Kobe Misses Morning Shootaround Due To Ailing Ankle

Royce Young

NEW ORLEANS – Kobe Bryant missed Laker shootaround today and did not speak with reporters. Of course the reason being his ailing left ankle.

Kobe played 29 minutes in the Lakers’ Game 5 win and ripped off two pretty fantastic dunks. However, the ankle still isn’t 100 percent and according to reports. Bryant was seen limping around a bit following shootaround.
But that doesn’t mean Kobe will be taking things easy. Via ESPN LA, Phil Jackson indicated Kobe could be seeing heavy minutes during tonight’s potential close-out game of the Hornets.

“This is a game we’ll go all out to win and if it’s 40 minutes we’ll do it,” Jackson told reporters. “We’re certainly not out of the woods on this situation, just because he had to play the day after, or two days after he sprained his ankle.”

Would we expect anything less from Kobe? From refusing MRIs to dunking over a shot-blocker on a bum ankle, this is what Kobe does. Wouldn’t shock anyone a bit if he dropped 40 tonight to finish off the Hornets. At least it wouldn’t me.

  • KobeHater

    Such a drama queen.

  • Olivia Bitner

    You must be talking about Lebron. I mean Queen Lebron, the biggest drama queen in the NBA.

  • Brian

    Except Queen LeBron doesn’t do very well when the game is on the line and the ball is in his hands against a good defensive team. Heck, he choked in Game 4 against the Sixers. If Kobe is a drama queen, at least he backs it up by winning rings and dunking on shot blockers.

  • William

    Let me go on stage and dance around ON TV, saying that you are going to win multiple championships. Then cry a few months later(Lebron). Kobe gets hurt and plays excellent and all this hate comes up. Lequeen hurts a finger and hes out for 6 games.

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