Muslim Leader Expects Bin Laden’s Death To Usher In Positive US-Muslim Relations

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A prominent Muslim leader says he expects the death of Osama Bin Laden to usher in a new, positive era of U.S.-Muslim relations, helping Americans to distinguish extremist terrorists from the mainstream Islamic faith.

Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Los Angeles, told The Associated Press on Sunday night that the death of the “standard-bearer of terrorism” is “hopefully the end of an era of darkness” in U.S-Muslim relations.

Al-Marayati says some fundamentalist groups may try to seek retaliation for Bin Laden’s killing, but he’s confident that Bin Laden’s demise marks the beginning of the end of terrorism at a time when democracy is spreading throughout the Middle East.

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  • drozone69

    So the CIA mole’s role is over,Huh?Zionism will find another “Leader” to engage more of our tax dollars for Israel’s free security net.

    • Hasbro

      lol, that’s good Dro… Israel has been a virtual club med for security… bus bombings to keepo the fleet modern…I’m sure we could all be so lucky to be surounded by those who think killing a random group of people is just…as oppsed to Ross’ comment as I am..he at least seems to desire peace… If a CIA mole worked this…Kudo’s them whomever tehy were. I hate to see anyone killed..but some less than others.

  • Ross

    Bin Laden didn’t deserve this. Can’t we all just get along?

    • Hasbro

      What did he deserve, a peace prize?

    • Li'l Tommy

      I totally agree with Ross. What he actually “deserved” was to be staked to the ground in the desert, covered with pure honey, and let nature take its course! Or perhaps he “deserved” to be skinned, soaked in lighter fluid, and set on fire? I’m sure that there are other treatments that he “deserved,” but the quick and painless strike of a bullet…there’s NO WAY he deserved that!!!

  • Amuz3d

    God Ross, what the hell have you been smoking?

  • zef

    The word is courage, that is, that finally regular everyday people who happen to be Muslims will have the courage to stand up to the extremists among them, still waiting on that.

  • Lou

    a year and a half afo a muslim mother of 3 was brutally stabbed to death whille trying to run from her x husband also muslim, not one muslim ever denounced this barbaric act which took place in Chino Hills.

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