CHP: Teen Killed After Intentionally Walking Onto Freeway In Acton

ACTON (CBS) — The California Highway Patrol said a 15-year-old girl intentionally walked into the path of a vehicle on the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway in rural Acton and was killed Sunday.

The CHP did not immediately release the girl’s name, but said she was an Acton resident.

The girl’s name will not be released by the coroner’s office until the news is delivered to family members by the CHP.

The girl had been walking along the right shoulder of the northbound freeway at about 12:40 a.m. She was seen stepping onto the freeway, in a 65 mile per hour zone, directly in front of a 2007 Mazda.

No citations were issued to, Marc Zuber, a 30-year-old Palmdale man and the motorist behind the wheel of the sedan that struck the girl. After the accident, Zuber pulled over and waited for the CHP to arrive.

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  • Sanityforus

    All we can ask is ‘why’.

  • Really

    It’s sad that was her only option for dealing with whatever pain she had in life. I feel awful for the person driving the car as well. He’ll have to replay this for the rest of his live even though it wasn’t his fault.

    • Jimmy

      my question is,where was the parents?

      • Really

        Like I said in the statement above Jimmy, her parent may have been the problem. How many people can you run to in a rural area like Acton? I’m not saying that was the problem, but it could one realistic scenario.

      • Really

        I meant it could be.

      • greg

        driving the car

      • Candy

        She comes from a very caring involved family, that is the way we are up here and why we live here. She piled pillows where she had been sleeping and slipt out of the house. your question should be directed to the parents of Antelope Valley….

  • Jimmy

    she must have been going through some major issues in her life!

  • Really

    You serve absolutely no purpose in society. If you don’t have anything relevant to say, you should just shut up. You’ll see how funny it is when tragedy visits your family.

    • kristen

      it’s called a troll.
      it wanders the net looking for stories in which it can spew out stupidity just to get a reaction. it’s the same kid that in elementary school would pick their nose and chase people around with their boogers, and it hasn’t grown mentally any since then. it’s bored and looking for a thrill, no matter how sad or sick it seems to normal humans.
      just let it play with itself, it will get bored of it’s own company eventually….

    • boobah

      You don’t get it. You are a moron, you talk too much and have nothing to say. Go back to living in the dark ages and learn to read before you get on the computer.
      You sound like you are 10 years old but many 10 year olds would ‘serve better purpose in society’, than you little funny tragedy.
      Gone are the days when below average idiots couldn’t get their hands on a computer.

  • Nicholas Abbitt


  • Nicholas Abbitt

    nicely said

  • Mike

    Hey, “idiot”…since we’re name-calling…that has nothing to do with that the OP wrote. Maybe you should learn to read? The point is there’s no reason to kill yourself in that matter…putting other people at risk.

    Love this country…if a 15+ year old kills somebody we want to try them as adults, but anything else and it’s the “oh, she was 15 she didn’t know what she was doing” routine. Like in 2.5 year all those skills would magically appear. Age is in no way an indication of maturity.

  • bje

    You all probably should hold your comments until/unless you know more about the situation. Jumping to conclusions only results in additional hurt to everyone involved.

    • her friend

      thank you.

  • swhitS

    Antidepressants do that to ya. Especially young growing minds. Seen too many of they go nuts on them. All of the school shootings were done by kids on those things. They are EVIL!

  • swhitS

    CBS should be cited and pay a heavy fine for some kind of ethics violation. The guy is innocent and yet prints his name so the girls parents, when they find out their child is dead and distraught, can ………????

  • her friend

    she was my friend. dont talk like that. you dont even know her. shes tried to hang herself. no one believed her. they thought she was pretending. so just dont post something like that!!

    • Julie Asperger

      I am so sorry about your friend. My condolences go out to you and her. There is sun after the rain. Dont get to down yourself. i know how you feel had a friend commit sucide when I was in 7th grade. be strong

    • Lily

      My condolences to her family and friends. I can not fathom the distress this
      child had been going through or what her family had been going through with her. We should not pass judgement or make assumptions on what we do not know. What we do know is there are many suffering from this tragic loss. My prayers go out to all those affected May she rest in peace.

    • Alice Ramirez

      Sad for you, too. It is a tragedy all around. Too bad no one took it seriously when she tried to hang herself.

  • Onclewillie

    I can’t help but wonder what a 15 year old is doing walking down a freeway at midnight. Where was the parental supervision?

    It is a tragedy whenever a young person dies in such a worthless manner but I have even more sympathy for the driver of the car that struck her. Poor guy was just driving down the road when he suddenly becomes the instrument of someone’s death.

  • kristen

    be proud. you’re officially a sick human being. that family just lost their troubled daughter and odds are they had nothing to do with it.
    suicide is for the depressed. stupidity, that’s for the weak minded…

  • KRC

    What a shame. I am so sorry.

  • Destiny

    This is an extremely sad situation. Not only for the family of the troubled teen who thought suicide was her only way to resolve her problems, but for the man who had to witness this horrible accident right as he minded his business driving. Imagine being in his place. Traumatizing , for sure .
    May her family find tranqulity within themselves to lay their daughter to rest in peace. As a mother of a teen, I could say they have a mind of their own and we need to listen and talk to them frequently . Communication is very important . This is horrible .

  • Julie Asperger

    how sad 15 is way to young to die let alone kill yourself. This girl must have been going through some major things in her lifa and was in a lot of pain. Im thinking she was isolated and felt hopeless. Maybe she didnt really have any friends or someone she could trust to talk about the problems in her life. We cant blame the parents just yet becaus eshe mayy have killed herself becaus eof home problems but it could also be problems at school with bulling or maybe a relationship maybe she just chemically was depressed. My condolences to out for this poor young soul. I hope she gets the peace in death that she didnt get in life.

  • Lily

    My condolences to her family and friends. I can not fathom the distress this child had been going through or what her family had been going through with her. We should not pass judgement or make assumptions on what we do not know. What we do know is there are many suffering from this tragic loss. My prayers go out to all those affected May she rest in peace.

  • lylee

    The problems that teens wrestle with are difficult and can be life threatening no matter where you live. Kids in the city have been driven to the same outcome. Rural Acton is not the problem. The social supports that should be in place, everyday are not. This is true in every neighborhood and on every school campus. The community has a responsibility to engage in it’s own needs as a whole. And, the schools in this country, each state, and every neighborhood are responsible for their part. Two weeks ago the school district in Acton “pink slipped” the only Psychologist on the high school campus. They have ordered him to lock the kids out of his office for the time he has remaining. The sign on his office door reads, “Kids are no longer allowed in my office at lunch or break for counseling or other reasons”. The only Guidance counselor for the high school has also been “pink slipped” and her door has been locked to students as well. There is a sign on her door to the same effect. Students spend 7 hours a day at school, five days a week. School has the obligation to be PART of the solution!

    • Bri

      Where do you get your info? Are you absol;utely certain? You saw these signs on the door with your own eyes? You are sure that this is why this girl did what she did? Maybe, just maybe, she was getting help from an outside source, had friends & family to talk to, etc. YOU never know why people do things, but I can assure you that placing blame where it doesnot belone is never helpful!

  • Julie Asperger

    dont you think calling this girl selfish on a public news site is selfish of you and very insensitive to the family and friends of this obviously troubled sad young girl. you should be more sensitive a 15 year old girl did just commit suicide

  • Black American

    You are right. Everyone should just wait until more information comes out. We’ll be lucky if the media reports any additional information, but I read this story and thought what if it was a friend? Or Friends? Or some dude that broke her heart? I also understand those who blame her family because the girl was only 15 years old and they possibly didn’t know her whereabouts. Then again, I’m sure some of you posting here sneaked out of the house at 15 too.
    God Bless that child.

  • warrk21

    Please go to departedngone and Let The World Know that we have lost a Good Life.
    Departed N Gone

  • Justin

    I was this girls best friend. I was hanging out with her all the time. Our family were the best of friends, while everything is going to change, I would please tell you that you don’t know everything. Her mom happened to be out of town of the time. I sit her on this terrible Sunday as we await her mom to get home. Please stop for these comments tore me apart, and if the mom was ever to see them she would be torn apart. Please only post things of support and not to blame people. I have been with this girls family all day and its sad, but these comments make it all worse. Please just stop.

    • Mrs. Hunt

      You hang in there Justin. Things won’t make sense now, maybe never, but stay strong, and please talk to people. I know you will, you are an amazing young man, and will be one of many that will pull our community through this sad time. To her family….we are all mourning now here in Acton, and are there for you too.
      Mrs. Hunt

  • raphael

    My sisters told me about the accident this morning. turns the grl goes to their highschool which is vasquez sad :(

  • vhs student

    I’m a student that goes to vasquez high and I didn’t really know her that well. But she always seemed happy and was always seen cracking jokes, smiling, and making people laugh. She was the mascott of our school and probably one of the funniest and nicest people you could ever meet. I feel so sorry for her family, friends, and the man that hit her. However, I do not feel any sorrow for her. She wanted to take her life, and she did. It was selfish of her because she did not think about the consequences of her actions and how it effects EVERYONE. We just had every 15min come to our school on Friday and she witnessed first hand how things like this effects everybody. I believe this was her desperate act of self pity. But I congratulate her for getting what she wanted, peace. Life is hard and only the strong can survive, this is the perfect example. Now its just going to be the same routine: facebook, candlelight, funeral, people saying they’ll always be there, then people forget and life moves on. But like I said before, my condolences go out to her family, friends, and that man.<3

  • caroline

    As far as I’m concerned being one of her close friends all of you who didn’t know her and are assuming things really need to stop..she was a good person and never had a bad thing to say about anyone. Did it cross anyones mind that maybe people like you forced her to remove herself from a place where almost everyone loved her? Probably not. I loved her and she should have never felt the way she did when she did this. Rest in peace my love I will never forget you.

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