SANTA ANA (CBS) — Federal investigators are warning Southland beach-goers to watch for boats full of illegal immigrants amid what officials say is an ongoing surge in maritime smuggling.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports immigration officials say they have intercepted a record number of attempts in the past year or so.

Some of the more recent cases in Orange County include 18 people found in a small vessel off Dana Point and a panga-style boat that washed ashore near Crystal Cove near Laguna Beach.

Claude Arnold, special agent in charge for ICE and Homeland Security in Los Angeles, said unusual boats are harder to detect until they get closer to shore.

“They all pretty much look the same,” Arnold said. “The wood boat with an outboard motor — if you see one of those in U.S. waters, especially if it’s got a lot of people on it, it’s suspect and it should be reported.”

Arnold said the problem is growing because smugglers now are having a more difficult time trying to get their contraband past land checkpoints.

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Comments (19)
  1. Thomas Forcade says:

    Sink their ship’s five miles out while chummimg the water.I know coyotes wont eat ’em,but shark’s will.That should be a good deterent.

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Where is the Coast Guard or Navy when we need them? Blast those boats out of the water, we have enough gardeners, car wash employees, ice cream cart sales people and fruit pickers.

    2. Jeezus says:

      why do we need to care or even report them? does it matter that they’re illegal? i thought you cant check their ID’s anyways. wouldn’t that be racial profiling? maybe they’re just boating and sunbathing or fishing. if we cant report them when they’re on land why do we report them at sea? when i report to ICE it only lets ICE know where their family members are currently located and that they’re doing good and found homes and jobs and made way permanently into our society. i’ve said it before, i dont hate mexicans. i like americans of mexican heritage, and mexicans in mexico, but mexicans in america who are staying past their legal visiting hours are a shame that we cant get rid of.

  2. alan hart says:

    Float a few mines in the water and see what happens.

  3. David Huffman says:

    Well now that Bin Laden is dead,i guess we can turn our efforts more effectively to stopping the insurge of illegal aliens.How about bringing our troops home and deploying them in defense of our southern border where they are really needed??Let’s just see if Obonzo has the stones to do that!!!BTW i’m still not going to vote for him and i hope that no one else does either.He just got lucky with Bin Laden,he still has’nt closed our southern border and stationed our troops there,and already there are more than 50 million Mexican illegal aliens in this country that need to be rounded up and deported!!!!

    1. Mayra says:

      First of all Mr. David Huffman, not all illegal aliens are Mexican, just like not all Mexicans are illegal aliens. There are illegal aliens here in the U.S from all over the world. Get your facts (and grammar) straight because you just sound like a racist and uneducated bigot. Most of those people come here to this country to work in menial jobs that you wouldn’t do for twice the pay just for the hope of having a better life. Some of them are brought over as children and don’t know anything else, how can you expect them to be deported back to a country where they don’t know anyone and expect them to have a chance? And what about the U.S born children of illegal immigrants? Why punish the kids for actions that their parents did? If your parent killed someone and got sent to prison, should you be punished for it too? While I do agree that something needs to be done about our borders, straight out rounding up illegals and deporting them is simply not realistic or humane. And if you’re so set on the government rounding the illegals up and deporting them, then the same thing should to be done with illegal Canadian immigrants and other ethnic groups because they are also here breaking the law. What we need is immigration reform.

      1. me says:

        Mayra, your remark about expecting us to send them back to a country where they don’t know anyone is STUPID. So we have to harbor them and support them? And this garbage about them doing the jobs no one else wants, that is just a stupid crutch that illegals like to use. Try visiting a public restroom that was cleaned by ‘upstanding, hardworking’ illegals. THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO CLEAN! And also, biggot has 2 g’s!!! So when you go off on someone for their grammar, make sure that your spelling is correct. Also, MOST illegal aliens are Mexican, and most Mexicans are illegal!!!

      2. Saber 1 says:

        Myra, If there coming on small boats, chances are there from Mexico. Your a moron and you and all the other ILLEGAL ALIENS and their supporters need to go back to your country of origin.

      3. Michele says:

        don’t they have their own beach? Stay where you are and stop invading our country and maybe we can get back on track and put the money to use instead of collecting and sending $ back across the border., whcih doesn’t help our economy.

        When does it stop. First the parents, then the children, grandchildren, it just never ends. I”m sure there are jobs over there that are just as “menial.” Our streets are not paved of gold.

    2. Mayra says:

      I never said that we need to support and harbor illegal immigrants. I specifically said we need IMMIGRATION REFORM so that we can deal with the problem. I personally think they should pay a fine and should have restrictions for being in this country illegally but I do not think that we need to treat fellow HUMAN BEINGS like animals. Trust me, I’ve been in restrooms that Hispanic people have cleaned and they are cleaned very well, it’s dirty people who leave their nasty messes behind that leave them disgusting. It seems highly unlikely that the people hired to clean the restrooms are leaving bloody pads on the seats or dirty diapers on the floor themselves. And NO, most illegals here are not just Mexican, there are many immigrants from Central and South America in this country. You are just stereotyping a whole group of people just by their skin color. That is RACIST, because you do not know their specific nationality. To say that most Mexicans are illegal is one of the stupidest things that I’ve read. With your logic that “most Mexicans are illegal”, then most of the population in Mexico is illegal too because they are also Mexican.

      1. David Huffman says:

        Myra, for your own good just shut up and quit trying to attack good patriotic Americans in their support of this country!!! I am neither a racist nor a biggot,what i am is half Native American and a Veteran of the U.S.Army.I agree that ALL illegals should be deported,i’m just citing the fact that the Mexican ones(or those from anywhere south of the border) are coming in invasion force numbers and with an agenda to take over certain parts of our country if not infiltrate the entire country.Obviously you do not see this as you probably do not live anywhere they’ve taken over what used to be a nice neighborhood that is now a worthless cesspool just like where they came from.Even my Mexican freinds that i went to school with growing up ,and the ones i served in the military with feel as i do,they do not want them here either.If you want to know what racism truly is,i dare you to go live in their neighborhood and experience it for yourself!!! My Thanks to all of you who understand where i’m coming from and had my back on this issue,you are the kind of Americans that i gave my time in service to this country for,and those like you.I want to see some of that Mexican pride we hear so much about,in the form of all those illegal cowards going back to where they came from and taking back their own country.I for one am tired of paying into welfare etc.. and footing the bill for all these illegal freeloaders,they must go and now!!! Remember folks 2012 is coming fast and Obonzo has to go !!!

  4. icecream says:

    We need to be careful because if illegals can easily enter this way, terrorists can too.

    1. David Huffman says:

      icecream,you are absolutely correct and our government knows this as well,yet does nothing to protect us from this.We do not need reform,we need them all rounded up and gone!! We need a president who will bring our troops home and put them on our borders with orders to terminate with extreme prejudice anything and anyone coming north of our southern border.Our government already knows that the Hezbolla have training camps for their terrorist groups in South America and are training them to blend in with the illegals coming across our southern borders,and again still they don’t seal our bordres!!!

  5. Crazy Irish says:

    Execution sounds warranted.

  6. Bay Watchin' says:

    “You sunk my battleship!”

  7. Mike says:

    Why notify them. Obama has allready said that they are all welcome and he wont do anything to them and border patrol has been told to stop arresting them.

  8. David Huffman says:

    Don’t know why Yahoo put up these comments from May instead of adding some fresh thoughts and rants to the issue.Illegal entry of this country by those coming across our southern and northern borders is an issue of importance right up there with Obama spending us into take over by China.Not to metion fighting someone elses wars that we should’nt be in anyway.

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