NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — An arrest warrant was issued Thursday for a Mission Viejo man accused of attacking a neighbor’s dog with a garden rake causing the animal to lose an eye, according to court records.

Michael Stuart Patterson, 51, was supposed to show up in court Tuesday, but failed to appear. He was given a second chance to come to court today or an arrest warrant would be issued, according to Farrah Emami of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Patterson pleaded not guilty Nov. 18 to charges of first-degree residential burglary and animal cruelty, both felonies.

Patterson is accused of kicking open the front door of his neighbor’s home Nov. 16 when the neighbor wasn’t there, found the dog, named Honey, and attacked her with a yard rake, Emami said.

Patterson was apparently angry that Honey would bark frequently when her owner wasn’t home, Emami said.

Another neighbor who heard the commotion wrote down the license plate number of the alleged attacker and called the sheriff’s department, Emami said.

Patterson posted $50,000 bail Dec. 30. He could face up to six years and eight months in prison if convicted.

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Comments (7)
  1. Jim Gates says:

    im totally against cruelty to animals but the ownere have a responsability to keep their pets quiet out neighbor has a dog thats always parking non stop

    1. Astonished says:

      I totally agree that barking dogs can be a real pain, especially at night, but self help in the form of breaking and entering and then attacking the dog are far worse! He should be made to pay for the dog’s medical bills and the damage to the home, along with jail time.

  2. mister s says:

    As I recall, a law was put into effect recently that allows animal control to ticket pet owners with excessively noisy dogs….. 100 bucks a pop. Its not always easy to get a dog to be quiet, and even those expensive anti-bark collars don’t always do the trick. I doubt a dog inside another house could bother someone that much if they are in theirs. Seems like it would be hard to even hear a dog. The suspect obviously has some mental issues, which I hope won’t keep the court from giving him the maximum sentence plus restitution for damages and the dogs pain and suffering.

    1. Stinky Slit says:

      The Law passed in LA County, but did they pass it in the OC as well?

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    Faces up to 6 years & 8 months.

    Dude faces more time than the Guy killing a 23 year old women & driving without insurance. Go figure!!

    That is way more time than the Hollywood producer who ran over a 21 year old woman in Hollywood Hills in what police said was a hit-and-run, possible Felony DUI Vehicular Manslaughter charge. He only got 11 months in prison.

    More time than a Felony DUI woman who struck 2 USC students, killing 18 yo Bach & critically injuring her 19 yo companion. Horrific crime scene when the woman’s husband got out of the car and remove BOTH the victims off their windshield and drove off. The woman received 6 years.

    So hurting a Dog gets him 6 years!! And killing someone gets you 6 years too.

    The Neighbor should’ve ran over the Owner with his car since he’ll get the same sentence anyway. Do it but not in a pre-meditated way.. Coz he might get the death penalty if it was pre-meditated.

  4. Rick says:

    Allowing an unattended dog to bark, disturbing neighbors, is passive-aggressive behavior… meaning the dog’s owner is enjoying the effects of the dog’s barking while maintaining innocence of the behavior. The dog’s owner is 50% at fault as anyone knows an unattended barking dog is disruptive and itself an offense.

  5. K says:

    Wow Rick, what a strange and slightly paranoid response.
    Most people with a barking dog simply don’t know how to train it.It is extremely doubtful that they are passive aggressively enjoying making neighbors unhappy. Your neighbors are pretty unaware of your feelings.
    Nor are they responsible for this persons heinous actions.
    A normal psychologically stable person would call the authorities, not break into a home and attack an innocent animal with a garden rake. The dog is not responsible for its poor training.By taking the disgusting cruel action that he did, it shows he is to put it simply…..Nuts, and his being nuts is not the owners fault.

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