FULLERTON (AP) — An Orange County woman who embezzled $135,000 from a Boys & Girls Club, using some of the money for breast implants, has been sentenced to three years in state prison.

City News Service says Lynette Rojas also was ordered Monday to pay more than $435,000 in fines and restitution but a prosecutor says she doesn’t have the money.

Rojas pleaded guilty earlier this month to more than two dozen felony counts of embezzlement and .

Rojas was an executive assistant for the La Habra Boys & Girls Club.

Prosecutors say she stole cash and also issued two dozen unauthorized paychecks to herself.

A board member says that the club had to lay off two people and cut back service hours to make up for the loss.

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  1. Marco says:

    I have no respect for the Boys and Girls Club organization after sitting and waiting for 4 hours for an interview in their lobby and then being told I would not be considered as a candidate because of a misdemeanor marijuana offense that I had that was over 10 years old.

    I was honest an disclosed this fact like it says you should do on the application.

    How many of these young kids, who are involved in marijuana usage, could have benefitted from having an adult with first hand knowledge working with them and advising them on what not to do?

    I went on to volunteer my time, knowledge and experiences working with another nonprofit that deals with the youth and the at risk youth community.I have been with them 5 years now and was asked to become a mentor to a troubled young man.

    That young man is now a junior in college on an academic scholarship.

    So let this serve as proof that what’s on an application and the character of an individual can be two totally different things.

    I would never have stolen $134K from an organization that works with helping disadvantaged youths, let alone purchase breast implants, but was never given the chance, or opportunity to prove my self-worth.

    So no sympathy to their organization from me for pre-judging.

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