Sender Of Offensive Obama Email Calls It Satire

FULLERTON (CBS/AP) — A Southern California GOP official who sent an email depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee said Wednesday she considered the email political satire and not racist.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports that Marilyn Davenport said she had no racist intent when she forwarded a picture depicting Obama as a chimpanzee.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Davenport reiterated that she will not resign from her elected post on the Republican Party’s Orange County Central Committee.

marilyn davenport1 Sender Of Offensive Obama Email Calls It Satire

(credit: CBS)

“I feel that it was inappropriate and I offended people,” she told reporters outside her home. “I think it’s only racist when the intent in my heart is to make it that way, and that was not the intent in my heart.”

The local GOP chairman has called for Davenport’s resignation and opened an ethics inquiry.

Davenport, 74, issued a written apology Monday but refused to resign.

The email sent late last week showed Obama’s face superimposed on a photo of a baby chimp with two adult chimps in a family photo pose.

Text beneath the picture read, “Now you know why no birth certificate.”

“To the president I would say obviously it was inappropriate and I would not do that again,” Davenport said. “It struck me as political satire.”

Davenport said she found the email to be relevant because of questions surrounding Obama’s birth.

So-called “birthers” claim Obama is ineligible to be president because there’s no proof he was born in the United States. Hawaii officials, however, have certified Obama was born in that state.

“My position would be I am concerned, knowing what the responsibility is of a president,” Davenport said. “I guess we should know his origin, shouldn’t we? … I guess I wonder why he doesn’t tell us.”

Davenport represents the 72nd Assembly District in Orange County on the committee, which is made up of volunteer officials elected for two-year terms. The group is tasked with fundraising, campaigning and debating policy for the Republican Party.

Davenport said constituents are asking her not to resign, and the feelings of those outside the 72nd Assembly District don’t matter.

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  • Truther

    If the Republicans want to have a chance of the Presidency in 2012 they need to rid themselves of these birther kooks.

    • Ray Murray

      I read this report on – and find her additional statement as bad as the photo – “My position would be I am concerned, knowing what the responsibility is of a president.” Davenport said. “I guess we should know his origin, shouldn’t we?…I guess I wonder why he doesn’t tell us.”

      But he has been telling us – as has the State of Hawaii. If she doesn’t want to accept that, does she demand a video copy of his birth with indications of place and date? Her statements clearly show why this level of awareness in a person makes them totally wrong for any leadership position – or it indicates the level welcome in her local area of the California GOP – or in Donald Trump’s office.

      Even Michelle Bachmann here in Minnesota doesn’t publicly say this level of opinion – though she has little more awareness of facts than Mrs Davenport.

      • Astonished

        Thank you Murray, you said it far better than I could. Did anyone consider that he wouldn’t have gotten elected to any higher office is he didn’t have proof that he was born in America.

        I’m so tired of these idiots. They need to get a life and stop this.

    • Saber 1

      Give the old lady a break. Remeber when the Muslims were up in arms about the drawwing of Alah? It’s a joke, just like NOBAMA.


      the republicans blow their own cover when they attached, to that shlt-bag t=party!!!

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  • CAN

    RACIST biatch


      You forgot UGLY

  • DTLA

    So if I say the “N” word without racist intentions I’m not a racist? Her argument doesn’t exactly make sense. And she’s a birther. Go figure…

    • Steve M.

      I work around a lot of black people and that word gets toss3ed around more regularly that at a Richard Pryor concert, but it isn;t racial.

  • Matt

    Why do people keep saying that portraying Obama as a monkey is racist? When Bush was portrayed as a monkey, no one called it racist. Perhaps these people who are crying “racism” think there is some similarity between Obama’s ethnicity and a chimp? If so, that is THEIR racism.

    • Rayann

      African slaves were referred to as not being human but rather a higher form of primate. Slaves were viewed as animals. To compare anyone to an animal is to dehumanize them.

      • Astonished

        You know, if you studied Anthropology, even a little, you will discover that the Human race, such as it is, decended from a common ancestor, who was close to, if not, in fact, a primate. So, doesn’t mean we all have a little ape inside? Chimpanzees sure act like us a lot! But circulating such a degrading and dehumanizing picture should have been beneath an elected official, no matter what her private opinions are. How would she like it if someone photoshopped her picture onto a KKK mask?

    • XenasMom

      Because calling Bush a monkey is an insult to Monkeys


        I think Bobo the gorilla has a larger vocabulary than G.W.

    • Jim Souter

      If we need to explain, to you,the use of a monkey as a racist symbol you need to become aware of USA history, or wake up.

    • Golden1

      I was thinking of the same thing this morning, glad you mentioned it BUT the difference here is that Bush actually acted dumb and often gave stupid answers and fumbled when he tried to answer questions.
      President Obama, is generally well spoken -the opposite is true of Bush Jr- Now the picture makes a racial slur because it attacks his race or lineage and it comes from A WHITE GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, Matt it is no secret that when people of other races talk trash about the black people, they offend them calling or comparing them to monkeys (chimps, gorillas, etc.) Just like we call certain whites trailer trash, crackers, etc, etc.

    • TDL

      There has long been a racist association between black people and chimps. If you are ignorant of this, then you are in the same ignorant boat as Ms. Davenport, and should probably avoid commenting on political issues until you get a bit more worldly.

      • barcfutant

        Bush, white, was depicted as a monkey. If we refuse Obama that same honor wouldn’t that be considered racism? Surely there are no similarities between chimpanzees and black people. Why should we give the comparison validity by condemning it?

      • The Big Logic

        Would you kindly interpret the Missing Link philosophy in order to enilghten my lack of worldliness.

  • Golden1

    Satire? Now she doesn’t know what to say to defend herself. Like the other smart people said in this forum… . blah, blah blah old lady, you’re just taking up space now, we need her replaced now. Americans are made up of all races and creeds, if you can’t respect that as a government official, you need to pack up and leave.

  • J.D.

    Oh we jus good ol Kristian folk here at the KKK I mean GOP !

  • drozone69

    Even though the powers that be want us to accept this debacle of multi-culteralism.This proud American woman knows what our for fathers fought for.That is the right to our first ammendment.If we were in a communist country then she would be incarcerated.This goes to show that this nation is already half way through to communism.How ones frredom of speech is associated with a percieved conception of Racism is beyond me!!I will vote for this womans character alone.

    • Rayann

      I believe in freedom of speech and support it all the way. But this is like rubbing salt into a open wound. We have a right to say how we feel and what we believe, and that makes us a great nation. But I feel the founding fathers would also want us to be socially responsible and think before we act. You say you would vote for this women’s character alone. Is this the proper character for a Christian women ?


      It’s against the law to yell Fire in a theatre!! Also.

      • PL

        Not if there is an actual fire!

    • Larry

      Then you are a fool. First, the constitution only protects your right against government action (not against actions by private parties), second, the protection of so called “free speach” is not absolute, your freedom of speech is limited in many ways…but that is all irrelevant since there is no state action.
      She (like you) is an idiot and should resign or be removed from her position for being a racist.

    • Golden1

      Freedom of speech? We all have freedoms but we also have responsibilities and this Republican’s responsibilities are far more that the average citizen’s responsibilities, this lady is not helping anyone with those comments.

      We also have freedom to respect other people. Do you really think the founding fathers fought so that government officials can make racial slurs or ridicule others?

    • Astonished

      Freedom of speech does NOT include defamation of character, and degradation of someon, which is what this hinges on.

      You know the old saying, Your thoughts can’t get you in trouble, but your lips can.

  • TDL

    “I guess we should know his origin, shouldn’t we? … I guess I wonder why he doesn’t tell us.”

    Is she serious? He has said time and again that he was born in Hawaii. Hawaii said that he was born in Hawaii. What is it gonna take for these idiots?

    • Golden1

      It’s going to take a few things including no tolerance for bigots, and a few people like you and me (who are not just grass roots fronts for corporate sponsors like the tea party) taking public office.

  • ucla alumni

    You have no fear of being called a racist? Then, what is your full name?

    • rob

      what would that prove?

    • The Big Logic

      Alexandra Wallace

    • The Big Logic

      Frank Logic, why do you ask?

    • Golden1

      One word comes to mind…..Gotcha!

  • tony

    The OC, Socal’s nasty little Republican infection. Davenport is just the oozing pus.

  • jaydee

    If it sounds like a racist pig, then it must be.

  • Lou

    O my! Looking at Davenport’s picture up here… are you sure she wasnt the mommy chimp? For real though! She’s too freaking old to be such an idiot! What a molecule!

  • drozone69

    His father and him were both born in Africa.Chimpanzees are born in Africa.According to this nations Darwin theory they could be related.That is what we teach in public schools,so why the outcry?

    • Golden1

      You’re a smart one aren’t you?
      You seem to have learned from Darwin just as much as you wanted but if you want to talk science I want you to know that the cradle of civilization was what we know now as Iraq/Iran and after further study, it is actually in Africa.
      Do your homework

    • TDL

      “This nation” doesn’t have a “Darwin theory.” But good job trying to unite two completely unrelated issues in the name of racism.

      • TDL

        True — evolution is taught in public schools, because science is taught in public schools, and evolution is empirically proven science. And that relates to Ms. Davenport’s racist statement how? Are you saying that black people are less evolved, and that that makes Davenport’s statement excusable? If so, you might want to study evolutionary science a bit more thoroughly.

      • rob

        teaches it everyday in public school,though

    • Astonished

      According to the theory of Evolution, which IS taught in schools, the Human species decended from ape-like ancestors. So, I guess that means she’s a Chimpanzee too!

  • BlackBrother

    I’m black and I’m tired or everyone treating us like we are babies. This lady did not do anything wrong. Obama is 1/2 white and 1/2 black. We need to get over crying about someone calling us names. Our nation has become a nation full of babies. Call me whatever you want. It does not matter. I believe she was joking around between friends. We all do it. Yes, even us black people joke around about ourselves.

    • John T.

      Yeah, and you must be one of those clueless black folks these days, turning a blind eye to racism. And the fact that we joke about ourselves does NOT excuse this woman’s actions!

      This woman is full of it, as far as I’m concerned. She knew good and well the implications and consequences of her actions, and had no business pulling a stunt like this.

      Satire my a$$! And what for?! I get sick of having my intelligence insulted!

    • Curt

      I’m Black Too

      Yeah. I’m sure you’re black. Judging from the ridiculousness of your post, it’s a strong possibility that you are a white racist.

      • rob

        their is no hatred stronger than the democrats for the republicans.

  • American girl

    That’s a common view among republicans… admit it. My inlaws are republicans and live in OC and even though they are church going old people my son has heard them call the president a monkey. That is the reason my son is not a republican and neither am I because I’m turned off by their rude behavior towards minorities.

  • Mocha Mix

    Does not anyone think the idea of this being passed around is ONLY because the left portrayed Bush in the same manner? If you can’t take the heat, don’t give it. Why is always “OK” for the left to do something and it’s all funny, but when the right does the same thing it’s considered racist or a crime.

    • Curt

      Only racists would think in this manner.

  • John T.

    Go jump in the lake, Jane Doe.

  • Richard

    Maybe she was merely satirizing Obama’s ears.

    • Johnson

      If she wanted to satirize ears, Republican Paul Ryan’s would have been a better choice. He’s got ears big enough to keep an Airbus 380 aloft.

  • KEN


  • dallas

    Mrs. Davenport, you certainly look like obama’s chimp mom.

  • ken


  • Golden1

    If his name starts with B and so does his last name then he mus be a Burro. He he he

  • Hal

    Ladies and gentlemen, look closely at the face of the 74yr old Marilyn Davenport. This is the face of a white racist and she is not the only one. There are many of them just like her and sadly, many of them are in her age group. Make sure your kids know who the racists are and what to look and listen for. Davenport is an excellent example.

    • Golden1

      You know I thought you were going to say: look closely at the face of the 74yr old Marlyn Davenport, since Obama is half white, she could be his grandma but the picture only portrays two generations (anyway, it’s just bad period)…………..I agree with you though

  • KEN

    WAKE THE H@LL UP !!!

    • windrunner

      That theory has been dismissed as BS. You need to keep up on anthropological research before you once again place humans into the same category as those who have the blood of Africa in their veins.

      • Astonished

        What theroy was dismissed? Anthropology and Evolution are sciences founded in fact. What do you think happened. . . dozens of little spaceships visited Earth one day and deposited all different races around the world.

        Please. . . . .

    • Golden1

      Thank you Ken for your enlightened screaming, sometimes it is needed.

      Wake the hell up people

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