WESTMINSTER (CBS) — A Hermosa Beach Fire Department arson investigator pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor vandalism after stabbing a knife into a Sunset Beach bar while off duty.

Darryl Lee Powers, 49, of La Palma, agreed to the plea deal in exchange for prosecutors dropping a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a firearm, Deputy District Attorney Rebecca Olivieri said.

Powers was sentenced to three years of informal probation and 30 days of community service with Caltrans.

A bartender took the knife away after Powers stabbed it into the bar, Olivieri said, but then he pulled a gun from his pocket and placed it on the bar, frightening the woman sitting next to him.

Conflicting accounts from witnesses about what happened led prosecutors to seek the plea bargain, Olivieri said.

Powers is on leave from the fire department, but Olivieri did not have details.

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Comments (3)
  1. madtaxpayer says:

    what??? if a civilian did that he is facing a few years in slammer! is Firing a volcab in government employment??

    1. Not an idiot says:

      I am also a mad tax payer, but unlike you, I am mad because the taxes I pay to our school system have clearly been wasted. Your comment looks like it was written by a a first-grader. “is Firing a volcab”? Really?

      I am interested in why you chose to capitalize the ‘F’ in “Firing” and nothing else in you three sentences. Please elaborate.

  2. Cruiser says:

    Why was he carrying a gun to begin with? Carring a gun where into a bar is a big No No. Another government employee with a major crime getting away.

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