McCourt: Blame Dodgers ‘Drama’ On MLB Commissioner Selig

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The embattled owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers had some strong words for pro baseball’s top executive on Wednesday.

In his fight with Major League Baseball Comissioner Bud Selig to keep control of the team, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt spoke exclusively with KNX 1070 and said that the days of pulling money out of the club to fund his own lavish lifestyle are behind him.

McCourt brushed aside rumors that the team does not have sufficient funding to make payroll.

“Like any business, we have ebbs and flows in our capital requirements, and 2011 was going to be a very challenging year in that regard for us,” McCourt said.

But in the wake of a pending deal with FOX Sports to carry telecasts of Dodgers’ games, McCourt said the league has been “dragging its feet” and that if the transaction is not approved, the team could face a potential payroll issue.

“Baseball’s approval stands between us and complete financial stability for the next 20 years,” McCourt said.

“This is a gigantic transaction,” he added.

When asked to clarify the specific party responsible for holding up any potential deal, McCourt acknowledged that Selig is ultimately responsible.

McCourt said he is unclear as to why Selig has specifically targeted his team for disciplinary action.

“I’ve tried to reach the commissioner on multiple occasions. I’ve lost count of the calls,” McCourt said. “I don’t understand why he is avoiding me.”

When pressed on his handling of both his personal and professional dealings in the media – including messy divorce proceedings with ex-wife Jamie – McCourt expressed some regret on how events have played out, but said he hopes to rectify those failures by speaking out now.

“By not defending myself, and answering questions, accusations and rumors and innuendos were allowed to become facts in people’s minds,” McCourt said. “There’s just a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there.”


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