GRANADA HILLS (CBS) — A former teacher at a Christian school in Granada Hills was sentenced Monday to nine years in state prison for sexual activity with an underage student.

Mark Stephen Hubbard, 51, of Granada Hills, pleaded no contest to one count each of sexual intercourse with a minor and sodomy of a person under 18 and eight counts of oral copulation of a person under 18.

Hubbard, who taught at Hillcrest Christian School, was arrested last year in connection with the crimes, which occurred between April and November 2010.

Hubbard had been employed at the school for eight years. He served as a health teacher, athletic director and assistant coach for the boys’ basketball and baseball teams, according to police.

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Comments (14)
  1. richie kotzen says:

    deport him .. he he

    1. DMAN says:

      You stole my idea! 🙂

  2. M Cents says:

    Not all middle-aged white men are child molesters, but most child molesters are middle-aged white men. But since they are (usually) not “illegals,” it must be OK, however.

    1. dave says:

      your a idiot, but… the mean time, crucify him

      1. Okay says:

        Agreed. Low lifes come in all shades.

  3. Robear in Ojai says:

    9 years in state prison? Mmmm… I’m sure he’ll be served the same type of “attention” he so lavished on his students, many times over!

    1. PK Wiliams, PhD says:

      There’s always one person who has to bring up prison sex because they are most likely turned on by it.

  4. DMAN says:


  5. alan hart says:

    First, he isn’t a pedophile as his “victim” wasn’t a child but a young adult. Eighteen is an arbitrary age set by the state. If you look up the age of consent in the US you will see it is as low as 14.If this guy did this in Nevada, he would only be charged because he chose a student, not because the student was underage.

    1. greg says:

      Yo why you be all givin props to child molestors?

  6. taxpayer says:

    A bullet in the head is what is needed here.

    1. True Patriot says:

      They have dentists in prison? Why should we pay for that?? Why do you want him to have dental care in prison ON THE TAXPAYERS’ BACKS!?!?!

      Keep your socialist healthcare agenda to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Lou says:

    Anatomy od sex crimes, whites ;chilod molesters,mostly catholic priest, boy scout leaders and teachers, Blacks are rapist always white women,never black, Mexicans, incest, mostly with first cousins.

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