Turn In Firearms With The City’s Anonymous Gun Buyback Program

LOS ANGELES (CBS/KCAL) — The City of Los Angeles is asking residents to turn in their firearms with no questions asked.

CBS2 and KCAL9 are proud sponsors of the city’s “Anonymous Gun Buyback” program.

On Saturday, May 7, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., residents can turn in their guns anonymously at six Los Angeles area locations and receive a Ralph’s or Visa gift card worth up to $200. Authorities are accepting handguns, shotguns, rifles and assault weapons.

For more information contact: 1-877-LAPD-247.


Central Los Angeles – Northeast Area
LAFD Fire Academy
1700 Stadium Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012

West Los Angeles – Hollywood Area
Florentine Gardens
5951 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Valley – Mission Area
Facey medical Center Parking Lot
11165 Sepulveda Blvd.
Mission Hills, CA 91345

South Los Angeles – Southwest Area
Santa Barbara Plaza
3900 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

South Los Angeles -77th Area
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
7900 South Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90047

South Los Angeles – harbor Area
Park & Ride Parking Lot
1300 West Pacific Coast Highway
Wilmington, CA 90744

Watch the “Eye on Our Community” special with Laura Diaz as she looks at the Gun Buyback program and the organizations working to stop gun violence in Los Angeles. » More Information

  • Thomas Bleming

    When I hear about these so-called “Buy Back” programs, I can”t forget what William Travis did at the Alamo, when Santa Anna demanded that all those Alamo defenders surrender their weapons or face death.

    • Mr , Time

      A few thousand plastic ball point ink pen shell’s taped to a twig with a 22 hornet long and a rubber band wouldn’t do that criminal Travis at the Alamo do him any good know a day’s; Would it Mr, Blemings. But it’s worth more on ( turn in’s because it doesn’t have number’s; ) And is a favorite of the Mexican drug cartel women assassin’s. Up close and personal behind one of your ear’s; But then again Mr, Bleming one with haft a brain and in bad need of a FIX; would go and buy or steel a box of bullet’s and a ball of string and visit a bush for some twig’s, and most of all make sure to have lot’s of rubbers; So some thing in the right order of $00.05 cent’s., Is worth to a enterprising gun and dope runner $50.00.

      • Ms. Church

        Mr. Time needs to learn how to write a coherent sentence. What gibberish!

  • http://losangelesforme.com/2011/04/turn-in-firearms-with-the-citys-anonymous-gun-buyback-program/ Turn In Firearms With The City?s Anonymous Gun Buyback Program | Los Angeles for Me

    […] The City of Los Angeles is asking for residents to turn in their firearms with no questions asked. More from: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com… […]

  • Jack Inman

    Know I know why I never watch CBS chanel 2 or chanel 9

  • Max Chinn

    When taking it to one of those addresses make sure you are doing it legally in case you get stopped. Next time “open carry unloaded” could be illegal.

    • larry Jones.

      I was only given
      $50 for my new gun

  • Iatola

    What a sad day for the guns. Once useful and valuable guns will be melted down to send the steel to China. It’s a crying shame. Why couldn’t the owners keep good care of them, register them, or for some avoid buying illegal guns in the first place. Every gun needs a good home. Why would you provide one with a bad home or provide one to a bad individual. What a waste of resources and money making them in the first place to only have them destroyed. I’ll need to spend some quality time with my guns tonight to help me through this sad, very sad and tragic event.

    • Iatola

      ‘sniff’ ‘sniff’ now i’m crying. How sad. How very sad.


    $200 is NOTHING for “LEGAL” purchased guns. For “LEGAL” purchased guns, they should offer current market value or at least more than $200.

    Even BB Shotguns cost almost $200.

  • Wild West

    Come on guys, it’s not for regular people with guns.

    It’s for “hot weapons”. And those who need a place to get rid of em’, no questions asked.

  • Adam

    well thats sad, I enjoyed watching Kcal 9 morning news casts, but as I heard about this, and your SPONSORING of this event. I will no longer watch either channels CBS2 or KCAL 9…..

    and wild west, no, this is not just for those with dirty guns, its to exploit the poor, and down and out, lets face it, if you were jobless (most of LA, and got kids to feed) you would turn in your guns for some money… VERY VERY sad day for those who will lose the right to protect themselves, because of their NEED to provide for their families…

    just remember… When seconds count, Cops are but minutes away..

  • John Galt

    Be proud of your sponsorship of criminals!

  • drewkitty

    I’m amused to see a media organization conspiring to destroy evidence. Unless the firearms are checked by serial number to return them to their rightful owners, this is conversion and receiving stolen property at best.

  • tim

    Wow, now the media AND the City of L.A. are making it easy for criminals to commit a crime and then destroy the evidence…and even get paid $200 for it!! Who thinks this stuff up???

  • El Rojo

    Will my 91/30 get $200? If so I am there! How many will you accept?

    • Harry Wiener

      $99 special at Big5. Save it and have fun with it. I love shooting mine.

    • Mr , Time

      How many ( $000,05 ) ZIP-GUNS you got…

  • Eat meat!

    This is nothing but a farce!

    The only thing that this buy back program does is take the right to bare arms one step closer to the end. We the people need to be able to protect our selves from harm. The gangs and the true criminal elements are not taking the guns they have to the buy back program for a gift card to Ralphs ( they (gangs/criminals) may be dumb, but they are not stupid).

    So, if you return a legal weapon for a gift card, you now are unable to protect yourself with that legal weapon.

    Not a smart move we the people!

    Kiss off!
    I will no longer use you as a news source.

    • Harry Wiener

      Unless you use it as a down for a sweet SigSauer 45. Yea boy!

  • Doug

    I will be DELIGHTED to “turn in” my firearms, BULLETS FIRST to anyone who wishes to confiscate them.

  • Thomas Bleming

    These politicans just don’t seem to understand that the people are not going to allow themselves to be stripped of their protection.
    I was hoping that the Supreme Court had voted against the 2nd Amendment, then we would have had to turn in everything or fight!
    I personally prefer the latter.
    Never allow yourself to be disarmed, no matter hiw many ‘laws’ they make.
    I’ve known people who have all sorts of stuff stashed away for that ‘rainy day’, when they might have to sort things out.

    • Stinky 44

      YA we here WYOMING ( R ) going to sort out ( ALL ) your DRUG GANGS that come our way when the NEW GUN LAW JULY 1 , 2011 GO”S into EFFECT .

  • US Citizen

    At least you can get some money out of your broken guns?

  • Brian

    It’s hard to believe any reasoning person could think this is a good idea. Can we define a purpose to the gun buyback?

    Even if the purpose is to “get guns off the street,” it will fail. No criminal will turn in a gun that he needs for his business, and no one will turn in a gun that he might be able to sell for a higher price legally. There are plenty of guns being built to replace the ones snapped up in this feel-good, tail-chasing exercise. This is like bailing water from the deep end of the pool and pouring it into the shallow end.

    Guns in the hands of law-abiding people deter crimes.

  • Rob

    “LAPD to assist in destruction of evidence in multiple unsolved murder cases and turn blind eye to gun related felonies”

    The headline for this story as it should read.

  • Rob

    The right of the People to keep and bear arms… America’s most infringed Civil Right.

  • J Boy

    What’s next…Sell your children day?

    As far as the term “buy-back”…The city has never sold a single gun to “buy-back”.

    I’m sure zero criminals are going to be selling their guns so ultimately this is yet another waste of tax payers money.

  • LOU

    What a liberal joke, go to Venice or dodger baseball game and you wish you had your gun, ask chief beck if he travels around LA unarmed?

  • Harry Wiener

    The LAPD is not stripping anyone of their rights. They still do ballistic tests on all of them before destroying any arms. This is for their records and trust me, all of these arms being turned in may be no questions asked when dropped off, but DNA, fingerprints and video of you turning the weapon in are still used to prosecute criminals. Not grandads old rusty shotgun but terrorist gang thugs who think they ARE getting away with murder. If California wasn’t so snippy with gun laws, armed citizens would have the upper hands on these wastes of life criminals bojo’s.

    • Someone who does it

      No they are not. Check your sources. No dna, no prints, no ballistic tests, no video….destroyed period.

  • Staight Truth

    Imagine all the unsolved Homicides due to this program. Murderers will get away with their crime cause no one is checking to see if the weapons turned in match those in a Federal data base. What idiot came up withthis program in the first place. Ahh it must have been Mayor Villarigosa’s puppet, Chief Charlie Beck of course! So you go steal firearms, kill someone with it and turn it in no questions asked. What a bunch of losers our Politicians have become!!!

  • FLF

    Absolute insanity of the touchy feely PC crowd! Nothing will change in the hood! Sillayaragosa, puppet Beck and the brainless lemmings continue to thrive! The main problem is that they THINK they are making a HUGE difference! Nothing is farther from the truth! To err is human but for SHEER real incompetence you need a far left liberal!

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