Vigil Held For Girl, 17, Found Nude And Dumped In Plastic Container On 5 Freeway

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A vigil was held Thursday for the girl police say was found dumped, nude and in a plastic container along the 5 Freeway near Boyle Heights.

Police believe the container was possibly pushed from a moving vehicle.  Homicide detectives are still working the case.

KCAL9’s Rita Garcia talked to friends and family of the 17-year-old they remembered as a bright, loved girl who got along with everyone.

They were still in a state of shock…searching for answers. They all said the same thing. Who would do such a thing to Michelle Lozano?

Michelle was the oldest of six. She had told her mom she was going to take a walk to the store. That’s the last any of her loved ones saw of her.

They can’t fathom, or maybe it’s better they don’t…how she could have come to such a grisly and unfortunate end.

Her friends and family told Garcia that Michelle had hate and love tattooed on her wrists. Fitting they feel now — love for their sister and hate for the person who ended her life.

  • Jason

    It is just disgusting to see what human beings are capable of doing to each other.

    What a heart breaking story and I hope if/when they catch the person who did this that they suffer horribly everyday for the rest of their miserable existence.

    • shoe

      41,000 vac
      Straight off the wires.
      Better deal.
      Boom, done.

    • Jeffrey Todd Lane

      Sorry to hear this but honestly 17, Boyle Heights, and oldest of 6 kids and has tatoos already? I will bet there is no dad either. It is a horriible thing when people have kids they cannot afford to raise properly and then these things happen.

  • Vigil Held For Girl, 17, Found Nude And Dumped In Plastic Container On 5 Freeway | Los Angeles for Me

    […] A vigil was held Thursday for the girl police say was found dumped, nude and in a plastic container along the 5 Freeway near Boyle Heights. More from:… […]

  • valley girl

    Obviously they let her go wherever. She was 17 and with a tattoo already??? c’mon. No child should go through that ever. But if you know its ghetto around that neighborhood, the parents should of told her to go with someone or not at all. Parents should of been careful with her.

    • parent

      thats the way it is once they reach 16-17 cant tell them anything ,parents just give up. and there usee what happens sometimes it sucks but thats how it is.

    • Maria

      Hey valley girl, and who the hell told you that it was ghetto in that area, No teen should have to worrie about going anywhere alone at any time and having a tatto at that age? who cares! No one deserves to die that way. Lincoln Heights is a safe neighborhood. There ae so many Crazy Psychos out there that we just don’t know where or when something could happen to any of us.

    • Quato Garcia

      Maria… pull your head out of your backside and take a breath of reality. The world is a dangerous place, certain areas more, some less. To suggest a teen girl should be able to walk anywhere, anytime of night is ludicrous and not reality… particularly in LA, particularly where this girl lived.

      Having lived in LA for many years… it is rather obvious to the unbiased observer from which communities the majority of problems come from. Sorry, you know the truth too but will lie about it.

      Further, having lived and worked among many Latinos… I can tell you… many Latino parents do not watch their kids very good… even toddlers. Momma is sleeping so three year old girl… you watch your one year old sister. Goes on all the time. I see lots of Latino children with thick scars on their bodies… after witnessing this for numerous years, and talking to some Latino’s who will be truthful, the cause is kids getting hurt because the parents or grandparents weren’t watching their kids close enough. They get hurt, no emergency room stitches… giant scars!

    • gianni

      This is a tragic story.

      My comment is why haven’t people been taught there is no such phrase in the English language as “should of”. It’s should HAVE and the conditional tense of the verb have.

      should have, could have, would have GOT IT, FOLKS?

      Get it together people.

      • MS

        STOP correcting people on how the to write correctly!!! Who in the f*2#*k!! gives a damn. With your comment you just should how cold and callous person you are. A young human life was trajically taken and you’re giving spelling lessons!!. So I believe that you should “GET IT TOGETHER” “GOT IT, GIANNI”????

      • cheyerra


        @ Gianni,
        are you a sociopath? This is a devestating and horrific loss to the family,community and our whole society and you are giving a grammar lesson? You are an empty shell of a human…
        As a mom of an 18 year old daugher I could not even imagine surviving the pain of losing a beloved child like this….
        To the beautiful victim, RIP within the eternall peace, comfort and everlasting presence of the Lord

  • Robert Chandler



    • Brian Andrews

      Oh yea right, your “god” doesn’t do that. If that was the case she wouldn’t have been dumped out a vehicle to begin with. Guess that was your god’s “plan” for her, right? Ooooh, right…you only bring his name up when it’s something positive.

  • joe

    Truthhurts ur sick..

  • anonymous

    @truthhurts: why are you calling her a hooch? and this isnt lame its something serious and its happening in our community! i bet that if this happened to one of your family members you wouldnt like it! stop talking smack because no mother or anyone deserves to go through this much pain and especially when their loved was killed horribly. honestly have some respect.

  • Coukeey

    Have some respect, this was a young innocent child who was killed and dumped on the side of the road by some sick monster, how do u kno the murderer wasnt a white US citizen? It doesnt matter how she was dressed or if she had tattoos at a young age, now days everyone has one, no one deserves to be taken like that. My heart goes out to her family, so sad to hear of this, hope they find the person who did this

    • h

      So that means she deserves to be raped and murdered? What a terrible mentality. We need to change this kind of attitude, blaming victims and justifying crimes with hateful twisted logic.

    • Victoria De

      You are an idiot. Seriously shut up. Maybe if it was one of your kids/nieces/nephews whatever you’d have some sort of compassion. Shut your a** up. Because someone has a tattoo they desrve to die? what an idiot.

    • :)

      she knew how to do tats she meant of done it her self

    • Becky G

      For being cruel, dumb, ignorant, and an azz hole, you deserve to be smacked in the head with the claw end of a hammer until you die. Hey just following your ignorant logic.

  • joe

    @ trusthurts sorry for the typo assh+@*…….


    At 17, she still in high skrew, means someone she knew abducted her.

    Check store surveillance cameras inside/outside.

    Check all her friends and her cell phone records.

    Since it was a quick death, seems like an Acquaintance of hers.

    • dan

      I also think it must of been someone she knew. How did she end up up inside a car and dumped on the freeway. sometimes we have to be careful with the people we know also. you never now.


    Got a hunch that it was probably someone she knew did it. Probably someone told her to meet at the Liquor store & next thing you know you dead.

    If anyone know where this Liquor store is located, they know it is a heavily Gang infested area. Walls, cars, homes, street signs, sidewalks, poles, etc have Gang endorsements & drug pushers.

  • East Side Locos

    Girlfriend of a Rival Gang.

    • Cindy

      where is the boyfriend now???

  • Luis

    No, truthhurts is a waste of food. Please don’t eat or drink anymore truthhurts…do the world a favor.

  • dont trip

    y does everyone think they killed her at the liquor store?! she lived by there and she was found near state street!! damn people get your facts straight then talk!!

    • Ed Rooney

      dont trip,

      lay down the crack pipe. who on here said she was killed at the Liquor store? Who?

      she was probably abducted from between her house to the liquor store.

    • Victoria De

      yeah dude no one on here said she was kiloled at the liquor store go back to school and study some reading and comprehension.

  • r.i.p beautiful

    You guys want to know something, this girl you all are talking sh** about was my cousin. Honestly i dont know how you can just sit on your a** and talk sh**!!! If you didnt know anything about this girl dont write anything on here. You guys are just disrespecting her and my family. And to whoever “truthhurts” is, you are one racist bi***!! How can you talk about mexicans like that? Another thing, dont bring hoods into this! Stop saying false sh**!! I hate the fact that none of you knew her but yet talk so much. One last thing I want to say, stop talking sh** about how she was raised and what tattoos she had or how she got them! Thats none of your business!!!

    • 1000 ways to die

      Horrible way to die don’t you agree? Raped & dumped like a sack of worthless junk.

      • r.i.p beautiful

        Of course I agree w**!!! This was my cousin!!!

      • maria

        I have not read anywhere she was raped?! How do you know that?? You people need to stop writting negative stuff about this child. She was an innocent girl. NOBODY deserves this… I SWEAR I HOPE THE POLICE CATCHES SOMEONE… I keep checking about any new news about this horrible crime. I knew this child, she was my hijas friend. RIP Michelle.. XOXOXO

    • r.i.p beautiful

      Its not your f****n business if you didnt know her!! All of you dont know what a great person she was!! Thats why im saying its none of your business cause all of you talk sh** and dont even know the person!!!

      • Jimmy Jamm

        It is our business as we also live in this city. If MORE people took things as their business, stuff like this would happen much less. Sorry for your loss.

      • retphxfire

        Jimmy is right. If more people paid attention and decided the safety of all our children is their business perhaps less young girls would be victims.

    • Victoria

      My condolences. She was a beautiful girl and did not deserve this. May god ease your pain and help bring the guilty party forward. He deserves the death penalty.

      • r.i.p beautiful

        Thank you.

    • b

      r.i.p beautiful

      I am so sorry for the lost of your cousin. I hope that your family gets the justice that they deserve for her. Don’t pay attention to the people who are putting out their negativity. They are worthless, taking up space and are basically nothing.

      • r.i.p beautiful


    • f haters!

      truth hurts, just stfu already!! i guess you dont have any respect at all. hopefully karma gets you back for talking all this sh**!!!

      • Realist

        Lot of filthy trash talk from a lover…you must be a hater too ;)

    • h

      I think what Michelle’s cousin means is that the way Michelle lived her life, whether or not she had tattoos, or whether she dressed or acted “provocatively” (which she doesn’t appear to have) do not make ONE LICK OF DIFFERENCE in the fact that this is a horrible crime that no one deserves to be a victim of.

      Except maybe you.

      • Realist

        I think if her parents didn’t have a litter of children and used birth control after the first or second child they might have had a better life and been able to keep her out of gangs, tattoo parlors and could have been able to keep a better eye on her as she grew up.

        But nooo, she only had 17% of their attention, love and guidance but hey I am Hispanic and I know how little parenting Hispanics actually give their children :(

      • dan

        Like how do you know how much percentage she had?Were you there to see or what?Accidents happen !Her parents could of have a fewer children not a litter of can they have a litter of children. JaJajajajajajajajajaa

    • retphxfire

      Agree, much of this young girl’s story is none of our business. Most of us are outraged and hurting for your cousin and your family. There are aspects of this tragedy that do impact the rest of your city…there is a killer lose who may be preying on young women, that is our concern. What she was like and what she may have been dong is also pertinent, if she did nothing in her life that would signal dangerous behavior or irresponsible parenting that may be an important aspect of her death, perhaps by someone she knew; if not, then, again, other citiznes have reason to be worried about their children. Much of what has been said here is just cruel, racist and irrelevent, something your family should not have to deal with at any time. May the memories of your cousin bring your family some comfort.

    • Brian Andrews

      Shouldn’t you be grieving instead of coming on here, being all ghetto (surprise, surprise) and worrying about what strangers are saying? Oh right, you probably aren’t that upset since you have like 3513 other cousins.

  • Victoria

    @truthhurts You mentioned respect.
    “I have respect for these people if they have respect for us…”
    how respectful do you believe it is to come on this comment page and say “Good Riddance one less latino in the US”? Your hatred echos Hitler’s attitude. May god ease you hatred and take away your bitterness! God bless this child and other victims of such brutal attacks, no matter what ethnic background they come from.

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit


  • 789

    It is ignorant to assume that all latin people are illegals. Don’t you forget this country was built by immigrants. Your own forefathers were immigrants at one point.

    • Genevieve Espinoza

      Yep, this fact most of us know. Now now this, I don’t like the way the immigrants are building this country.

      If you are a legal resident of this country, great! I don’t even care if you are rich or poor. Bravo too you for following the same laws my forefather’s followed to become legal residents.

      For the rest of you that are not legal, I don’t comprehend Spanish because English is the primary language in this country so I respect that and speak any other language when it is necessary.

      I would not move to another country and expect that country to translate everything too me in my native language. I would prepare for my residency abroad and learn the language that is primarily language. If a business or entity wants to provide information in alternative languages than I more than likely would do business with a company I could communicate comfortably with.

      Southern California is a sespool of criminally inclined individuals.

      I’m an American and I don’t support law breaking individuals from any country.

      • DUH

        We have no primary language. Most people speak English but it is not our primary language There is nothing wrong with speaking other than English. That is what is great about our country. What is not so great about it is ignorant, racist people that feel they are better than some because they are born here and speak English.

      • retphxfire

        How do you know your ancestors were legal immigrants? Do you realize many of you making that claim would find that there is no record of their families arriing through any official port of entry and were, indeed, illegal immigrants? Just saying..check out your families.

  • f haters!

    serio to be talking sh** about someone who passed away like that is beyond disrespectful!

  • 789

    I believe you to be in that 1% as well. Maybe your fate, or your childs fate, will mirror this tragedy.

  • Bitterrose

    I grew up in in this area from the age of 12 to 16 in the late 80’s and early 90’s and it was a bad area then too. We were poor and on welfare but I learned at a young age to be very aware of your surroundings. If I went to the store and didn’t return my mom would have been out there looking for me and would have called the cops the within less than an hour. I know a lot of people think that because she was 17 that she was old enough to be unsupervised , but if your kid is still living under your roof then they need to check in with you often. This is even more so with young women who are statically the most targeted for murder.

    The chances are that she was abducted and murdered by a stranger are very slim. I don’t believe that she was naïve and given that she lived in that area had to have had some degree of street smarts. It may have been that she just trusted the wrong person or persons and ended up dead. How she looked or how she presented herself has little to do with her being murdered.

    Sad to say, but in our society young women are raped and murdered at any given time with little attention to what they are wearing. The fact that they are young just makes it easier to take advantage of them.

  • inshock

    What has happened to thhis world, when did it become O.K. to even think some of the things I have read on these posts, let alone write them for the world to see. When did a 17 yr old wearing a shirt that showed some skin on the bottom, and pants, not booty shorts and a bra, become a hooch. Besides, the way a person is dressed, provocative or not, does not mean they were asking for it. I couldn’t believe that when I read it. So, does that mean if your sister or daughter goes to the beach, and wears a bathing suit then she’s “asking for it” the ignorance of some people…. Instead of searching for something negative in this, why can’t you just give your condolences or prayers, and move on. This is not an issue about race, or religion, or tattoos, this is about a young girl who had her entire life ahead of her until it was taken from her by some worhtless person/people. This is about a mother and a father, who lost their child, siblings and cousins who are dealing with a tragic loss. God Bless this family and be with them in their time of need. As for whoever is responsible for this, they will be held accountable for their actions, hopefully in the face of our law as well as our creator. Let this child rest in peace, keep your hatred to yourselves, not everyone has to be as miserable as you.

    • Quato Garcia

      Booty shorts and bras?

      I lived in LA for many years. Had a business right down the street from where Rodney King ran into trouble. Was the first person on hand after a drive-by shooting in the predominantly Latino project area that surrounded my business.

      This kind of horrible stuff happens in the dump called Mexico all of the time where life doesn’t mean much. It is a small part of the Latino culture. I recall seeing Latino magazines in LA liquor stores, right out in the open, that exhibited photos of murdered and mutilated people (often women). I recall a cover pic and photo spread inside, in color, of a totally nude woman cut up like cord word… lower legs, upper legs, hips, torso, arms, upper head above jaw… re-assembled on an autopsy table. Color pic after color pic. Elsewhere in the magazine photos of numerous other dead and rotted people. Elsewhere, pics of cute women wearing bikinis! Magazine cost a buck or two and was apparently popular enough that someone bothered to import it from Mexico. A steady diet of this stuff is sure to warp ones mind and there was more than one magazine displaying such.

      Add to that all the gang nonsense, the Angel of Death cult killings, satanic cult / drug killings that the fine people of Mexico are involved in and it is no wonder this isn’t a daily occurrence in Los Angeles.

      Call me racist all you like, the Latino community continues to turn a blind eye to the ravages of their communities behavior just as many blacks do… neither group holds themselves accountable, but merely blame others for their plights. As long as this continues we will see many, many more tragedies such as this and many more “baby mommas” on TV crying over their dead thug children.

      I am not saying this poor girl is a thug, but many street-wise people and their parents, walk the thin line between thugs and not thugs, by behaving in such a way that helps perpetuate or empowers the thug lifestyle. They know who the troublemakers are.

      We can start to curb some of this by stopping illegals to break into the US and live hear illegally. That’s just the truth but liberals and activist Latino’s will never agree to such because of their hatred for America and white people, and because the have agendas.

      And sorry… “love” and “hate” tattoos on a 17 year old says an awful lot… beyond the fact that a 17 year old cannot be legally tattooed without parental approval… but go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand.

      • david

        Quato Garcia, enlightening, and interesting. Thank you.

  • Angel

    RIP Lil One.. You are in a better!

    You will be missed by many.. on earth..!

    People Respect.. her family..!

  • mnmz

    I can’t belive something like this has happend I’ve lived in elsereno lincoln heights and I no all my ways up in boyle heights east la since I was little and its really sad and shocking to me to hear what happend to this girl guys need to have more respect and protect us and their blocks. I haven’t heard of anything like this to happen in long time like that and in the area I hope they find the person very soon. May god have her with him and that she’s in a better place.

    • Brian Andrews

      You live in some serious denial dude…I highly doubt you’ve been anywhere near here. This stuff happens daily.

  • ViBz

    May she RIP… This so sad I cant believe ppl can actually come on here and talk bad about what happened to this lil girl.. My condolences go to her family and friends… I have 3 daughters and I can only imagine what her mother is going thru… This is any mother’s nightmare…

    • maria

      I agree, When my daughter told her friend was found dead… I got so scared and now i worrie every day for myown daughter… This happen to close from home, my daughter had just seen her at a party that Saturday.. I hope they find who ever did this.. I pray to God Every Day they do and I hope they keep investigating… This is truly a MOTHERS NIGHTMARE… I hope her mommy finds peace in God..

  • Glory

    My daughter was a friend of Michelle, My prayers go out to her Mother and Family, they will be in my prayers, Please remember that this sick person has not yet been captured so please young girls be very careful, We that live in El Sereno Lincoln Heights Ect must always watch over each-other and over our children.And for you sick stupid people that have nothing nice to say you whould be ashamed of yourselves but dont worry you will have to answer to God i can just emagine what kind of person you are. God be with all of us. —-GLORY—-

    • El Barto

      move you LOSER!!!

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