LOS ANGELES (KNX 1070) — The Los Angeles City Council is targeting property owners who allow their places to be used by film crews which have not pulled the proper permits.

KNX 1070’s Bill Cooper reports.

Residents say crews park big trucks on narrow neighborhood streets, sometimes blocking driveways and disrupting neighborhood life, sometimes for days.

“We’ve had unpermitted porn shoots where people have been actually walking around the streets naked. That’s probably the most extreme case,” said West side councilman Paul Koretz of the recent complaints he has received.

Koretz wants to augment current penalties targeting the unpermitted film crews to include property owners, and impose stiffer fines.

The city attorney now has the job of drafting this into law.

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  1. swhit says:

    It is easier just to stop the spending. Get a life LA Council -l the police state has already been done. I propose taxing politicians for every stupid law they pass.

    1. Greg says:

      Excellent point! These people apparently have way too much time on their hands.

      1. Had Enough! says:

        This is not a stupid law. I live in the Historic Distric where they constantly film 24hrs a day non stop. Big bright lights blaring at 3 a.m., extremely loud sounds, cars piled up along the street and people vandalizing property, trash, equipment on your lawn, etc. Sometimes our house is in the shot so no privacy and no payment. This law serves its purpose well!

  2. Just some Guy says:

    This should be against the law bigtime.People don’t need the kids seeing any of this.And Porn is just prostitutes on film.Whatever.

  3. Sanityforus says:

    Uh just some moron , first of all the city needs to ‘fine’ the crews NOT the homeowners as they I’m SURE do not realize what permits are needed etc etc. For a film co to come and say ‘can I use your property to film and here I will give you 5 thousand dollars’ What person in there right mind is going to say NO to that and KNOW that permits are ‘required’ among other things for them to do this ? Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that they didn’t know ALL these things are ‘required’ !! Koretz is just another wanabe re-elected politician who wants to make a name for himself with the public. Well I DONT buy it. Just knowing that that idiot Trutanich is going to be involved just makes me mad as he will probably ‘pass it’ to further his moronic campaign.

  4. Stupidity says:

    They say this is a free country but as far as im concerned nobody is allowed to do anything anymore without a stupid permit, whether it’s hosting a party on your own property or little kids selling lemonade on the sidewalk.Times are changing ans not for the better.

  5. Cikuk Negla says:

    Welcome to Los Angeles……………………Follow the money………….is everyone happy?

  6. Jason W says:

    I am a location scout and production person for commercials and tv shows. I am the one that finds the locations for the shoots. I have never gone into a single area of Los Angeles and NOT had a complaint from a homeowner. I work with the most professional of crews. We are super respectful of our surroundings. But I have found that there are just some people that dont like us no matter what we do. Some of them are just after money from us, asking for it to have the right to have them not complain. Some people seem to just be mad because their ritual is being interrupted. I had a woman tell me that she was upset that we blocked off the street we where filming at because she liked to use it to get to the other street a block away. I pointed out the alleyway 50 yards away. Her response… “She didnt like that alleyway”. I also came to find out her husband was in the business. When I asked how she was feeling about the lose of jobs and the projects that are going away, she said she didnt like it.

    Lets face the fact. This town is based on the entertainment business. You all watch TV, you ll go to movies…. How do you think those projects get done. We need to find a place to shoot them. Every time there is some new law regarding us filming, it makes our job harder and more expensive. I was on a shoot last month, that the city insisted that we have a police officer on. All he did was watch the motorhome for us. The cost was $2200. this adds up. The result… the producer is now considering taking the next job out of town. What does that mean to me and the other people that were on the job? Less money for me at the end of the year. Its getting hard to make a living in LA, and jobs are hard to come by as it is.

    What I dont think that a lot of those that dont like us really think about is… that when we end up leaving,,, which is happening more and more each year… that these same people that are complaining…. will be effected. No matter what you do in LA, a large part of the people you deal with are in the business or work with people that are in the business.

    Every time you see a film crew.. you should be happy that these people are able to work so that they have money to pay their bills and feed their family.

    1. Duh! says:

      “Every time you see a film crew.. you should be happy that these people are able to work so that they have money to pay their bills and feed their family.”

      Not to mention purchase other things that in turn employ other people, who in turn buy other things, that in turn create more jobs which brings in more sales taxes and income taxes.

      But hey, they want to drive the productions out of the city and thus lose all that tax revenue. Amazing how people can be so shortsighted.

    2. Ana Henandez says:

      I’ll really would like to know from who you guys get a permission to film in the street,specially my neighborhood that is only apartments building and multifamily homes without having the luxury of having dedicated parking spaces.Most of us we only have one parking space per family,in case we four cars because we are four adults that drive.We got the notice posted in our doors the LA Filming Co .will be filming for for 6 days.This is an abuse against my neighborhood we are not happy with this and we are going to file a complain with the city attorney for granting permission to such abuse.and with the owners,we are collecting signatures from all of us.My neighborhood is narrow,place full of cars parked inthe street because we depend on it.

  7. Moonbeam says:

    I think in the situation where the city insisted on a police officer’s presence on the set, if an actor or a passerby had been insured, the City could have possibly been sued for not having taken that precaution. The City is an “attractive” defendant because it has such deep pockets, more so than perhaps a small indie producer who could be out of business by the time a lawsuit even gets to court. That being said, I think $2200 is excessive for one day. The city does have to pay an extra salary for the day to put another officer where that one would have been had he not been on the set, and they have to pay for the officer on the set also. But the City seems to have written a little profit in their for itself (unless overtime pay for the officer explains part of it).

    1. Moonbeam says:

      * I meant “injured” not “insured.”

  8. Jack Meyhoffer says:

    What, exactly, will obtaining a permit accomplish (aside from allowing the City to collect a fee, aka another tax)? Will there be police supervision? Traffic control? Don’t think so. Just another way for the politicians to stick their hands in our pockets.

  9. alan hart says:

    Yet another money grab! If they applied and were granted a permit, the same trucks would be blocking the street. The streets are public through ways and you don’t need a permit to park.

    It seems government is trying to run yet another business out of the state

  10. Moonbeam says:

    If property owners and producers were allowed to make these decisions between themselves, all kinds of chaos could result without the government to monitor certain conditions and thus protect the other property owners, drivers and pedestrians who also use that area. One example is the people filming naked for a porn shoot; children could be in the area, especially during hours to going to or coming from school. The government needs to know certain details about the shoot so a permit can be issued accordingly and with proper restrictions. Plus, it is city owned property that is involved as well, including the trucks that need to park. So it makes sense that the city should receive some money. It’s true that producers will seek less expensive locations, but governments in those areas will soon get wise and start asking for permits as well.

  11. Moonbeam says:

    I do hate it when neighbors complain about filming in their areas for what is only a minor inconvience. Almost seems like extortion, and maybe even jealousy that their property wasn’t chosen. Some of them may have unfulfilled show business dreams themselves.

  12. Nora says:

    Oh come on – that’s what they have motion picture studios for! I also get film crews in my neighborhood, often on my street. They do tie up traffic – no matter how professional the crew. They light up the night skies, cause lookiloos to come and watch what they can. The crews don’t always allow the residents to get close enough to see what’s going on. I feel if they are shooting on my block, at leat let me see it. And if the production company doesn’t like it – they are infringing upon our area – they can go back to the studio for their shoots.

    1. jason W says:

      There are up 3,000 shoots in a single day. there are not enough studios in the world to help that. And if we all used the studio backlots, every single shot would exactly the same. Plus the studios charge enormous fees to use the facilities.

  13. Nora says:

    P.S. Just because some people make movies or TV shows for a living, doesn’t make them MORE important than anybody else!

  14. Jim Koy says:

    We all know that city’crats find any excuse to extort more money from We, The People–this time, at the expense of our individual-right to private-property and peaceful-assembly which requires no one’s “permission”; government is supposed to protect our rights–not violate them for theoretical “offenses” or greedy budget-schemes. Vote Libertarian to regain Freedom lost by the one Democrat-Republican Statist-Party.

  15. Annoyed says:

    Let’s just make this clear, the “Porn” example is an extreme case. So stop bringing it up like it’s the clincher for the whole conversation. Of course we don’t want people running around naked in the streets. But the porn business is quite different from the rest of the film business. Secondly, let’s also be honest that oftentimes, neighbors are too nosy and intrusive for their own good. I live in a neighborhood where I constantly get notes left on my car from an old woman across the street because she doesn’t like where I park, even though I’m parking in perfectly legal spots that aren’t even in front of her house. Neighbors will always complain; that doesn’t make it right.

    Finally, as far as the inconvenience goes, I think your perception of it has been “heightened” from living in Los Angeles and from being surrounded so much by the industry. You’re aware of it. I’m from North Carolina originally, and we could should whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and no one ever complained. The reason why was that the culture of the area was such that people weren’t aware that there was money to be made from extorting a film shoot and they weren’t aware of what we were doing. How’s that for unintrusive? I have to think that if this were happening in any other place but LA, this news story would be remarkably different.

  16. Nora says:

    Maybe the money issue is more on the studios who don’t want to spend the bucks to build sets and scenes? Using an already built house and neighborhood is cheaper for them. That’s why they don’t want to stay in the studios. With today’s technology, all the film footage the studios have and the special effects that can be implemented, there is little to no need to have to leave a studio to shoot.

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