New Study Says Botox Impairs Ability To Understand Emotions of Others

LOS ANGELES (CBS) – A new study says that although Botox injections may smooth wrinkles, it appears it they may also lessen a person’s ability to understand the emotions of others.

A new study from University of Southern California (USC) and Duke University finds that people injected with Botox may have trouble telling what other people are thinking and feeling.  That’s because people understand emotions partly by mimicking facial expressions.

“People who use Botox are less able to read others’ emotions,” said USC psychology professor David Neal.  “When you mimic you get a window into their inner world.  When we can’t mimic, as with Botox, that window is a little darker.”

The study, led by Neal and Tanya Chartrand, marketing and psychology professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, was published Friday in the journal, Social Psychological and Personality Science.  It explains the theory that humans decode each other’s expressions partly by simulating the perceived expression in their own facial musculature.

Botox paralyzes muscles to remove wrinkles, but those so-called signs of aging also hold clues into a person’s frame of mind.  Crow’s feet denote disgust or a genuine smile.  Lines on the forehead denote fear and the valleys in between the eyebrows, worry.

“It’s somewhat ironic — people use Botox to function better in social situations,” Neal said. “You may look better but you could suffer because you can’t read other people’s emotions as well.”

Researchers compared people who had the Botox procedure against a control group who had a cosmetic procedure that does not reduce muscular feedback.  Future areas of study may include Botox’s effect on people’s ability to lie successfully and communicate effectively with their significant other.

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  • Rita-of-Sunland

    Gee, I have NO IDEA what they’re talikng about…..

  • kalina kitty

    Are they sure that it’s the Botox that is the cause? I mean, look at the mental state of the people that ALLOW BOTULISM to be injected into their bodies. Vain and narcissist people would obviously not care about other people’s emotions in the first place. Maybe they should do studies on people BEFORE they start the botox. I know someone who is so vain and narcissistic, she runs off all of her friends because SHE is the most important person in the world. She has had so many cosmetic surgeries and procedures she looks like she went through the witness protection program. Of course she doesnt care about the emotions of others, it’s all about her in the first place!


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  • Beautasia

    Interesting. Makes sense, I can misread people without botox.

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  • Diana Stubbs

    Perish the thought of losing expressiveness :)

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