California Debates Place Of Gay History In Textbooks

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Legislation under consideration in California would add lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to the list of social and ethnic groups that schools must include in social studies lessons.

It also would require the California Board of Education and local school districts to adopt textbooks and other teaching materials that cover the contributions and roles of sexual minorities.

School districts would have flexibility in deciding what to include in the lessons and at what grades students would receive them.

Supporters say it corrects an obvious gap in the state’s existing social studies framework and curbs anti-gay stereotypes that make gay youth vulnerable to bullying and suicide.

Opponents counter that such instruction would further burden an already crowded curriculum and expose students to a subject that some parents find objectionable.

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  • judo-cide

    who cares…i have more important things to concentrate on…like why the heck california is making me go broke!

  • Steve

    So kids can’t hear the word “God” during the pledge of allegiance, yet they’re going to be forced to hear about gays? What about enforcing the studying of relogious groups? Our nation is great because of our morals, dignity and character in the past. Those traits are no longer around or required, and America will soon enough suffer the consequences of all of this nonsense.

    • Karen

      Steve – I completely agree with you. This is LUDICROUS. What the F is wrong with our elected leaders for focusing on this nonsense when they can not pass a budget?

      I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      • Mrs. Bernice Johnson

        You really need to wash out your potty mouth.

      • Saber 1

        Our elected officials are either pole smokers or carpet munchers. Left wing crazy people who think they know what is good for us.

    • SW1973

      I totally agree with you Steve. Since God has been taken out of our schools things have become a total mess!

      • Jedediah

        Maybe that God’s Will.

    • Kai

      I wonder if it’s coincidence that you forget about the First Amendment that covers freedom of (and from) religion. There’s no such law concerning learning about sexual minorities.

      Besides, the religious majority does more than enough forcing of their beliefs down everyone’s throats as it is.

      • Karen

        Kai – Move to a state where they care. WE DON’T CARE. We voted NO to gay marriage. I think you can get married in Iowa. LEAVE NOW!

      • Mrs. Bernice Johnson

        “WE DON’T CARE. ”

        Speak for yourself, potty mouth racist.

      • Terry R.

        Hey Rob,

        Keep your fairy tales to yourself. But if you want to have imaginary friends in the sky, go right ahead.

      • rob

        Sounds to me like you already have a reservation for you and your same sex lover in hell. Better take spf10,000 with you when you get their.

      • Saber 1

        No one cares about pole smokers or carpet munchers in history. Please stop trying to force this upon us normal people, it’ s not normal to play rump rangers or munch carpet of the same sex.

  • Ron

    First of all, bullying of any kind, of any person, is wrong and should NOT be tolerated !! But we CANNOT afford to pay for all new textbooks, in order to add another section on gay history. We are already cutting too many critical programs and teacher’s jobs, because of lack of funds.

    Be sure we PUBLICIZE all NAMES of any POLITICIANS that vote in favor of this legislation, now and again before ELECTION, so we know who to VOTE OUT OF OFFICE.


    Where i have a gay son i don’t think parents would be happy with gay history.
    i agree with Ron.

    • Mrs. Bernice Johnson

      “Where i have a gay son…”

      I give up. Where?

      • Mrs. Bernice Johnson

        Keep your racist comments to yourself, Ms. Karen.

      • Karen

        Presumably, his gay son is in his house. What do you care?

        This is MOST STUPID thing I have heard in a long time.

        We can’t pay teachers but we are going to increase the costs of materials this year because we need to add a section about gay history.

        What the F is gay history and who the F cares EXCEPT GAY PEOPLE.

        Since less than 5% of the population is gay, them THE GAY PEOPLE figure out how they will teach their history.

        I don’t care about gay history.

  • zues

    i dont think a persons sexual preference has any bearing on what that person did.its the accomplishments alone that merits telling. just like i heard its going to be taught in health.i for one would have the schools ask permission from the parents on whether or not to have their children learn it.

  • CT Robinson

    I agree with Ron, but I think we could start taxing churches to pay for this. They had all kinds of money to donate to the Prop 8 campaign, so I think they should be made responsible to pay for Gay History textbooks.

  • Out and Proud

    Of course I want people to learn about Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson. Bring on gay history!!!

    • Ron

      Raise money, print your book and teach your class on gay history, anywhere you want, but not in our public schools.

      • Out and Proud

        No, I think I’ll use the public schools. That way more kids will hear about great gays throughout history.

      • Out and Proud
      • Ron

        Out and Proud, name 25.

        Sure you would rather have everyone else pay for your cause. That’s what you and the California Legislators have in common. And that’s 1 of the main reasons why, our once beautiful State of California, is going down the TOILET.

  • Tyler

    Gays & Lesbains are not Americans.

    • Freddy

      Why do you hate your two dads?

  • Dr Oz

    This is really stupid. Teaching our kids about
    fa*****, excuse me gays is stupid. Enough said

    • linda f

      What if you’re on Jeopardy and the category comes up? Huh, what then Dr. Oz?

  • Ed Rooney

    Wow, there are really some idiots out there.
    I think some of you need to move to Pennsylvania and live with the Amish.
    Karen, Steve, Rob etc.- Dr. Oz. you are just plain stupid- who raised you?


  • Timothy Ross
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