparently, he wasn’t.

      2. surfbum says:

        A “good man” doesn’t murder innocent children or loved ones in a fit of rage. He was a worm and a gutless coward. May he rot in h e ll.

      3. ever says:

        he was:/

    2. Duh! says:

      A restraining order is just a piece of paper.
      One or both parties can disregard it if they choose. There is just consequences if they get caught.

      But I think you missed the point of the girlfriend and kids being in the SUV. It does not say that they were bound and gagged, so I assume that they willingly got into the vehicle. No restraining order will prevent that.

  4. ultimatebandgirl says:

    How sad. the poor dead children and the teenagers who have to live with seeing that the rest of there lives. how heartbreaking may god bless them in heavan rest in peace

  5. Really says:

    People can kill themselves if they want. I’m tired of them taking the entire family with them. Give the children and spouse (whether wife or husband) a chance at life at the very least.

    R.I.P. to the innocent victims.

    1. Anita Ivey, Georgia says:

      I agree, If you want to take yourself out more power to ya. Don’t take others with you. Chances are your miserable and they are also, but these children didn’t deserve to die like that and the mother of them didn’t either.

  6. moe says:

    he was a filthy pig i hope he burns in hell with the rest of the filth of this world

  7. AJ Morgan says:

    You souless son of a b|tch. Satan has a special place in hell for filth like you! Kill yourself, but leave the little ones alone.

    Rest in Peace little ones!

  8. AJ Morgan says:

    Well said Fred!!

  9. becky says:

    david…you are probably related to him or knew him obviously….you need to take your head out of your ass if you think that being PICKED on justifies shooting five year old children…hopefully he enjoyed hot weather, if not he will just have to get used to it..there is absolutely no justification for such an act..

  10. M. Zia says:

    How can u say he was “good.” To pull a gun and actually commit this kind of act doesn’t make anyone good, not matter how you think he was he was not good at all. God is the only one that decides when we go from this world, He is not God, but actually a DEMON who I hope fries himself in Hell like Bin Ladden.

  11. Joe says:

    Whose the idiot who put the killers photo at the memorial. What about the true innocent victims. Im sure someone will pull it by tonight

  12. Windmill says:

    It Appears That This Kind Of Murder Suicide Is Happening More And More Often . Possibly Because Of The Bad Economy ?

  13. quetzie says:

    tragic and a travesty

  14. Ronaldo says:

    Is this more third-world illegal-alien carnage that never should’ve had a chance to happen here? This loser doesn’t sound like someone raised and educated here–where’s his background info, CBS? Our system has failed tragically with Acevedo, either in how he was raised or how he was allowed to sneak over our border.

    1. ever says:

      how exactly are you better in education and who the f*** cares were u were raised? ur an idiot it culd hapn anywere! to any race!

  15. liza says:

    SOMEONE SHOULD REMOVE THE PICTURE OF THAT SOUL LESS MAN. The babies should not be mourned next to that “good man”

  16. gaby says:

    Now your being racial!!! does it matter white or mexican or whatever race!
    Inocent Lives were taken! so stop being so ignorent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hate racism..Nd proud hispanic.. (yeah im a fuking imigrant nd what) says:

    Just cuz yall got damn pappers doesnt mean u are better… Would u talk about yourself like that if you were mexican? Probably not… We not aliens u probably look more like one than us with your pale micheal jackson skin nd just cuz of dat u think u btter hope yall join tht MEXICAN ALIEN in hell nd u probably will… Im a proud hispanic nd nd your words dont hurt nobody… God bless you nd ppl who tink lik u..

  18. Hate racism..Nd proud hispanic.. (yeah im a fuking imigrant nd what) says:

    And ronaldo you have a fukin hispanic name… Stop talkingg… )proud amerrican: hope u still are a proud american when u in hell

  19. lil g says:

    my heart goes to the victims of this tragedy only he knew what led him to take this decision, all of you guys are not GOD to judge only GOD can judge him, im not approving of what he did but the domestic despute was between 2 people not him only.Its sad to see that all of you dont see the big picture yes he did wrong but all that matters is that 2 lil angels lost their lives for no fault of their own now god receives 2 angels who got their wings too soon i hope the survivors can get help to overcome this and may all the souls that left the earth on that day rest in peace

  20. Traci says:

    This man was truly not of sound mind, and when people cannot make proper choices in a relationshio and they have to use violence as the outcome, it only means that there is always a way out… but do all those who are not of sound mind, make the right choices? not usually… may GOD bless the souls who passed and those who have to live their lives with the memory of such carnage! May the teenagers be able to work this out in the own time, and may they look tho their higher power for strength and guideance! THEY SURELY WILL NEED IT! My thoughts and prayers arewith them….

  21. ever says:

    & i wish u wuld stfu….and jst hope they r ALL in peace

  22. unknown says:

    thank you to those who left good comments about him thank you only he knew what he was going through and god is the only one who could judge! may he be resting in peace! thank u davd and ever! RIP to him!

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