DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Thousands are expected to take to the streets of downtown L.A. for two competing May Day demonstrations calling for immigration reform and workers’ rights.

The biggest march, organized by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, will begin at noon and move northbound on Broadway from Olympic Boulevard. It will end with a rally at 1st Street featuring dancers, musicians and speakers from labor and community groups.

Competing in Sunday’s pro-immigrant outpouring will be the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition — which has support from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles and other labor and community groups — and the smaller, grass-roots Southern California Immigration Coalition. The march will start at 12:30 p.m. and conclude with a rally at 4th Street.

The Southern California group alleges its larger rival is funded and led by the Democratic Party, which some criticize for stalling reforms and increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants.

Although event organizers told the Los Angeles Times that more than 50,000 people could turn out Sunday, permits sought for the march planned for about 10,000.

Police officials say enough officers will be on duty to handle crowds of up to 50,000 people.

“We are going to have a large enough deployment to handle anything,” said Deputy police Chief Jose Perez.

“Our posture will be consistent with what we’ve had the last two years. We want to keep a lid on anything, but, ideally, we are going to maintain a low profile and facilitate allowing everybody to express their 1st Amendment views in a peaceful and organized manner.”

Marches similar to the ones in Los Angeles are planned across the nation.

Several downtown streets and intersections will be closed until 5 p.m.: Broadway between Olympic Boulevard and Temple Street; Spring Street between Olympic Boulevard and Temple Street; Hill Street between Olympic Boulevard and Temple Street; and First Street between Main Street and Grand Avenue.

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Comments (41)
  1. burt says:


    1. Saber 1 says:

      Here are your rights: You have the right to be silent, anything you say can and will used against in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you can’t afford one, one will be provided at no cost. Since your ILLEGAL in MY COUNTRY, PLEASE LEAVE BEFORE YOU COMPLETELY DESTROY IT. Go back to your third world country and finish destroying it.

  2. Hillbilly Foo says:

    Want to be a citizen, be a mexican citizen, we have no room for you idiots!

    1. Clinton says:

      Your grand grand father he win the citezen by kill the indians abourigen .HEI STUPID WE AR 20 MIL HERE AND THE IMMIGRATION SUPOST TO BE FIXET BY SMMART PEOPLE ,BUT BECAUSE IN THE GOVERMENT IT S SOME PEOPLE ,,SMART“ LIKE YOU HE LIK S THIS PROABLEME TO PERSIST.If is not immigrants you ar not gona go to work tou r gona stai homme and expect monny from the goverment .Go to work losser.And let the immigrants to sufer do not put anny presure because it s enoght stres in those family .Try to be a human big jack.

      1. surfbum says:

        Get back in the kitchen and make me a taco! Since you obviously only have a 2nd grade education (which makes you a Rhodes scholar in comparison to most people from south of the border), this is probably your only career option in this country. Or you can mow my lawn.

      2. leonard says:

        My pleasure to do taco ,but please do not pay me with food stamp or with prostitution monny.

  3. Same here kick all of these alien illegal out US,

  4. Chuck says:

    where’s ICE??!!!???????

  5. Tyrone says:

    The only time these hispanics think of holding an American flag is when they can get all these cradle to grave benefits. Doesn’t Mexico have the 11th largest economy in the world. Also, they don’t face any persecution or awareness that La Raza violence toward the Black community is bad. These guys just basically walk over and start lynching members of the Black community.

  6. Clara says:

    Why is someone waving a Mexican flag?
    As for immigration, we need to secure our borders and enforce our laws.
    Those who came here illegally have no “right” to become citizen. In fact, they should have to get at the back of the line of those who are attempting to come to the US legally.

  7. swhitS says:

    DEPORT NOW! No more benefits that should be going to Americans and no more of taking our jobs away.

  8. swhitS says:

    These demonstrations are costing us more money!!

  9. Charley says:

    The U.S. won its wars against Mexico and Spain, but both are getting the last laugh, because America has become the repository for the myriad dysfunctions left behind by Spanish colonialism and current problems that Mexico is unwilling, or incapable, of solving.

  10. Lou says:

    I am asking all mexicans donot consume alcohol on cinco de mayo day. see what it will be like to have not one drunk hit run mexican behind the wheel.

    1. Marissa says:

      Lou, You better print that in spanish so they can understand you

  11. Time To GO! says:

    They cost us more then just money. They cost our country turning into a shanty town TJ looking cr@phole. The the impact on our society is where this is wrong. Enforcement is easy, round them all up but dont just take the indivisual, take them to where they live and remove the entire family. I cannot beleive that people are so empowered they think that they can protest for the right to be here when they broke the law to get here.

    And for the MECHA members – You are living a lie… dont give me the “This was Mexico” argument – SPAIN controlled the “area” and built nothing but Missions not Universities and Hospitals. Mexicans were afraid of the AMERICAN Indians and did not travel North. Also, the Spanish Language is a EUROPEAN language. The Catholic Church is from EUROPE. MECHA should teach their members the ancient AZTEC dialect if they are so set on being true to Mexico.

    The Arizona laws and enforcement are a no brainer but many CA. politicians parents were illegal and they have this false connetion to Mexico…The Mexico Pride things is a joke…What have they done? All races are impacted by this including LEGAL people from Mexico who I fully support!

  12. burt says:

    If the Gov’t continues to ignore the American people, who have made it perfectally clear over and over again, we do not want Illegal Immigration, deport the leeches and criminals. They are turning America into the same sewer they came from. The American people are ready for this WAR with these Illegals and thier masters, i.e La Raza, lulac, mecha. These groups have one goal in mind, the take over of America. Wake up people.

    1. overtaxedtaxpayer says:

      don’t u know the American people don’t get a say it’s like we don’t exist.

  13. tupak says:

    lazy american just need food stump

  14. overtaxedtaxpayer says:

    Immigration reform…while carrying mexican flags…ahhh don’ t think so.

  15. Josh Butts says:

    I bet none of those illegals can tell you what the stars and the 13 stripes or even the history of the American flag. You want to hold that American flag and wave it like you are part of it, then learn what it is.

  16. DR. HAMILTON says:




  17. DR. MADISON says:

     Stop ALL immigration NOW.

    Round up ALL Meehicans in Southern California NOW, revoke their citizenship,

    and ship ’em back to where they belong — Meehico.

    They do not love our country, they do not appreciate our country, they fly their

    OWN stupid flag in Los Angeles (Treason).

    All they want to do is breed like rodents and drag this country down to Third-World state , crime ridden like the one they just came from.

    They only care about a Burrito and a six-pack at the end of the day,

    They work here and send all their money to Meehico. Not our Constitution

  18. DR. MADISON says:


    Stop Meehicans Invading the U.S.A. Do Not Hire. Report to INS.

    Remember what happened to the Native Americans when the Europeans came over by the BOATLOAD.


    Build a 2,000 mi. long wall along our border.

    30 ft. high with 20 ft. razor wire atop that.

    Hire new National Guardsmen, Sophisticatd Camera system, Drones to patrol Our Border.

    Post warning signs eeen meehican that they will be shot.

    Any Meehican caught on our side is shot.
    Head placed atop wall facing Meehico.

    Problem solved.


  19. tupak says:

    lazy american go back were u belong,to africa or samowhere in ourope this country is belong to indians stupid if u know the history of this land

    1. burt says:

      Tupak, you and the rest of the Mexican Illegal LEECHES are COWARDS. Fix your own country, maggot…

    2. Time to GO! says:

      Tupak, nice spelling. What color Astro Van do you drive? Indians are not Mexicans…Mexicans were created by the WHITE Spanish people when they had their way with the Aztecs…SPAIN gave you Spanish and your Lady of Guadalupe. Before that, you were praying to the Sun Gods….American Indians are no friends of Mexicans…

  20. burt says:

    We have already done the Cowboys and Indians thing, it’s now time for Cowboys and Mexicans…

  21. tupak says:

    all the stupid cowboys are lazy go back to europe thats ur place this is mexicans teretoy move ur ass go go go

    1. Spencer says:

      tupak you clearly are a 2nd grade dropout. You are most likely a gardener or dishwasher with 12 kids, all anchor babies collecting welfare on behalf of you and your fat lazy mezzican wife. You probably live with your extended family…all 28 of them, in a one room apartment.

  22. tupak says:

    burt u are coward like maywether go back to the jungle africa

    1. burt says:

      Tupak, when you learn to write, get back, until then, go home Punk!

  23. ginny says:

    If Mexico and it’s citizen want to lay claim to California, I have no problem returning it to them, BUT, return it to them in the state it was in when the American people began settling here. Tear down every building, pull out all industry, deinstall our water/power systems, give them the desert area it was way back then. If they really believe it was taken from them then they don’t even know the histiry of their own country let alone th USA. But hey, give it back to them, as it was when they ‘tthink’ it was theirs.

  24. ginny says:

    Sorry for the typo.

  25. laker player says:

    well this is the first week of may, sorry to say that someone will die before friday. BECAUSE OF A DRUNK MEXICAN,…BOTH LEGAL & ILLEGAL.

  26. EMDEE213 says:


  27. Francisco says:

    I love Mexico and I will be proud to be Mexican. Viva méxico cabrones gringos…

    1. Beans-are-bad says:

      Francisco, put down your burrito and prepare to be unemployed by an illegal that will take $4.00/hr. Then again, you might be a PICA…

  28. Alicia says:

    NumbersUSA,com has been trying to stop mexicans since 1990.
    Please join us and help us kick out the politicians.

    It’s free to join.

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