PANORAMA CITY (CBS) — Authorities are searching for several suspects in a green pickup truck last seen speeding away from the scene of a shooting in Panoram City.

Los Angeles police say the shooting happened at Community St. and Woodman Ave. around 10:45 a.m. Monday. The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the chest from a semi-automatic handgun. He was transported to a local hospital, according to officials.

The suspects are described as six Hispanic men with shaved heads, wearing white shirts and jeans. Police say the shooter was wearing an Orlando Magic hat and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. They were last seen in a green Nissan Titan pickup truck.

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Comments (19)
  1. ILLEGALS says:

    Get ’em losers & lock ’em up for good..

  2. Deport Them says:

    Witnesses should’ve said they saw 2 car loads with 10 suspects. That way the LAPD will make more arrests & cripple the entire gang.

    Another day another ………………… making a run for headline news.

    Please Fill in the Blanks.

    1. obsureverything says:

      Not going to cripple anything – however, your comment wishing them to be a murder victim….fkn stupid…like your name.

  3. No Duh says:

    Panorama City…suspects are hispanic men with shaved heads…anyone surprised here?

  4. Just some guy says:

    All these shooting’s make me think it is going to be getting much worse.They can say that crime has dropped,they can tell you the economy is recovering,but what is playing out before me contradicts all that they say.The future does not look peacefull.

    1. No Duh says:

      Agreed. The local media is lying.

      1. No Duh says:

        Maybe the city should save some money by cutting off welfare services, free education and healthcare, and other handouts for which the money could be used to better public safety via more officers.

    2. No Duh says:

      What amazes me is that all I see LAPD enforcing is traffic violations. You would think they would patrol these gang-ridden areas a lot harder like the CRASH units used to but they don’t. I am familiar with certain places, and I NEVER see patrol cars where “gangsters” are supposed be. Only after something happens. That’s the LAPD in a nutshell.

      1. obsureverything says:

        That’s any police work in any city with 4.1 million people (not including people who work in the city from other cities, counties and tourists) and a police force of @9000 on a good day and @ 500 square miles to cover – Not just LAPD – By the way the 9000 are not all partol officers.

        Next time you vote, you may want to think about the above.

  5. El Chepo says:

    Panarama City WAS a nice place to live in until it turned into Ciudad Juarez -West.

  6. marcellino says:

    idiot! how in the hell would know you know they are illegals just because they were allegedly described as hispanics?

    1. El Chepo says:

      The story said “six hispanic men with shaved heads” Do you need me to translate it in spanish for you, Marcelllina?

  7. Really says:

    Yesterday it was someone shooting at an LAPD chopper. Today, it’s 6 thugs who shot someone on a corner. You need to get it together Valley Division of the LAPD. You are letting criminals run amok.

    Anyone seen a cop lately before “something” happens? Anyone?

  8. Deport says:

    Welcome to Hispanifornia. Liberals forgive illegals who come here and rear their children in poverty (as a result of them having to live in the shadows) and ultimately enable those poor uneducated kids to shoe into violent gangs far too easily thinking they are being humanitarian. Chicanoization of Congress (these elected officials are putting the WANTS of their constituent’s race before the needs of the state) and California government also further enables them by propping up the handful of exceptions to the rule (Dream Act), passing laws to allow sanctuary cities (preventing enforcement of federal law), all while conveniently ignoring the violent criminals. The climate is such that anyone who criticizes illegal immigrants from Latin America is branded with the scarlet letter of racism.

    It’s pathetic and this state is going to pot. Why is it that every single California city with a vast majority of Hispanic population is on the same list of cities with the highest levels of corruption, crime, and severe budget shortfalls? Maywood, Vernon, Bell, Santa Ana, South Gate, Lynwood, Baldwin Park, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, Indio, La Puente, Commerce, El Monte. Good job, California.

  9. Jazz says:

    This is only the beginning. People are getting desparate. No money, cost of living is rising on a daily basis. Violence always increase when the economy takes a nose dive.

    Six months ago I was told that I was paranoid because I predicted that it was going to be a long hot summer in America and that it would be in our best interest to be well armed and well prepared to be able to stay indoors and protect your family when the compost hits the fan.

    We are seeing more domestic violence child against parent and parent against child, parents against each other and strangers against stranger. And on top of all of that racism and prejudice is rearing its ugly head to the public again.

    Well folks the fan is starting to turn and the compost is starting to pile up in front of it.

  10. I.N.S says:

    They need to seriously start deporting these illegals. The Immigration should start doing sweeps and deport these illegals so they won’t reproduce more thugs. I don’t care how old you are, if you’re here illegally you have no business being here. And this applies to all not just Latinos.

    California is such a beautiful state which illegals make it look like a third-world country. What a shame…

  11. Angelio says:

    It’s bad parents who let their kids do whatever they want. Go gang bang and killing one another.. I remember back in the early 80’s this place use to be a clean and safe place

  12. A Local says:

    Jeez, you people really are quick to respond to this one shooting in this one town in the valley. Take it from a resident, this is just another day. I don’t see it as a problem, not the shooting itself but crime here in general. Panorama City does not get it’s fair share of the police and likely never will (we did get cameras however). To the guy who said this was Ciudad Juarez-West, you think about how blessed we are that that is far from the truth. I love this town, this is who we are. We have a lot of work to do but we’ll get there some day.

  13. DeportMexicans says:

    I hope it’s mexican on mexican crime. That’s always good

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