LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 22-year-old cadet who accuses San Fernando Valley Police Chief Anthony Ruelas of firing her after they ended a long affair, speaks exclusively Wednesday to CBS2 and KCAL9’s Rita Garcia.

Ruelas, a married father of three, was put on leave last December after the allegations came to light.

He had just been named chief in August 2010 after serving as a lieutenant.

Maria Barajas wrote the San Fernando City Council in November 2010 saying she began a sexual affair with Ruelas in 2008.

Barajas said then that she had more than 1,500 e-mails and 1,000 text messages to back up her allegations.

She also said Ruelas began pressuring her to leave her post in the summer of 2009.

She also claimed she was unfairly fired due to a car accident in which she was a passenger and not the driver. The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Ruelas and a deputy determined Barajas was at fault because she was the oldest person in the vehicle.

Garcia’s report airs on KCAL9 News at 10 p.m. and on CBS2 News at 11 p.m.

Comments (27)
  1. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Does she know Tony V ? Has she dated him? She could help him earn ?the 42,000 he needs to repay for Laker tickets.

    1. tony v says:

      Is this about the chiefs lack of judgement or some guy named tony v. Why dont you grow a pair and say what you mean? I’ll bet thats not your real name either. You should look up the word lible.

  2. drozone69 says:

    police officers are the majority of proffesional prostitues clients,This cadet had better go get an AIDS test.

    1. lala says:

      hahahahaha that’s not really funny if in fact she is in any danger but, I couldn’t help myself

    2. ooops says:

      Spell check your comments…..As far as the x-chief is concerned….ooops. what a Dbag?

  3. Marco says:

    Sad. Just named Chief. Married father of 3.

    The rule here is don’t get involved with the emotional, mental, or psychological unstable 20 somethings.

    If you’re gonna do it, Anthony Ruelas, make sure the other person has just as much to loose.

    I can envision now how she flirted with you and you in a momentary lapse of judgment…..Bit The Apple.

    1. Can'tCureStupid says:

      yea, so she tries to sleep her way into a job and SHE’s the victim?! really…?

    2. concerned citizens says:

      Yea, a momentary lapse of judgement that lasted over two years!

      I’ll bet is judgement was in question his entire 20+ years.

      Just sayin’ how does a man with this obvious lack of good judgement get to become Chief of Police.

      He must have lied, took undue credit and made many false accusations of others to get ahead in the department. Just a logical guess based upon his actions.

      1. The Professor says:

        Sounds like a resonable conclusion. I know guys like that and they seem to get ahead dispite their malice and dishonest behavior.

        Well this one (ruelas) was probably just as you described. But he didnt get away with it ….this time.

        Or maybe he will? Paid leave…100k + retirement pension….medical for life.

  4. Rocio says:

    Well well well…. let the negative comments about Police Officers begin!!! But for all of you vultures out there remember that there are a heck of a lot more Officers out there that actually go out there and do their job with respect, integrity and honor. Not to mention risking their lifes for Us…. Now, there is only one thing I do wonder… and that is…. WHY DIDN’T SHE TELL THE REPORTER THE ACTUAL REASON WHY SHE WAS FIRED??? HMMM?? MARIA? WHY DIDNT YOU TELL THE REPORTER ABOUT THE ACCIDENT, THE DRINKING, LACK OF JUDGEMENT AND RESPONSABILITY WITH THOSE CADETS THAT WERE WITH YOU THAT NIGHT? So, why now??? three years later?? Now that he was the chief and he didn’t leave his family like you asked him to??? is that why you are doing it? Sweet Dreams Maria

    1. Can'tCureStupid says:

      Sounds like someone knows the truth…

      1. David Robles says:

        Before you start pointing fingers, Rocio, make sure your hands are clean!!

    2. call me ok says:

      Ricio sounds like he knows whats up?

      The big problem is his last statement “SWEET DREAMS MARIA” can be construed as a threat. If I were her attorney I would look further into your comments.


  5. Fernando says:

    Leave it up to the media to sensationalize the story. The chief was the chief of the San Fernando police not the San Fernando Valley. The entire San Fernando Valley is policed by the LAPD. The city of San Fernando is only 4 square miles.
    Duh Winning!

  6. puro pedo says:

    very dumb chief, but people get the urge to merge!!!! Goodnight, I’m going to merge with my hot wife!!!!

    1. The Professor says:

      I agree, what a dumb a#$ the chief is.

      As far as your hot wife……i doubt it…..your probably single, with little chance of any real action. Just sayin’

  7. mistery says:

    i know the whole story

  8. TIGS says:


  9. BQ says:

    Why does a woman always have to make trouble for the man when the relationship sours,just get over it. This is why women are single and can’t find a man. Men don’t trust women like before,as for the chief he should of just kept his zipper up and not used texting or emails those can get traced and save to use after wards. She didn’t lose anything but he will be cleaned out by his wife and left with no job.

  10. Rocio says:

    @ David Robles: Yes, my hands are clean, but thank you for your concern. I dont sleep around with Officers and then claim to be the victim…. Nor would I ever date a married man. I know I am not perfect…. but at least I am not in the news claiming to be a victim of something I did willingly. I am also not saying that the “chiefs” behavior was ok. Not at all… he deserves what he gets, but NOT all the other officers.
    As for you “Call me ok” thats the reason why our country is the way it is…. cause of stupid people who take everything out of context and will do whatever it takes to be a Victim of something!!! wow…. what a winner “The big problem is his last statement “SWEET DREAMS MARIA” can be construed as a threat. If I were her attorney I would look further into your comments.” Seriously???? or wait? may be you slept with her too

  11. Rocio says:

    Not as many as your mom did….. Your mommy got her beat. I guess that explains why you dont know who your father is…. so sad 😦

  12. :p says:

    & u know who yours is?? ah you pathetic loser get a life and judge your own before you start pointing fingers!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ruelas isn’t the only married man this little adultress has stuck her claws into. Stupid girl. Stupid men. My deepest sympathies to Mrs. Ruelas and her children.

  14. sm@rtee says:

    i’m thinkin if that’s the kind of judgment this girl exercises in the face of a serious moral dilemma, she’s the last person who should be wearing a badge and carrying a gun. i’m thinkin when it comes to her not being able to get a job in law enforcement, her ‘termination status’ is a much smaller problem than the fact that she’s foolish enough to get into the situation she got into and then to air her dirty laundry like this.

  15. cake says:

    And to think he dedicated the first piece of celebratory cake after the swearing in ceremony to his WIFE, who has been so supportive through the years, always by his side, couldn’ta done it without her, etc. Nice speech, chief. (VOMIT)

  16. siblysarkar02 says:

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