GLENDALE (CBS) — Three Glendale police officers who took a patrol car on a joyride to Las Vegas no longer work for the department.

Glendale police spokesman Tom Lorenz confirmed to the Glendale News-Press that officers Patrick Hamblin, Fernando Salmeron and Mike Ullerich are no longer employees with the city.

Salmeron and Ullerich were officially separated from the city as of March 29 and Hamblin on April 1.

Investigation continues into several other Glendale police officer, including one accused of having an affair with the estranged wife of a man he arrested and another allegedly involved in an off-duty road-rage incident in Burbank.

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Comments (65)
  1. diana says:

    Glendale finest doing their “jobs”??? What were they thinking? I hope all cops who are dirty are exposed….

  2. entitled rats in le says:

    That kind of stuff would fly 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago. Not anymore.

  3. Really says:

    Wow. Is this is what law enforcement has come to? It really bothers me that these three passed the psych and standards tests in the first place. My confidence in California law enforcement is slowly fading. Every week, there is an incident with police officer crossing the line or violating ethics.

  4. Thomas Forcade says:

    Ahh,the cops.Always thinking they can do whatever they want.And they can.Till they get caught…BUSTED!…Now it’s your turn..Squeal like a pig…c’mon…Oink for me dammit!

  5. Robert Longdon says:


  6. Bill Gates` says:

    Serious Ventura County Sheriffs are worse! Believe me! They overabused their power over the people yet they are not yet exposed by the public or the DOJ.

  7. DP says:

    I’m glad they were caught. Just remember that cops are also people, with the same flaws, issues and problems as those they arrest and ticket. They are subject to the same bad judgment choises we all make. But because they are held to a higher standard, when they are caught their punishment should be more severe.

  8. Scott M says:

    Want to know what a joke the LAPD is?

    My brother graduated as valedictorian (sp) of his highschool, got a 1580 on his SAT, and graduated from Berkely and he didn’t make it past the first testing round.

    Were they scared they might hire someone who would tell his boss how to do his job?

    1. John Q. says:

      sounds like he’s a nerd…..I don’t think police officer and nerds are good fits.

    2. no whiners says:

      I bet it wasn’t your brother, it was YOU. And admit it, you can’t get a job in the private sector and law enforcement is your last hope. LAPD doesn’t want people like you. Go try out for the fire department or something.

      1. Striker says:

        Reminds me of the Devonshire detective who murdered someone several years and recently was arrested for it. She posted a 1500 on her SAT’s and wasn’t smart enough to get away with her crime, looking for under 800

  9. Bad Habit says:

    When I worked for the (corrupt) Ventura County Sheriff’s Department in the 90’s, this was an annual event that officers bet on. With lights and sirens going, could you do it faster than last years patrol car run. You had to bring back an item that proved you made it to Vegas.

    It was done while on duty and the other officers would cover your patrol area during the “race”. It was an event I refused to participate in and was ostracized by my *fellow* officers because of it and it became the primary reason I left the department. I was never excepted as “one of the guys” and found myself being given all of the worst duties by my Sergent because of it. After 8 years of no one watching my back I had to leave for my own safety.

    1. britney spears says:

      omg “bad” im sorry u had to go through that 😦 thats just unbelievable makes me think horrible things about cops that involve hot pokers XD

  10. Martin B says:

    I am so glad I left Glendale. This is California’s toilet bowl. The cops, the people, the politics. Its a cesspool of crime and corruption.

    1. britney spears says:

      id say Reseda is more of a cesspool then the Armenians in Glendale

    2. Jewel City says:

      Glendale is really nice. I am glad someone with your attitude is no longer there.

      1. robz says:

        I was born and raised in Glendale, it sucks now, Glendale is not a nice city, its corrupt and full of Armenian Power… come on Jewel City

      2. Jewel City says:

        And it used to full of Nazis. It’s still a great city.

      3. I like Portos says:

        When where there Nazis in Glendale? There used to be a lot of Cubans back in the 70’s and 80’s, now its nothing but fraud commiting armenians. At least the Cubans left Portos.

      4. Jewel City says:

        Look up the history of North Glendale/the Crescenta Valley. It was THE center of the North American German Bund. Two Strike Park used to be called Hindenburg Park.

        And in the 80’s, there was a Nazi rally or two in Glendale.

      5. Jewel City says:

        Correction: Crescenta Valley Park used to be called Hindenburg Park.

      6. Greg the Jedi says:

        Actually, certain parts of the city of Glendale are extremely beautiful and picturesque…post card worthy in fact.

        BUT,the fact of the matter is that certain citizens and drivers treat the city like a huge trashcan. I lived in Glendale for 8 years from 1999-2007 and I never saw a more rude and disrespectful group of people in my life. I lived near the DMV , but saw cars running stop signs and red lights everyday.

        And, trash on every corner..literally in front of million dollar homes on Kenneth Ave. Some people don’t seem to take any pride in where they live. Speed limits are never a factor in Glendale. I saw many times a 30 mph speed zone and cars literally racing 65 mph down very tight residential streets. Shameful.

  11. Mrviking says:

    Just goes to show you that there is corruption in any field. There should be longer psychological evaluations for new candidates entering the police force. Just because you wear the uniform, doesn’t give you a free pass and free will. All 3 fired police officers (Now X policemen) should not be allowed to pursue any law-enforcement career

  12. Graham Mackie says:

    Dumb ass

  13. Really says:

    Being upset and wanting justice served is one thing. Wishing death on others is another. Are you really that horrible of a human being?

  14. Martin B says:

    Your name alone spurs images of idiocy. Don’t bring race into it. Its the environment that was created and allowed to fester not the individual. Police are a necessary evil but are required to follow strict guidelines. It is also the peoples responsibility for knowing laws so they don’t get taken advantage of.

  15. glow says:

    …..Maybe they were chasing a suspect……………….

  16. Phiilip says:

    Bad Habit…yes indeed. It HAS been done. In fact, I know personally. I saw the fresh polaroids. In those days, people could keep their mouths shut and while I do not agree with it, nobody got hurt. These days are different….

  17. deeen says:

    After all said and done…who will you call when you in trouble…THE POLICE.

  18. Phiilip says:

    forgot to add…Elvis was playing at The International (now HILTON). This is nothing new…

  19. Mrviking says:

    You can probably get away with once, maybe twice, but eventually karma (corruption) will catch up to you… just ask Bernie Madoff, Frank McCourt, O.J Simpson, Exxon accounting, Phil Spector, Scott Peterson, etc ( should I go on?) All serving long prison terms… Have a nice day

  20. upyours says:

    Isn’t this where that jerkwad obscenely overpaid chief in the corrupted city of Bell came from? Cops are no different than any other street thug wearing their colors.

  21. Chris Maceiko says:


  22. Bern Miller says:

    Glendale is very corrupt.. Very… I know for a fact it is…

  23. max says:

    This reminds me of the movie Super Bad

  24. Officer innocent says:

    Take them off thee payroll for a few days and then bring them back as an insult to the taxpayers of Glendale.
    How dare you accuse a police officer of a crime. You should be shot and were just the ones to do it don’t mess with the Glendale PD>

    1. Loreen L says:

      Lame-o weenie wrangler. O I, you are the O G. Original goober. Wha wha. Go cry your self to sleep on your gigantic pillow

  25. aahhhh says:

    i have to poop really bad but nothing comes out.

    1. Dr. Brown M.D, says:

      stick your finger up there and maybe you will loosed something up

  26. Coppie Jackson says:

    Actually, LAPD cops have been driving to Vegas for years. They did it (and do it) as a joke. They would speed to Vegas, arriving in less than 2 hours, to avoid problems with shift changes, then they would pose in front of a famous landmark like Paris Las Vegas, or Caesar’s Palace…wearing “Lone Ranger” type partial-face coverings, for obvious reasons. Next, they would “put the pedal to the metal” and high tail it back, and it seems that few were ever caught. This will become increasingly difficult to pull off with new GPS vehicle locator systems.

    1. Doofus McKee says:

      I have heard about this too
      Kind of funny

  27. Mike says:

    Some guys aren’t fit to be cops. Their recklessness will eventually flush them out of law enforcement. They retire as security guards at outdoor swap meets.

    1. Loreen L says:

      Ha. Good one Mike. Yuck Yuck.

  28. Marschyll Hobbs says:

    At least this isn’t as bad as in Santa Ana, CA. In that city, the police and meter maids leave tickets on cars for having a for-sale sign on the window. I got hit with one for well-over $50 dollars for trying to sell my car. A lousy revenue-generation by the Santa Ana political machine.

    1. John Doe says:

      Sounds like you should’ve sold your car through CarMax or the Auto Trader. Citizens don’t want their streets to look like a used car lot. Grow a brain.

  29. dugudr says:

    Are they stupid, crazy or both?

    1. britney spears says:

      no theyre a loser that had nothing better to do with their lives than bother people for no reason

  30. lawoman says:

    Just gald they were not hispanic… these comments would ahve been a whole other Oprah! And I am Mexican so I am just saying… glad we didnt get the bad wrap on this one.

  31. britney spears says:

    someone please tell me why a person becomes a cop? to shoot someone? power? because they have had run-in with the law before and want theyre own justice? because i cant see any reason to other than you want to shoot someone or to get away with anything you want…helping people is far from anything that has to do with this…

    1. Lindsay Lohan says:

      Most cops were the kid that got beat up everyday after school and now there are trying to make up for there lack of self confidence with a badge and a gun.
      Ever notice it takes at least three or four cops to take one person down?
      Think about it.

      1. Christine H says:

        Wow, I can see your two alter egos have brilliant minds. Why ask why? Why does someone become the CEO of a company? Why does someone become a stripper? Why does someone become a food server? Why does someone work like a dog in the fields?

        Here is the easiest answer you two would understand: to provide for themselves and their families so they don’t have to depend on public assistance. Wow, that was difficult. Any more questions?

      2. Dumb says:

        I second that, can these comments get any more biased

    2. upyours says:

      $130,000+/yr to be whiny jerkwads in what is statistically one of the safest careers.

  32. drozone69 says:

    This is why they always have and always will be known as greedy fat PIGS!!!

  33. Paul Blart says:

    What a bunch of morons!!! They should be charged with grand theft. Looks good on their resume…LMAO

  34. Greg the Jedi says:

    The City of Glendale is a disgrace in itself. It’s been going downhill for the past 20 years.

    Traffic violations are committed on almost every corner (cars driving 90 mph on Glenoaks Bl. are not uncommon and no one gets ticketed of cited.).

    The city could be making a fortune in jaywalking tickets,especially near the Galleria and the Americana.

    Smoke free zones in restaurants are blatenely violated by customers and owners with smoke in the air.

    I wouldn’t recommend my worst enemy to live 1 minute in the city of Glendale

    1. Jewel City says:

      That’s nice because I wouldn’t want your worst enemy (Darth Vader) in Glendale.

  35. Manny Ramirez says:

    Glendale cops are the worst of the worst. The City Of Glendale would be better off dismantling GPD and contract with the Sheriff’s Dept.

  36. Robby Logan says:

    This makes NO sense at all. Driving a squad car 300 miles is uncomfortable, costly (they get like 10 MPG) and plain stupid. What a dumb way to drive 120 mph, which everyone does anyway on the Barstow-Baker leg.

  37. Christine H says:

    Anytime corruption has reached the higher ranks due to corropt people promoting into positions over time, it only grows. Not just in the police force, but in any type of work. Those who want to do the right thing get muscled out, don’t get promotions etc. I am very happy that these people are being exposed, and I hope their superiors also get taken down. There is no way this type of thing gets by good management, that is, if there is good management.

    Not all police or service agencies are corrupt. This goes for all the commenters on this story as well. Many of us are law abiding, ethically moral people. Many are dirtbags. There is good and bad in every profession and walk of life.

  38. Mrviking says:

    Stupid is as stupid does

  39. Antonio says:

    Our last line of defense to civilization and they are gambling our lives away. Good shot Glendales finest.

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