Police Say Gang Rape Of Girl, 11, Was Videotaped

RIVERSIDE (AP) — An 11-year-old girl who was gang raped in a videotaped attack by a group of teenage boys in Moreno Valley has the mental capacity of a 5-year-old, court documents reveal.

A police search warrant obtained Friday by the Riverside Press-Enterprise said that one of the suspects told detectives that another boy had filmed at least 10 minutes of the March 10 attack in a park bathroom.

But when police searched that boy’s cell phone, the video had been deleted.

The warrant says investigators are searching for text messages sent before and after the attack.

Four boys, ages 15 to 17, and the only adult charged in the brutal attack, 19-year-old Michael Sykes have denied allegations of rape, sodomy and other charges.

Authorities said that the young victim, who was new in town, was walking home from school when an older girl asked her if she wanted to get her nails done. Eventually the teenage girl led the victim to the park and the boys were alerted, possibly by text message. The boys came to the park restroom where the attack occurred.

Prosecutors want to try the four younger teens as adults because of the severity and premeditated nature of the attack. They are due back in juvenile court Monday where probation officers will present a report into whether they should be tried as adults.

Prosecutors are not seeking adult charges against the older girl and two other boys arrested in the case.

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  • j

    The morals that these kids are taught is pathetic. If I were a parent to one of those kids. They would know rape, of all things, is a none issue. Because any idiot knows that this is wrong. Doesn’t take much thought to figure that out. There is no possible excuse. I hope these kids enjoy jail. Congrats on ruining your life and your families. Filthy dogs

  • cletus van damme

    Well hopefully after a couple days in prison these guys will know how it feels to be raped. But not just once, these guys deserve to be raped every single day for the rest of there lives, I expect nothing less!!!

    • Atom&Yves

      @L, obviously, you HAVEN’T A CLUE as to the definition of ‘racist’. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. But keep that race card close to you, you never know when it might work.

    • Michael J. McDermott

      RACE – EST?

    • AK47

      Yes. Raping rapists is OK. I’m for it. And I’m an atheist.

      • Boetica


      • Kaththee

        AK47, I am Christian and I agree with you. Hey whatever it takes to bring them to Jesus.

    • Jon

      Wow. OK. And a mindset like yours is why our country is in the state it’s in.

      • rtdevildog

        back at you Jon

      • Mony

        What is wrong with these boys get banged every night their inmates? They deserved it. That will them for what they did UNLESS you want to be part of those boys!

    • JR

      What’s Racist ? Could be WILDING is rampent in the HOOD



    • JP
  • What'sThisWorldComingTo?

    “Prosecutors are not seeking adult charges against the older girl and two other boys arrested in the case.”

    Why?? The girl planted the seed on this day. She is just as guilty as the rest or is this another incomplete story from the media?

    Something else to think about is that this report states the victim was “new to the neighborhood”. The bad-azz kids probably have been watching her from the first moment they seen her. Another question, if the victim has the mind of a 5 year old, why in the h e l l would her parents allow her to walk home alone in a new neighborhood?

    This is absolutely a tragic, PREVENTABLE, horrible crime. Every one involved should be sentenced to DEATH.

    • Crazy

      Phone calls to the D.A.’s office can and will help change those charges to adult as well for that girls. Your right.

    • HMichaelH

      “…why in the h e l l would her parents allow her to walk home alone in a new neighborhood?” Maybe because they have the mind of a five year old, too?

      From what little information I have, it appears the girl and two other boys who initially lured this child into harms way have = or > culpability than the actual rapists. But not for them, would any of this taken place?

      Apparently all of these suspects are simply animals operating in a human world. Time to get them off the planet!

      • Sandra

        Please don’t insult animals.

    • Boetica

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Deva

      You bring up good points. Why would the parents allow her to walk home alone anywhere if she has the mentality of a 5 year old? That should be negligence on their part for their lack of care and protection for their mentally disabled child. And why are the other kids not being held responsible for their actions? They’re all equally sick individuals.

      • Edgar Alvarado

        The parents are probably struggling to make ends meet working all day. If indeed she has both her mom and dad and it was either allow the girl to have a life and learn to do things or shut her indoors for the rest of her life. Tough decision. I don’t know that I would not have made the same mistake. But charging the parents is a moronic idea.

        How that girl is being charged as an adult is beyond me. Had she not lured the girl, none of this would have happened. She is more guilty than the stupid animals that raped the girl.

  • sun

    With the girl included, they all deserved death. I could imagine them beating or killing me or anyone if they were caught in the act. They dont deserve to live in this world.

    • Bob Henning

      These Animals and their Animal Families that Spawned this Sub Human Garbage should be permanently removed from this Planet. Within seconds of their removal; if nothing else the Planet would SMELL BETTER.

  • What'sThisWorldComingTo?

    Dear Anne, Who gives a shh it about those states? We have work to do..Abd alot of it…

    • L

      I’m not white, but u r RACIST!!!

  • alan hart

    Life without parole or life with parole after castration!

    • Crazy

      @ alan hart our society in jail house tried chemical castration but the sick perverts used other means of methods to committ the same crime. the sick is in the mind they get off on the action and dept of brutality causing what public see as a sexual act. It is a violent act like a serial killer, Years of rape in the u.s. range from color, to gender, to age. the arguement is off of its course. Rape is Rape . But more often groups of teenagers are seeing it more as rebellion and bullying then noticing their behavior is an act of an insane criminal. I don’t get it.

  • Pepper MaShay

    I’m going to go a step further! The parents of those who are found guilty need to pay restitution to the little girl’s
    parents and also be brought up on charges for raising such Monsters! It sickens me that this sort of behavior goes on in our society! We as a community of people need to say enough is enough! This should never happen again but it will!! And being the grandmother of 2 little girls, i pray that i will never have to endure such pain! I hope the parents of the little girl will be more vilgilent in letting a child with an IQ of a 5 year old never out of their sight. This is a “Wake The Hell Up” call.

  • Dave

    Hey Anne….When is the last time you looked online at booking photos in the jails? 98% of the rape and sodomy charges to children and family members are from Hispanics and Blacks! Take a look and wake up

    • Hershel Reed

      dave you either have the mental capacity of a 5 year old or your lying to yourself when more than half the rape stories in the news were commited by white people. I’m just amazed you were ignorant enough to write that.

    • Eric Kent

      Dave you are right on !!!! That is not racist that is just factual. Go to Megans Law web site and you will see that the majority of the convicted child molesters are Hispanics or Blacks once again that is NOT RACIST it is just the facts. Go down to LA County Jail or any jail for that matter you have to look pretty hard to see any white guys this is not RACIST just the facts.

      • Will

        Eric: You’re ignoring the fact that the majority of people in LA County are Hispanics. People of color outnumber whites in LA county over 2 to 1. As far as the jails are concerned, whites are usally more economically able to post bail.

    • Edgar Alvarado

      So how do you explain serial killers being mostly white Dave? You know, So. Cal is largely hispanic. Buy a cup of strong coffee and go look for rapists in say Montana or Idaho or any other state and come back with your funny views on life. I find it fascinating…

  • Rick

    The difference is white families report these atrocities to the autorities. Other races are KNOWN for NOT REPORTING crimes no matter how horrific. They are also known for not cooperating with police in the days after said crimes during the investigation process. That is why Lil Hoods will always remain Lil Hoods because those living there are more afraid of the cops then the neighbors who commit crimes.

    • Alma Villarreal


    • Disgusted

      Rick, that is NOT true. I know and have known from my days in college plenty of women who have been the target of rape who have not reported it out of fear. That would include white as well as black and hispanic.

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  • lynn

    Why are we making this about race, this was a poor child that this happened to, all that were involved should be treated as adults and the same punishment

  • Windmill

    Like In Other Countries , Their Devices Should Be Put To Rest . I Guarantee You This Kind Of Crime Would Stop Quick ..

    • Olimpo Orozco

      i agree 100%

  • JFreeman

    You pulled those stats out of your ass!! post a link, you f..kin liar!

  • Joe

    No, the parents should not be forced to pay for their childrens acts…sorry but these kids are old enough to know what is right and what is definitely wrong.

    Oh and by the way, no mom teaches their kids to rape but perhaps our way of living is the main culprit. I truly believe that one parent needs to be at home full-time and watch, instruct and guide their kids. These kids are neglected from parents who work. It doesn’t matter which parent stays home, all that matters is these kids are instructed.

    One more thing, they did the crime and they need to do the time…yes they are neglected but that is no excuse, they know the difference between right and wrong and they chose to do the wrong thing therefore their needs to be swift and decisive correction in their lives (prison and becoming another prisnors “boy”)

    • Abby

      I work…I’m a single mom. My kids don’t even see their dad. My older son is an avid athlete who gets straight As. My younger son also gets good grades and has a lot of friends. Just because both parents work does NOT mean they’re children are not being “instructed” or “guided”. The kids that committed this crime deserve to pay the price as you also believe. You could have left that second paragraph out of there. You were just looking to start an argument…and I bit. But I’m crabby today, so bring it.

    • Teufel Wolf

      That is not true. Gangs are multi generational, and the kids are taught to be thugs by their elders.

  • Bob

    Ah, Moreno Valley. South Central L.A.’s sister city out in the Inland Empire.

  • Phillip Quezada

    Understandable that people are outraged. I have a daughter who’s eleven. I would be just as horrified, if not more. But I understand young people. I was one myself. Impulsive, seemingly invincible, and immature. All these qualities in young people can result in some horrible acts. But they also result in some stupid actions too, and for some, they still don’t know the difference. To try a child as an adult is ridiculous. It presumes that they are something they are not, which is mature, thoughtful, well-balanced persons who’ve learned life lessons. Because my daughter decides to take my car and crashes it does not lead me to deduce that she is a monster or an idiot or even immoral. She is not yet an adult. Shame on all of you who are saying such vile things. You are certainly not Christ-like, and you SHOULD know better. You are the adults. Sounds to me like your parents raised vindictive, ignorant, violent monsters.

    • Anonymous

      In the old testament these kids would have been stoned to death for their actions?…Thank God for his Mercy, but these teens knew right from wrong and deserve jail time for this unspicable crime!

      • Phillip Quezada

        So let’s all go back to the stone ages. That’s the answer. Kids know right from wrong, of course. I’m saying that they still lack judgement that comes with age. They deserve punishment, but not to be tried as an adult.
        Unspicable? LOL. Okay. I suspected most of these vile comments come from very ignorant simpletons. I suspect I am right.

      • AK47

        Oh, you spelled a word wrong and Señor Quezada found a slur in there. Sensitive much Phillip? D-Bag.

    • g

      phillip you are either a troll or an idiot. and you think your chirst-like. the people that did this are animals, regardless of age. unfortunately they all will probably get minimal sentences for this crime. ya, maybe they will be out in time to find your daughter. just because you acted like them when you where young doesnt mean you should sympathys with them. you idiot

      • g

        oh. dont forget to do spell check on my submission. idiot

      • Lylith

        I did a spell check on your submission. It’s CHRIST and sympathize, and that shift key? It makes a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.

    • Bob

      Phillip; you are truely an ignorant ass. We were all young once. What percentage of us have committed such heinous crimes? No, I fully agree that these monsters are not even human. There is no rehabilitating this behavior. So, send them back to the maker and let God (if you are so inclined to believe in God) take care of them, with love or whatever. But here, we have no way of fixing them, making them human etc. They were raised in the same society as the rest of us. The few variations of social, economic standards do not apply to something like gang raping a young girl. And furthermore, I agree that the girl that lured her is a culpable as the rest. She set that poor thing up and served her to these monsters. This was not impulsive as you suggest, this was purely premeditative. They all need to go and their parents should be held accountable for the way they came out.

  • Carol Donofrio

    Death to all the criminals and a $100000 fine to the families of the criminals for restitution to the 11Yr old!!! Start by taking all their personal property immediately!!!

  • Gus

    Kill the animals and thin the herd

    • Julie

      agreed Gus. I agree with everyone that this crime was horrible, but nobody except Gus understands why this happened.
      prison and restitution, and even proper parenting or religion isnt going to prevent this from happening in the future. Only Gus solution will prevent and fix the problem. Not all humans are created equal. Some have more animal genes than other that make the primitive brain more dominant and will exhibit this behavior.

  • young heart

    whats new these days is that a suprise girl 11 years old kids 15 they get younger each year.years from they will be 8 9 10 years old shooting people.many where the parents of course there at work lol.dam shame there is a decline in america welcome to mexico

  • Shannan Buffolino

    meant to hit reply, and I think I accidentally hit report..sorry if that happened

  • Shannan Buffolino

    my heart is breaking for this girl, who thought an older girl was befriending her and taking her to get their nails done together, and 5 boys, who are my own sons age did this to her,,I can’t imagine one single boy that I know that would do this or let their friends do this,,wasnt their ONE kid out of this bunch that said, “hey this is wrong”..what is wrong with parents, and their kids????

    • Boetica

      No kidding, Shannan. Who raised these miscreants?

  • Bill Jones

    Viva SB1070

  • Floda

    OK, I’m not familiar with the neighborhood, so I don’t know what race any of the people are by location, but the story has nothing about the race of any of the people in the story, and the only name mentioned could be any color. How is this or any of the comments racist? This is a case where color doesn’t matter. Black, white, yellow brown, green or blue, this is just WRONG, and ALL involved, ESPECIALLY the older girl, should be locked up at least for life. Slow and miserable death would better fit the ccrime.

    • You are what you are

      I agree I did not even know their color until I started reading about the race card and a link with pictures of the pieces of trash some parent’s raise.

  • TheDagoStud

    And Southern California used to be known as such a laid bad, chill kind of a place. The crack babies have come of age!

  • Carol

    Everyone of them should be executed and the parents should be sterilized to prevent the production of more degenerates such as this. As far as this sick girl that lead this poor victim to this rape should be fully charged as a accessory to the crime. If they are old enough to do this type of crime they deserve the full extent of the law. They cannot be fixed with any type of treatment but death.

    • Society is too blame, stop coddling

      Are you a descendant of HITLER??? It should be more publishing and punishing criminals so that future generations are not inflicted with similar disregard for the law.

      I agree their might not be any type of treatment to fix these types of people and that the only choice is an eye for an eye and possibly even further punishment.

      Look at the world you have created…society and parents.

      Stop coddling no only your children but our society

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