Find Recipes And More From ‘The Fresh Grocer’ Tony Tantillo

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Does Tony Tantillo know his fruits and veggies? You bet your asparagus, he does.

Tantillo, of course, is the well-known “Fresh Grocer” who appears on stations around the country and locally here on CBS2.

Tantillo, for years, has been extolling the virtues of eating fresh produce…why it’s better for you, how to shop for bargains and how to know when something on the shelf isn’t as fresh as it could be.

Tony also has an Italian food line (hey, Paisano! Next time bring the Web department some samples!) and you can find him on facebook and Twitter.

On his Website, you’ll find shopping tips, nutritional charts, recipes and a lot more. Click here for a link:

  • chris

    don’t really care what the guy had to say but it’s nice of the reporter to post this nearly two hours AFTER it was broadcast haha.

  • Emma Sabeskis

    I’ve also been looking for Tony Tantillo’s Sea Bass recipe featured today on Paul Majors & Pat Harvey’s CBS2 news. I’d really like to make that dish but I can’t locate a recipe link for it anywhere on the website.

  • Chris

    Recipe looked really good. I went to 3 grocery stores in Southern California, Vons, Stater Brothers, Albertsons – no striped bass. Even checked Whole Foods. The last store said they could order for $40 per pound. I think if Tony is going to present East Coast/Regional recipes he should recommend substitutions for main item as needed – otherwise the recipes, as tantalizing as they look are out of reach.




  • Cheri Torre

    Another human on the quest for today’s chicken and sausage recipe!!! Thank you

  • lanie

    me too! Can’t find it either…..still looking

  • Hungry

    They said todays Recp’ was going to be here, My tummy is growling, and hunting. No Recp’ today. I guess I will check back tomorrow. =)

  • Christine

    Well, I am also in search of the chicken and sausage recipe. I saw it on channel 9. CBS/KCAL you guys need to get your act together!! There are more channels to watch the news on. I have searched your website and this recipe does not exist!! I will see what NBC and ABC has to offer in the area of food recipes.

    • JOYCE


      I agree with you about the website never having what they broadcast. This is not the first time this has happened. I even called the “news” room and they couldn’t find it and suggested that I “dig a little deeper on the web page” HA!



  • Melinda Van Treese

    Dear Tony,
    I would love to have t the receipe featured on today’s news at 5:00 PM. Today is Tuesday May 10th and the dish was a pasta dish with small holed pasta, tomato sauce, Italian wine, carmelized onions and fresh basil. I would so appreciate the receipe. Thank you very much.

  • Kathleen Furino

    I wanted to make th Flank stea & vegetable reipe i saw today on Kcal 9 but cannot find. They said go to As seen on Tv.Not happening. Surely there is an easier way!!


  • Linda Davis

    trying to get the receipe for the marinated meat and veggies on May 18, 201. please email this to me.

  • Brett Johnson

    I’m in the same boat as you I looked for it as well with no luck, well I guess we just have to wing it huh good luck. It looked so good too.
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  • Paul

    Need the beef recipe from today’s segment. Please email me.

  • Gregory

    I am still looking for the skirt steak recipe from KCAL9 news on 5-18-11. I have been to the “seen on tv” link and no recipe. Can you e-mail me the recipe.

  • Gregory

    For those looking for the steak dish from 5-18-11, here is the link. It appears that they put it on the CBS New York site, but not ours here in L.A. So, anyway here it is.

  • Marilyn

    I would love the recipe for the orrechiette with asparagus. I cannot locate on website. Please e-mail me.

    Thank you

    • Lesann

      Did you have any luck getting this recipe? I also would love it.

  • Sharon

    Looked all over and couldn’t find the French Onion Soup recipe for my husband.

  • mariah

    Need recipe for Tony Tantillo’s dish viewed on July 1, 2011. It had grilled asparagus, canned artichoke hearts, carrots, onions, lemon juice & jest, with pasta.

    • Lesann

      I am also still looking for this recipe. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks!

  • roy

    This is not a comment but more of a question: How do we know the produce we buy from our grocery stores are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) or not?

  • Lynn

    Tony can you provide me with the receipe shown today, July 13,2011 for pasta with brocolli and tomatoes and chicken. I can’t find it on the site. Thanks very much. P.S. I watch you all the time & I think you are great!

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