LOS ANGELES (AP) —Hundreds of Los Angeles Unified School District employees are filling a downtown hall to request hearings on their possible layoff at the end of the school year.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks Reports

The hearings, at which employees can question their terminations, started Monday morning and will last into May.

The nation’s second-largest school district sent layoff notices last month to some 5,000 teachers and other staff as it struggles to close a projected $408 million budget shortfall for the 2011-12 academic year.

Administrators say the number of layoff notices reflects a worst-case scenario because state funding has not been finalized.

Spokeswoman Marla Eby of the union United Teachers Los Angeles says many affected employees are arts, music and drama teachers and teachers in magnet programs.

The district must finalize the number of layoffs in June.

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  1. Bebe says:

    Good! I support the teachers! I have had two kids in LA public schools and can tell you that the teachers are not the problem. The administration that spends on test prep and dumb, unproven software or private programs, and the tax structure that robs schools of critical funding are the problem — NOT TEACHERS! They should not be laid off. We have a revenue problem in California, not a spending problem — especially not when it comes to teachers’ salaries. Do we really want to save a buck so much that we’ll rob the next generation of an education?

    1. TT says:

      we may not agree on other issues – but children are our future – and unless we dont want educated adults running our country in 20 years – investing in education should be one of our first priorities- unless of course – you are willing to live with the decisions these children in school now; make as adults later – they could be your senator or congressman or woman, your Doctor, Attorney, If we dont educate our children – you reap what you are sowing with your future.

      1. Bebe says:

        Very well said, TT! On this we are in complete agreement!

    2. Mike says:

      “revenue problem in California not a spending problem” really? California Has the highest taxes with the highest drop out levels. How much more tax money do I have pay to get a level of student equal with the rest of the Country?

      1. Bebe says:

        You’re not talking about EFFECTIVE tax rates. Regardless of what the stated taxes are, those with the means dodge their taxes with loopholes, including big corporations. Did you know that the city often makes deals with big box stores that allows them to POCKET the sales tax you and I have to pay to the store? Yeah. That’s happening. And that money is being robbed from schools and infrastructure. We have a major revenue problem because people with means do not want to pay their fair share–they want to shift their share onto us.

        However, I think that LAUSD administrators spend WAY too much money on paying private businesses for unproven and defective software, test prep and other “services” rather than supplying teachers with what they need and a living wage and letting them do their jobs! I grew up in LA and went to public schools. Public school teachers changed my life.

  2. Jethrie Smith says:

    I worked with the LAUSD as an Operations Manager and I can tell you from first hand experience. The money the citizens voted for to provide books was never converted to books. We have always had too many books, in fact we have no room for all the books the LAUSD keeps. The LAUSD used the need for books as a scam to get your tax dollars but never spent the money on said books. The contunually refuse to balance their budget and don’t even get me started on what a racist instituion it is. There is racism and bigotry at all levels. The blacks hate the whites, the hispanics hate the blacks…everyone hates each other so much that there are operational problems that occur daily due to the lack of ability for eveyone to get along. LAUSD will never run the way it should until it is broken up into about 4 separate districts. They attempted a breakup on their own by redistricting from numbers to letters and letters to numbers but all it did was create new phone numbers for all so you can’t call them anymore and complain.

    1. TT says:

      @Jethrie – I wouldn’t break it up – from what your saying, they should consider “cleaning house” and starting over – Im sure there are plenty of credible people out there that would be willing to work together and actually care about the kids and the schools….And since jobs are at a premium – they can pick n chooses who is best suited to work together to accomplish said goals.

  3. marco says:

    Why dont we get some of the stimulus money back or take the 2 billion that we will give to Brazil and keep our teachers. Maybe we can look at all the huge pensions payed and cut them in half. We need to flush out all the leaches in government and keep the honest working people/ If we dont make drastic changes we will become third world country soon.Our government has gotten to big and expensive to maintain and the tax payers are getting fewer.It was bound to catch up.Taking from peter to pay paul does not work any more. Peter has no money left. The bigest pyramid ever.

  4. Mazi says:

    Dismissing teachers based on the topic of study or program is irrational…if indeed that is the case. However, LAUSD should fire all incompetent teachers and supervisors independent of their seniority. Our school system needs smart and energetic teachers. Please don’t confuse lack of budget with inadequate quality of education in our schools. Money will not solve our educational vows. Students can learn effectively if exposed properly. Bad teachers and those that manage these teachers are the problem. We should start with the incompetent decision makers in the system.

  5. Mrviking says:

    Spokeswoman Marla Eby of the union United Teachers Los Angeles says many affected employees are arts, music and drama teachers and teachers in magnet programs ??? We don’t need ART, Music and Drama courses, just keep
    the essentials – Math,English,Science,History….China/Japan is 10 years advanced ahead of the USA in education….

    Today’s Music sucks anyway, No more washed up and over paid Actors and Actresses, plus there is tons of Graffiti art all over the Los Angeles freeways

    1. Bebe says:

      You’re so so wrong. No Child Left Behind did its best to sap all the life out of public school. Arts, music, magnet and science programs are the one thing keeping school diverse and interesting, which help motivate kids and helps them learn the other pursuits. Please reconsider your opinion. I think you’re dead wrong.

  6. Mazi says:

    If we cant recognize the significance and connection between art/music with math and science…we have serious problems. serious problems!

    Glad that those that share this view are not teachers.

  7. Darryl says:

    What I can’t understand is how the hell can LAUSD say they’re broke and they need to fire all these teachers when they’re building new school after school after school? And they’re all in parts of town where only illegals and children of illegals will go to anyway. What a waste of my taxpayer dollars – I mean pesos.

  8. Ray says:

    Maybe we should look at the illegals that are in our schools this is a big problems they pump out kids left and right and we all pay for it send them back to their countries withe their kids.

    1. Bebe says:

      You two are racist and dead wrong. The reason they build schools is payola to private contractors. That’s where the rot and corruption is. All of you who scapegoat so-called “illegals” have to wake up and realize that they’re not the problem. You can’t see it because it’s kept out of the news but the real problem is that corporations are too big, carry too much weight, are destroying our economy with their greed, and have very sophisticated PR machines to make sure that you blame the “illegals” rather than the true culprit. You’re only digging a deeper hole for yourself by buying into that.

  9. bdj says:

    Why is it that we can spend millions of dollars for professional athletes, and T.V. and screen actors, but have trouble finding money for our schools? Our priorities are all mixed up.

    1. TT says:

      sure looks that way doesnt it …..

  10. killer says:

    cut teachers pay now .

    throw out the bone head students they are dead weights holding back everyone.

    some people should never have been born .

    just say no to untrainable students

  11. joanne lioness says:

    The hearings are useless and just shows because the complainant is the LAUSD, the witness is the LAUSD and the judge is the LAUSD. Why should not the union bring the case to the regular court. The LAUSD allows the UTLA to roar loudly and boldly like a toothless lion. very funny hearings.

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