Graffiti Artist Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A graffiti artist whose work is displayed in the “Art in the Streets” exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art has been sentenced to six months in jail in Los Angeles for a probation violation.

The Los Angeles Times says 34-year-old Jason Williams, also known as Revok, appeared in a Van Nuys courtroom Monday.

Prosecutors say a judge determined he had violated his probation in a previous vandalism conviction by failing to pay adequate restitution to his victims.

Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport last Thursday as he prepared to board a plane for Ireland.

Williams was placed on probation for felony vandalism in Indio in 2009 during the Coachella music festival.

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  • Al-Qaeda

    Good luck princess!

  • bill burns

    Hope the coloreds don’t have a slave rebellion over this.

  • Nikko

    Why don’t they do what they do for Lindsay Lohan and reduce his sentence to a fraction of what it is? “It happens in less high-profile cases all the time” right?

  • Mercedes Lane from License to Drive

    All wars in the world can be resolved via graffiti. President Obama should invite Kim Jong IL and Ahmadinejad to the White House and have a graffiti competition, winner gets to impose any and all policies he wants on the losers’ countries. If I was Zeus, and Greek Mythology were true, I would invoke such competitions as law.

  • drozone69

    any and all artists,regardless if graffiti,literature,religion or political will recieve jail time as a result of non compliance Sad but true.We live in a ugly materialistic earth.People are employed to see this artist waste away in a jail cell.Sad but true.

  • Banksy

    Don’t worry lad, the boys and I are going to bring you crumpets and tea while you serve your time. We’ve already made a “Free Revok” page on Facebook, and a “I Love the Olsen Twins” page on Twitter. if we get enough followers, we’ll dress them up in Guantanamo Bay orange jumpsuits and have them walk along Santee road in downtown, where they sell fake purses and stuff. And Meatloaf will start singing out loud to everyone, except for the wanker yanks.

  • Mel Gibson

    There is no such thing as a graffiti “Artist”

  • English Frank

    Revok is an inspiration to all graffiti artists, he has style, originality and flow. His incarceration only spurs us all on and highlights his good name in the graffiti world.

    Revok may have to serve 6 months but ‘The Man’ sucks on bad karma for life.

  • #FreeRevok | Get Up & Support NYC

    […] has been sentenced to six months in jail according to CBS Los Angeles. Apparently he violated his probation by not paying restitution to his victims. No doubt this is […]

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