SACRAMENTO (AP) — A bill to let California communities opt out of a federal government program that checks the immigration status of arrestees has been approved by the Assembly’s public safety committee.

The committee voted Tuesday to advance debate on whether to have local communities decide if they want to participate in the so-called Secure Communities program.

The proposal by Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is supported by immigrant advocates and San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey who say immigrants shouldn’t fear getting deported when they report crime.

The state sheriffs’ association opposes the bill, citing the cost savings of a program that automatically checks arrestees’ immigration status.

Some California communities have wanted to opt out of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement program but have been unable to because it is not voluntary.

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Comments (7)
  1. Galahad says:

    SF Sheriff Hennessey needs to go back to school to learn the difference between “arrestee and victim.” Victims report crimes and shouldn’t be fearful but arrestees are most likely CRIMINALS and shouldn’t be exempted from checking their immigration status. How in he** did you get appointed or elected anyway ?

  2. Bebe says:

    Saber 1, you don’t know what you’re talking about. In California, the so called “illegals” paid $2.7 billion in taxes in 2010. That includes sales taxes, property taxes and some income taxes.

    That’s more than GE, Bank of America, Exxon Mobil and many other fortune 500 companies, which paid exactly zero.

    Get your facts straight before indulging in disgusting stereotypes.

  3. Really says:

    Opt out of checking the immigration status of ARRESTEES which some may turn out to be CRIMINALS. This is why the entire nation laughs at California. The politicians in this state will do anything to pander to these resource draining illegals.

  4. ART says:

    We should feed them to that other lion who is still alive.

  5. bill burns says:

    Filthy Mexican pigs.

  6. Soldier of Fortune says:

    Then all they have to do is find out wich communities are not checking on immagration status,and take advantage of the situation.And then crime in that area will grow.There is a reason why we have laws to keep out people who don’t belong.It’s not prejudice,it’s common sense.If ya think im wrong,try an experiment:Take a goldfish bowl and put 10 goldfish in it.Comfortable,water is clean,food is ok.Then put in 30 more.Now you have filthy water,and stressed out fish.And no food.The fact is,our bowl is full.We are in a depression already.We just have enough to barely get by.And with all the slashing of our medicare,and foodstamps,if you are an American,who is out of work and in need,you are out of luck.California has already lost.The people who don’t stand up to this will be crushed to death by the onslaught that never ends.Makes ya wonder why do we keep taking this?If we invaded mexico,you can bet there would be heads rolling.They wouldn’t put up with it.So…why should we?

  7. Name says:

    @ drink and drive

    Your sources can’t be trusted. Especially when you believe there’s ‘radiation’ in our milk.


    In fact, the rest of the nation strives to be California. California sets the precedence for how the rest of the country goes. Last time I checked ‘people’ want to move into Ca and not into (insert state here).

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