LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Police say a mother of six unknowingly left her baby girl in some bushes Wednesday morning.

The child was found in a car seat.

Greg Mills reports from Apple Valley that the mother is not facing any criminal charges.

The mother spent much of the day being interrogated by police, reports Mills.

Police got a call early Wednesday morning after a passerby found the child. Moments after police arrived at the scene, near an elementary school in Apple Valley, the mom drove up in her minivan saying her child was missing.

Officials believe the mother unknowingly left the child behind.

The mother has six children under the age of five…Per Mills, she is the mother of a blended family.

Police said the mom’s “system” for keeping track of all the children was thrown off when one child became sick and had to be picked up from school. The child left behind, police said, was in perfect health and the little girl was apparently left alone only for several minutes.

The mother was not named.

Comments (28)
  1. Give me a break says:

    “Unknowingly”???? Give me a break.

  2. Susan Perticone says:

    Why was she is the bushes?

  3. Liz says:

    Must of not read the part that says BLENDED family, dont agree with her actions any how!

  4. Shelley says:

    Krystal, read the story again. No tax payer money was wasted. The children aren’t all hers. “She is the mother of a blended family.” What did you say about stupid?

  5. Amy says:

    LOL…totally agree with you Krystal. And since she drives a Kia that means she is not well off financially and is probably on welfare. Even if it was an honest mistake how stupid can a mother be to not revisit everywhere she drove to that day instead of making a fool out of herself on television. And yes, she should get her tubes tied. If she doesn’t have the money I’m sure the community where she lives in would love to set up a fundraiser.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Well I think that its b@llsh!t that she isn’t being charged!! If she was’nt white her kids would’ve been taken to cps

  7. Robert says:

    To many racist people here. There’s alot of white meth addicted moms in apple valley

  8. Erin says:

    Curious what her system is….I think good old counting is a pretty good system….

  9. GiGi says:

    I have to say that some of you are pretty stupid.

    Drozone showing your racism in assuming the woman was an illegal or foreigner. may I remind you that EVERYONE here who is not a native American is a foreigner.

    Krystal can’t read and she doesn’t know the difference between THEN and THAN. The woman is from a BLENDED family. That means she didn’t give birth to them all.

    Liz doesn’t understand contractions (it’s MUST’VE, which is a contraction of MUST HAVE. There is no such thing as must OF)

    Amy is just all kinds of stupid.

    Give Me a Break and Susan sum it up nicely. How do you “unknowingly” leave your kid in the BUSHES? That’s all that needs to be said. The rest is a load of ignorant nonsense.

    1. JASMINE says:

      Good for you Gigi!!! Pretty sad when a mother of SIX makes a careless HUGE mistake, But none the less a MISTAKE, and with in minuets is being called a meth head, on welfare for driving a Kia, an illegal, ect. What the hell type of world do we live in???

  10. Fisherman Dan says:

    Wow – she’s caring for six kids UNDER the age of five…her life must be pretty hectic and stressful – I can’t imagine her daily routine – crying babies, fussy toddlers – Wow

    She should consider gaining assistance…maybe a nanny or trusted family member

  11. kathy says:

    imagine my horror when i saw this is the mother of my granddaughter….only 1 is mine….the other 5 are not….mine was probably the one who got sick at school….

    1. Donna says:

      OMG, this wqoman is the Mom of my best friends granddaughter, there is no excuse for leaving her child behind. what did she do forget to count. I use to teach a preschool class of 2 year olds, I had 22 students never lost a single one. why on earth a Mom accidently leave her kid in the bushes. what was the baby, proibably her newborn, doing in the bushes. Why was she not charged who did she blow to get off. Not to mention how did she get all 6 kids in a seven seater Kia when children under the age of 12 are not suppose to be in the front seat because the airbags.

      1. Richard says:

        lmao good job donna and this is what is wrong with todays society unfortunately california is a pro mom state when it comes to custody of a child

    2. nek says:

      Maybe you should take custody of the one that is yours because the next time she has a lapse in memory of how many kids she is in charge of you may no longer have a grand daughter. Just a suggestion Grandma……

  12. Robert says:

    hey dork she she looks alittle too white to be illegal you racist trash

    1. Duh! says:

      Robert – How do you know she is not in the country illegally (Canadian, Australian, German, Swedish, etc…they are here too)? You are the racist for assuming that drozone69 meant that the illegals are of a certain race.

  13. Jerry says:

    Good job Gigi cracking on everyone. Keep up the good work. Poor lady probably has too much on her mind. Cut her some slack people, most of us can’t even find our keys in the morning.

  14. occhely says:

    what happened to human society!! ppl make mistakes ,ppl do forget!!! we r humans for god sake we r not perfect!!!….we dont know what the story is…..why ppl got to judge!!!look at ur life nd then judge others!!!

  15. Just a Thought says:

    Amen to Gigi and Jerry… Some sanity in otherwise judgement-filled responses.

  16. Marco says:

    At least she didn’t sit her on the roof of the car and forget her there. Then drive off like I see so many people do with everything.

    6 kids under 5 years? She should be given a medal. I have two under 24 and still wanna….well nevermind.

  17. Wow says:

    Ok, I could POSSIBLY see forgetting one of your kids when there’s so many (although I would definitely double check all my kids are accounted for before leaving) but how does a baby, in a car seat, get left behind in the bushes?!?! Sorry, for me her story doesn’t add up.

  18. mom of 4 says:

    When I read this all I could think of is how overwhelmed this poor woman must have been. I am a mother of four that were all less then 2 years apart and concider myself a good mother. I had a day where I had to have 4 kids in 4 different places and accidentally left my daughter at the baseballall field. I realized she was gone and raced back to get her. She was fine and I was very cafeful not to let it happen again. My kids are all adults and survived just fine. Are we all so perfect that we have never done that one thing that we look back on and say “Wow that was stupid and I’m so glad that it came out OK”? If you don’t have at least 6 kids you should not be judging this woman, you have no idea what her day is like. She probably sat the car seat down to seatbelt another child in and forgot she set it down. My bet is she will never do that again.

    1. april says:

      at least some one on here has some sense of kindness…

  19. april says:

    you people are ridiculous.. she is not illegal or anything like that… some one cant have a bad day..who are any of you to judge her..

  20. overwhelmed says:

    I am a good mom that raised 4 kids by myself and I lost one of them constantly. I lost him at Disneyland, the beach, the mall. He would take off but I had 3 others that I was watching, try to go 4 different direction at the same time and tell me how easy it is. Judgemental people told me that I had to stop him from doing that, but I just did my best and kept chasing him. My kids are all grown and the one that took off all the time went into the Navy at 18 ( I knew there was a reason he was so independent). Don’t judge someone if you haven’t walked in there shoes. 6 kids under 5, for her sake I hope she enlists some help.

  21. mark says:

    I hope she’s not expecting a Mother’s day present..

  22. C jeffries says:

    this woman is my sister in-law, she has so much on her plate its unbelievable and she does such a good job doing it! her husband works all the time so she takes the brunt of alot of things, she just had a baby four months ago (as did i) and i can tell you, for me one is hard enough let alone having 5 others! i AM NOT agreeing that what she did was right, as a mother i dont understand but a her sister in law and seeing what she has to deal with i do understand. she needs someone to help her.
    she is not a meth head (let alone take any drugs), she is def not on welfare, she is a good mom and does the best she can so LAY off and look at your own lives cause i know you ALL have regrets in your life!

    p.s. she WAS not left in the bushes she was NEAR bushes!

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