Alleged Ventura Groper Arrested

VENTURA (CBS) — Ventura police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for several groping incidents in the area.

Luis Sanchez-Vega, 25, of Oxnard was arrested Wednesday. Authorities believe Sanchez-Vega groped several victims ranging from 13 to 38 near Cabrillo Middle School in March.

Police say the suspect would walk up to his victims while talking on his cell phone, fondle them and then run.

Sanchez-Vega was booked on four counts of sexual battery, three counts of child annoyance and one count of child molestation.

  • bletch

    I dont think his groping days are over just yet. Although in prison, he will be the one getting groped!! Hahaha, this losser deserves it

    • Saber 1

      Another bottom feeding ILLEGAL ALIEN. Let him get raped in prison and then send him back home.

  • Efrain

    Oh man… not another sick Hispanic! I’m Mexican and I’m sorry to also have these sick fuc**s in our society.


    Chupa mi “Vega”.

  • Mike

    Hey Luis, way to make your family proud.

  • Tyrnoe

    Go La Raza!!

    • Saber 1

      F O

  • adolfo

    And you wonder why they despise illegals!

  • frank

    Sounds like it was more to mess with them than to pleasure himself..

  • caleb

    filthy latin swine ruining this country

  • drozone69

    Now wait second with all of your racist remarks.He is here doing the jobs no one wants.He came here for a better life.Groping victims in Mexico are just not to his standards.He likes”Gavachas”.

  • fred

    tell my kids about ‘”jobs no one wants”. they can’t get jobs because they don’t speak spanish. buncha bull

  • BobJoJohn

    Mexicans are such sickos. I bet you he already groped his nieces or cousins. That’s what mexicans do

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