Royal Holiday! Wills, Kate To Visit California In July

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit California in July.

The prince’s office announced Wednesday that Prince William and his wife, the former Kate Middleton, will be in California for three days, beginning July 8.

The palace did not provide details about the newlyweds’ itinerary, but a story on Andrew Morton’s website,, reported that the couple planned to make a stop in Hollywood.

If that turns out to be true, Chief Charlie Beck said the LAPD would be ready.

“I can deal with everything from the president being here, to Britney Spears, to Lindsay Lohan, and I can deal with the Royals,” Beck said.

The trip will be William’s first official and Catherine’s first ever trip to the United States.

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  • Orestes Delgado Jr

    good luck for both trip in come on, in USA!



  • Mr,Time

    WE don’t NEED another KING to get down KISS the ground they walk on; Are we still in BED with the LIME’S??? Our American Fore Father’s gave us a KING Obama…

    • Tom

      He may be your king but dam sure not mine

  • Ben

    Doesn’t say where in California. Frisco maybe?

    • Poopster101


      • Poopster101

        Sorry I’m rude.

  • bdj

    Who cares? Yes William is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth, but so what. It’s time that the world stop idolizing the “Royal family”.

  • steve

    who cares where they go

  • oh yeah

    Cool, her high beams are on.

  • Matt

    Jeeez we saw that coming. They aren’t our royalty but their public relations mill know that Hollywood celebrities, the media, California politicians, and a garden-variety of wackos who don’t have a life of their own will be sucking up a visit. Hope they aren’t coming to Los Angeles because We, the taxpayers, get stuck with the police security tab and road and street closures like the mess Obama’s trip here caused a few weeks ago.

  • robert

    Based on these comments, I think cynicism here and all over this country is at a nauseating, irreversible new high. I hope they change their plans because all they’ll see is rudeness, crassness, and indifference. People here care about nothing but themselves. I love my country and I’ve been here a long time, but people’s priorities are all about one thing. “What can this do for me?” Class, service, and kindness is dead.

    • bdj

      I don’t mean to be rude. If I were in their presence, I would respect them for whom and what they are. But I do not have to like the gushing and overboard romancing of the “Royal couple”. As far as I am concerned, they are two people who fell in love and got married.

      • Tom

        BDJ this realy shows your jealous and wish you had all attention

  • Phiilip

    I can see it now. Cute photo ops at some special edudation school, poor children, diversity, etc. Perhaps an orphange or two, then back to their $7,500 per day suite in Beverly Hills. How charming….

  • ArmyStud

    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!! Just what we need More Traffic Jams ……

  • swhitS

    Why not go to Canada – you own them. We don’t want ya!

  • Tom

    Of all the places to come in the world to come to they choose the stae of California where illegals live for free on the American tax payer . Maybe there comming here to see how liberal goverment drives the economy into the pooper . Or maybe they are comming here to see how we waste money on the illegals and welfare druggies . Or maybe the are comming here to see how not to run there country . California revolution clean up are state run them all out welfare included

  • Tamarisk

    Anyone notice at 26 seconds it says “HO” Very poor editing!

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  • Simon

    Obviously you care because you read it!

  • Simon T.

    Some people, what am I saying, 90% of the population, lives on negativity and complaining. If you don’t care that Prince William and Kate are coming to California, then A. Don’t read the article, B. Stop wasting your time and energy commenting on it, C. Shut up and move on. But no, all those hill billies just see evil in everything. Question, when was the last time you actually posted a POSITIVE comment? Try it one day, you might be surprised how good to feel about it afterwards.

  • danigirl1214

    i think Kate and William coming to the US is a wonderful thing.
    They are truly an amazing couple. William is a royal but he is different
    he cares about people. How many Royal’s would sleep on the street in London to bring to the front homeless people. Not many. He is his mother son

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