LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former Miss USA says a security pat down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport left her feeling molested and violated.

Susie Castillo, who was crowned in 2003, representing Massachusetts, was in tears following the April 21 experience. She did a video minutes later and posted it online.

Castillo was searched while preparing to fly home to Los Angeles.

The beauty queen turned actress says she decided against doing the body scanner over concerns about exposure to radiation. Castillo says a female Transportation Security Administration worker who checked her touched her crotch area several times.

Castillo later complained and was given a TSA comment card.

TSA spokesman Luis Casanova says the screener was questioned and did the pat down correctly. Casanova apologized for any discomfort to Castillo.

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Comments (18)
  1. wobbles says:

    Drama Queen, looking for attention now she’s no longer”famous”. The fact she makes a video and posts in on the internet as her first reaction should be a clue folks. That 15 minutes goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

    1. DuDaNasTee says:

      I agree completely! If she felt that bad, she should have reported it. I am quite sure she’s been done worse.

  2. Robby Logan says:

    Cupcake, the Greyhound Bus goes directly to whatever backwater town your trailer is currently located.

  3. JeanneB says:

    well you’re a nasty bunch of b*tches!
    these TSA jerks are power trippers in uniforms. hundreds of people have been groped, made to guzzle drinks they MUST carry due to diabetes to maintain proper blood glucose levels, forced to take Rx pills to prove they are really “pills”, these morons humiliate and terrify decent people. I have been groped, my breasts actually grabbed, made to drink a diabetic drink created to be taken little by little for a 12 hour flight to Europe at JFK, a mother was forced to make a screaming baby drink an entire OJ bottle in Honolulu and Maui; I was made to REMOVE an hard cervical collar when I had a BROKEN NECK at CV1 and 2 and CV 3-7 were totally unstable and out of alignment while traveling with a doctor’s letter!!
    In their power tripping ignorance, these TSA people are downright dangerous, and have been for years, most seem to have a zero IQ, including their superiors when you complain on the spot, while risking detention and missing your flight. I have written over 1/2 dozen complaints, nothing ever done, no reply.
    These fools are supposed to go through your handbags, etc IN YOUR PRESENCE, I have had my jewelry case opened and priceless pieces scattered on the floor because it was opened upside down, while I was being groped, and the TSA woman pocketed pieces, while I screamed at her to give them back, the whole bunch of them just sneered at me.
    TSA disgusts me. It is just MORE evidence that the flying public has lost all rights of being treated decently, including in France.
    I feel really sorry for this woman and you are an heartless bunch of jerks to leave the stupid, ignorant nasty comments. Take a bus? You really are a pathetic detriment person.

    1. William says:

      Jeanie B – You are such an unrepentant whiner! STFU!

      I’m sure TSA personnell are not interested in groping your breasts. More likely your rolls of flab all over your nasty body might make for a good hiding place for contraband so it invites a search. Deal with it.

      Who is ever “forced” to drink a beverage at a TSA counter. You could have chosen to leave said drink behind or are you too cheap to consider that?

      Why don’t you retain a sleazy lawyer to represent your dubious claims? Oh, you can’t find anyone to take your case? What a surprise.

      1. Mufon says:

        I’ve flown a bunch of times since 9-11, and have never had the issues Jeanne B. had. Some of her verbiage is telling. First, who wears a cervical collar any more? And the fact she’s screaming at the TSA folks leads one to believe she starts a lot of these situations with likely demeaning and condescending and downright nasty attitudes. Yes, there are TSA abuses, but sounds like Jeanne has found another cause about which to be angry.

      2. Erin M says:

        EXACTLY! Just like they couldn’t MAKE you take a prescription pill to prove it’s yours?? Do you know how deadly that could be?? Besides, even if it were some *fun* drug, by that account, the TSA would be forcing the person to have their fun anyway!

    2. Karen says:

      My friend has diabetes and SHE HAS ZERO ISSUES BRINGING LIQUIDS in the airport.

  4. William says:

    If you don’t want to be subjected to a body scan or a search, don’t fly!! There are still plenty of ways to get to another destination besides flying. If you cannot abide by the new security regulations, you don’t have to fly on public airlines. this goes for children, the elderly & handicapped too!

  5. swhitS says:

    Everyone should be boycotting flying while these perverts have the power to do what they want. If you think it is okay you should be tried for treason along with the rest of those that took away our rights. The constitution is the only thing that s protecting us from this tyrannical government.

  6. Brate says:

    Get a life girl! Go away and let real problems and issues be dsicussed.

  7. Jay Markowitz says:

    Good luck to this psycho’s next boyfriend.

    Is she acts this hysterical over indiscriminate touching, her frigidity must be truly frightning.

  8. rick says:

    i travel ALOT from here (lax) to asia ive NEVER had a problem with TSA yes they check your stuff yes you cant carry liquids past the check point and yes a perscription needs to be in its propper bottle or container but SO WHAT if you read the signs at check points and have traveled even once since 9-11 you WOULD KNOW ALL THIS IS COMMING and do what your suppose to quite gripeing about it

  9. Marco says:

    So she felt humilated and violated huh?

    And the beauty pagent did just the opposite.

    So upset she recorded it and posted it. Pathetic !!!!

  10. Erin M says:

    As a woman, I’d feel flattered having another woman feel me up! Hubba hubba!

  11. Karen says:

    She should have gone through the body scanner. What a drama queen.

    Here is a tiny violin. Weep away baby.

  12. Karen says:

    She actually won a beauty contest? It was definitely not in CA.

    We rock!

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