LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The embattled owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers had some strong words for pro baseball’s top executive on Wednesday.

In his fight with Major League Baseball Comissioner Bud Selig to keep control of the team, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt spoke exclusively with KNX 1070 and said that the days of pulling money out of the club to fund his own lavish lifestyle are behind him.

McCourt brushed aside rumors that the team does not have sufficient funding to make payroll.

“Like any business, we have ebbs and flows in our capital requirements, and 2011 was going to be a very challenging year in that regard for us,” McCourt said.

But in the wake of a pending deal with FOX Sports to carry telecasts of Dodgers’ games, McCourt said the league has been “dragging its feet” and that if the transaction is not approved, the team could face a potential payroll issue.

“Baseball’s approval stands between us and complete financial stability for the next 20 years,” McCourt said.

“This is a gigantic transaction,” he added.

When asked to clarify the specific party responsible for holding up any potential deal, McCourt acknowledged that Selig is ultimately responsible.

McCourt said he is unclear as to why Selig has specifically targeted his team for disciplinary action.

“I’ve tried to reach the commissioner on multiple occasions. I’ve lost count of the calls,” McCourt said. “I don’t understand why he is avoiding me.”

When pressed on his handling of both his personal and professional dealings in the media – including messy divorce proceedings with ex-wife Jamie – McCourt expressed some regret on how events have played out, but said he hopes to rectify those failures by speaking out now.

“By not defending myself, and answering questions, accusations and rumors and innuendos were allowed to become facts in people’s minds,” McCourt said. “There’s just a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there.”

Comments (12)
  1. joe says:

    Blame yourself Mcbroke!

  2. TT says:

    maybe once the divorce issues are settled things can be sorted out easier – but until then – I think we’re gonna keep reading about things still being up in the air…

  3. jaided says:

    sorry Frank but noone believes you, and all Dodger fans want you out. You hurt the team and this city enough. Sell the team get your money and try owning a little leauge somewhere. You had your chance and ruined it, no second chances when all of Los Angeles has learned to hate you. You stabbed us in the back, like ur wife did to you, would you forgive her. No second chances when theirs so much hate involved. Sorry but its true, now get out.

  4. creating in cali says:

    He’s basically saying if he can do the reality show he can afford the Dodgers… Maybe Lamar Odom is paying for the Laker’s payroll tab??

  5. Old Dodger fan says:

    MCPennyless: Do you mean to tell us that if they let you go thru with this contract with Fox, you won’t use the proceeds to pay off your EX. Please spare us and get out you bum. And I don’t mean Brooklyn bum either.

  6. Daniel says:

    McBroke just don’t get it. You own a MLB team and shouldn’t have to need the THIS tv deal with Fox to pay your payroll. That fox deal should not come into play until 2 years from now. AT WHICH TIME it will be worth even more to the team THEN IT IS NOW. but since the team is not being run well we need deal now just MAKE PAYROLL and that is just not how a MLB Team should be run.

  7. Marco says:

    You’ve been a bad boy and your allowance is being taken.

  8. R. Jackson says:

    I rmember the “good ol’ days” when the O’Mallys owned the team. It was thier only business, not a hobby or sideline. The Dodgers were a first class organization then. My how times have changed. Today, the Dodgers are just an “average” team that has lost some of it’s luster. Mr. McCort, if you can’t do the basics (like meet your bi-monthly payroll), you don’t deserve to own the team. Don’t try to blame others. YOU are the owner, not Selig or anyone else. The buck stops on YOUR desk!!! Stop whining and crying foul. Fish or cut bait!!
    The loyal ans of the Dodgers deserve better.

  9. joke says:

    BS. He’s had to get two loans from FOX to make payroll.
    If your business is dependent on 1 sale to survive, guess what. Your business management sucks.
    I own a business, and in NO WAY, is it dependent on 1 sale to survive.

  10. Joe B Cortez says:

    This may come as an “eye-opener” to many who disparage Frank McCourt’s handling of his Dodger property. First, the guy’s wife cheated on him. And, he may have a point about Mr. Selig because, if memory serves me correctly, Bud Selig was the stated reason why the O’Malley’s decided it was no longer “fun” to be a part of Major League Baseball when they sold. Peter O’Malley was already being ostracized by Selig by the time he sold the Dodger’s to Rupurt Murdoch, who only bought the team to challenge Ted Turner’s empire anywhere he could. I believe I also remember that Bud Selig himself blocked the Dodgers’ signing of Vladamir Gurrerro from Montreal, who wanted nothing more than to be a Los Angeles Dodger. Selig declared that the Dodgers couldn’t sign anyone while they were still in “escrow” between Murdoch and McCourt, and so Vlad opted for the Angels. The Commissioner-managed Dodger futility has continued. Any industry which would put one of it’s competing CEO’s in such a powerful position must be looked at with some scepticism — or not. You’ all please be your own judge.

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